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Sunday, 4 September 2011

and the world burns..!!!

Tried writing something dark after a long time..!!!

here it goes..

Like Rome, My world too was on fire.

Under the scorching heat of hate n blames,

I stand for myself.. 

alone.. yet its fine..

and while people ran..

I sat like king Nero..

Like king Nero.. I sang, I played..

to the descending ash n rising flames...!!!

now playing in the background : *God hates us all...!!!!*


  1. thanks for the comment. And Nero is cool, he danced when Rome was in fire lol

  2. Haha, burn them down, down to the ground:D Btw, nice avatar, <3 Calvin & Hobbes <3

  3. @linux and life : thank you so much..!!! funny.. i actually wrote this when i was thinking about Nero.. wonder what made him dance nad sing when the city burnt :)

    @rifle : Thank you so very much..!! i love Calvin n Hobbes.. very much actually..!!! btw checked out your blog too.. amazing infos on software..!! wow.. will be returning for more for sure :)

  4. Sometimes the world just needs to be cleansed by fire. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  5. @Geojour : Hey.. thanks a bunch..!! am glad you liked it :)

    @Philo : Wow.. thank you... am glad you liked it.. but you write better..!! :)