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Monday, 3 December 2012

The end ??

There is always a reason why things happen in our life.
I started blogging out of the blue..
got awful comments... made some amazing friends...
realized that I could never become an author but that doesn't  mean I could never tell stories.

with life bringing more and more surprises each day and not a single idea that I could actually blog, I wonder if its the end of my blog ???

we have entered the 24000 year cycle that the Mayans called the "Rebirth" or that some call as the end of the world. With the world supposedly ending, I hardly doubt that my blog would be missed by any of the survivors.  I mean its hard for me to imagine people sitting in giant steel bunkers inside the earth core and telling kids the story of a blog and of the self proclaimed superhero who wrote it.

But then, There never is an end for real, or is there ???