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Friday, 16 September 2011

Truly.. Madly...Deeply....!!!

Why is it so difficult to find the perfect start ??
to say what I want.. is it really that hard ??
there is a time that once in life, everyone faces,
the words are so many but seems like unsolved mazes..!!!

Some words are nice, some words are right,
some incomplete and make no sense.
time ago they were good, but right now
they dont seem to have grammar, proper meaning or any tense.

I dont exactly know, what did you do?
I feel a spell of voodoo or is this a sense of dejavu ??
The moment i saw you, my mind was wiped out clean.
A lighting bolt struck me and I find this world suddenly beautiful and serene.

If i were the maker of this world,
every morning would bring the lovely spring.
If I was the poet i always wanted to be,
I would make sure that its only about you that I would ever sing.

There are so many answers, I need to find,
fighting me, every moment,
inside my mind.
whats life without you ?
my heart tears apart like nobody can sew,
I wish, I could express myself,
my love to you...
but all the words, suddenly seem so few...!!!

I wish this every morning,
only if this day the sun would bring you along.
for me to show you,
that in you absence the colors of my days are all gone.

you are the one,
I know this now.
For never it has been so clear.
And all the songs,
I ever wrote till now,
were for you to let me come one step near.
All I am trying to say,
is just these few lines my dear....

my thoughts are filled up,
as fresh as dew.
your eyes, your smile,
every second I feel just like new.
I was never so sure but wished its true..

P.S: I know its a kinda half baked...guess will sit and tweak it again.. but that's all what I could come up with today..!!!



  1. This sounds like a country song. Heeeh! Cute but...

  2. Sounds really sweet, nice one :) you should try doing these more, maybe tweaking a few words there and here.

  3. I feel flattered but i'm not into guys hahaha perhaps if you buy me dinner first and slip a roofie on my drink....but naah i'd rather stick to girls hahaha

  4. @RED: hey thanks...but still wonder what made you feel its a country song.. i myself liked the last lines and nothin else

    @Neatfit : Thanks a lot :) i ve been trying to write.. check out my posts under August.. i ve quite a few :)

    @HBL :) thanks :)

    @Hasidic Plumber : LOL..!!! well.. you broke my heart now.. even before the dinner and roofies :p hahahahahaaa.. loved your comment.. but true.. lets just stick to girls :)

  5. Country songs are like stories, thts why.i hear the sad ending songs coz i loooove sad i give u an example.
    Whiskey lullaby- Brad Paisly and Allison.
    Picture- Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

    If u havent heard these, here them now or m gonna sue u

  6. @RED : wow.. U like country songs huh ??? Am a big fan too... I hear brad paisley and also Tim macgraw at times when the mood is right... And oh ya.. Have heard those songs... So... you can't sue me.. Na.. Nana.. Na na...!!! :p:D:D uhahahahaha :D
    have you read the ones i posted in the month of august ??c there are quite a few.. Check them out too.. Let me know... Also am writin something called.. 6 things i lost this weekend.. But am struck at no.4 :(

  7. Okie Hi5 then.
    Why dont you cut the 6 to 4? :D
    Wont tell yenyone my bwoy!

  8. Hi 5...!!!! :):):) i thought of that too madam Red...!!! I can't.. Cos 6 things has got a nice ring to it...!!! So.. I hope I'll finish it soon :)