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Thursday, 29 September 2011


Okay.. so here we go..
Mr. Bad to himself :*ahem..* My turn..!!!!

                                                                 Sincerely yours
                                                                        Mr. Bad. (",)

I am sure you have watched THE DARK KNIGHT.
and I am quite sure that you took heath ledger  JOKER home that day...!!! googled his images.. uploaded his lines as your FB status.. even made him your DP. Now, he was the bad guy, but still you liked him huh ??? why ?? because he was the devil that you are hiding inside ??? 

but does anybody know HOW THE JOKER..REALLY BECOME WHAT HE IS..?????
If you do.. shut up and dont spoil it for me..
If you dont.. read on.. :)

The story of how a out of work stand up comedian who had quit his job as a chemist and was burdened under unpaid bills and a pregnant wife who dies.. all of it.. made him THE JOKER.
(for more info.. read the Killing Joke )

Now why am I telling you all these story.. well it does have to do with what I am going to talk about..!!!
go on.. grab a can of coke.. some popcorn.. toss yourself into a comfortable position.

Its been a season of OPEN LETTERS..!!!!
honestly every person is busy writing one.
Madarasan started it by writing one to the Delhi wala boys.. but the female bloggers nicely turned it against the entire male kind and now everybody wants to write one..
south Indians and north Indians to each other.. Congress and BJP to each other.. Indian cricket team to English players..(English players dont feel the need to respond.. they have the cup.) Fathers to sons.. girl friends to boy friends.. etc to some other etc..!!!

So even I decided to write some open letters from my end. would be nice way to start huh ???

Iam the devil in your dirty little mind.. you may deny my existance.. but (as Kevin spacey said it) "the greatest trick the DEVIL pulled was to convince the world that he dint exist" 
hehehhehehehehhehehehehe....!!! *Evil Laugh*

Having said that.. let me ask.."why so serious??"" huh ?? come on.. SMILE..!!!!

Okie.. dokie..
so shall we start ???


Dear Madarasan,
Dearest Madarasan..
My dear Shahana,

Hey there..
Shahana.. nice name by the way.. classical raga origin.. Naice. Nice. :) Did you also know that it means "Royal" in Persian ?? 
I bet you dint.. else you would have flaunted that as well..!! 

You reminded me of the JOKER from the graphic novel THE KILLING JOKE. ( and here its just a reference and I am no way implying you are Joker or remotely close. Please dont mind, its just that I like him too much. No hard feelings.)

One bad day did turn you into what you are. (Am sure you had a bad day which made you bitch about to your drunk friend who called you at 2 in the morning and then wrote it)
yup.. I did go through your letter.. in fact all your posts... and all I have to say is this...

HA HA....HEEE HEEE.. HA HA HAA...!!! :)

(P.S : not laughing at your posts..Unlike 1528 followers  I dint find them funny. I am laughing at you..!! why ?? read between the lines. *_O )

now to the 1528 followers..
no no.. no "read between the lines" tasks for you.. because I am sure you wouldn't get that.. you couldn't differentiate between desperate attempt for humor and some real humor.. so I shall be very straight forward..!!
Nopes.. I am not jealous that you are not following me.
In fact I am happy that you aren't cos because, you would have popped up at every post and commented.."Hilarious..Very Funny..Loved it..Do write more"
Probably the reason why you never stepped on my blog is because I never wrote an open letter ?? hope this doesn't change your mind. :)
So, what I was trying to tell is "GET A LIFE."
No.. seriously get a life...!!! you really felt the open letter funny??? okay.. understandable.. the girls never let the side of their own and the guys have their reasons for finding it funny (its a girl's blog.. what more reason does one want??
bet half of them just followed her because she had what they lacked and no am not talking about brains here.. be a little pervert and think..yes, you got me now o_O), but the later posts..?? seriously..!!! that killed it for me.
She goes ahead and types a reply where she herself is wondering how could the urban youths could take a post of 20 odd girl's nonsense so seriously..?? she says at her diplomatic best that she dint mean anythin and it was aimed at good humor (???) 
and you people replied "what..???? no venom ??" , "diplomatic??" ,"ok then now we can close the curtains!!!" (WTF..!!) ," I liked the open letter, please write more open letters" (??????)
and if this was not enough.. she goes on to make a clear mockery of herself  of all of you by starting a new post on blog and how "fendy wendy khan market delhi chick" gets picked up by "teri maa di behan di delhi guy" thanks to her blog.. and you found it funny too ??? really ??? please highlight which part ?? proving my point that you really need to GET A LIFE. (and some real good deal on brains in that life)
Agree to it that you just followed her for the heat of the moment.. for it was cool to do.. because you wanted to be the first to tell the world around that she has done it expected more bitchy stuff from her..  women for sure (read almost) thought she was the Joan of arc..!!! Ladies, am sure she wont disappoint you even if she disappoints the guys.

Guys, She says it that her blog is not the place to pick girls up, that if she ever has to break her back for more satisfying and self indulgent activities then,she'll prefer George Clooney and not you..(dont tch tch me.. these are her words not mine.) and Ladies... what can I say..??? *evil smile* you are doing what you always do the best.. watch each others back and then bitch about it.. which makes me wonder.. the fendy wendy delhi chick and the maa di behan di delhi guy were also following her ????? and if they did then the "teri maa di etc guy" did end up picking up a girl and she is contradicting herself ????

Now if she is reading this.. wonder if she writes a letter to me..??
Fascinating..!!! :)


So the 1528 followers, hope( read am sure)  you all dint take it personally. its all for good humor..!! (pun intended)



  1. :) hehehehe!! I totally know how you feel. I am equally disgusted with the super-fuckery that happened. >:< kill that madrasan i say

  2. 1528 followers is pretty hefty, if only every one of them commented. I like the illustrations in this, joker is cool.

  3. Okie dnt attack me but i am one f the follower.Ask me why. I follow her just to know if she is capable of writing something actually good and funny.I hatee the letter and dint actually understand half of it.But i liked her english and thats the only reason i followed her. :p But guess what.after tht post, all her posts r bogus and boring and now i m not getting time to unfollow.
    Btw me too wrote a letter. To Menkind which i dont think u commeneted on.

  4. I *so* don't know who you're talking about. O_o

    But, people, don't argue over the internet. Take it from me, I've had my share of it. And I always ended up feeling silly or stupid.
    Be the bigger man. :)

  5. hey mr devil..!
    mmmm i can feel your agression even when youve written WHY SO SRS so many times..!!
    mmm thats justiified and i think iv told you before...
    that i love the way you write
    and i hvnt read that madrasan girls open letter whatever so i dnt knw but i do knw that it is in news and popularity..!
    but madrasan apart..! :P take a chil pill just coz any 2 legged person wrote a letter with their hnds dnt just at all transform thng into reLITy..!

  6. @ Chintan : Sooper fuckery.. I agree.. *nods head*
    but kill her ??? naaah.. that watse of time I say...!! *Mind it* :P

    @neatfit : it was Chaos here buddy.. you have no idea.. n thank you.. I love the batman comics.. the killing joke and Frank miller version of Dark knight returns..!! :)

  7. @RED : hey.. that wasnt for you.. It was for those dumb wit bird brains who actually supported that stupidity in the name of good humor and read. and I did read you letter.. jus couldnt comment since I was travelling.. I'll come to it too :P

    @MIDAS : oh yes i do know bud.. trust me it was a bloody war here with everybody talking n taking sides.. i feel its the people's fault for entertaining such things.. after all its her blog n she can write whatever she pleases but taking something so seriously n sides over it..i had stayed away from it.. but i felt i had to say what was in my mind out..
    thanks for the suggestion dude.. will keep it in mind :)n stay far from it :)

  8. @suvaiba : hello tigress.. welcome back :) did you read the post Break ke baad.. if havent go now.. it has something about you..!! :)

    am glad you so like what I write.. trust me it feels good when being appreciated for every nonsense I write.. honestly.. i write my blog with an intention that anybody stumbling by must have a nice time reading it... and when it does do the job.,.. i feel SO goood..!! so thank you for making me feel good :)

    true madam.. things dnt change into reality.. and i seriously dont care what some bird brains wrote.. but I felt bad cos it went on like wild fire cos nobody was matured enough to call it off.. but its all past and like joker says.. Past is an anxious place to be.. no wonder its called PAST "TENSE" :)i wanted to write an open letter just for fun and felt it would be right to write to those followers who entertained the crap..!! (at least that way i can get some things off my mind :P )


  9. hey no i havnt read gonne read cee my comment there...! :P
    for now i feell happy to read this comment..! :))