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Friday, 7 October 2011

25 things you should not say as soon as you kissed

Its been quite sometime that I haven't paid my full attention to my blog. trust me its because there are lot of things happening simultaneously here which is taking most of my time. however, on the positive side I have received so much of appreciation for my photos that I have been clicking everything and anything I felt worth a click. So there will be loads of Photos coming up.

and also tomorrow is Saturday and its a very special day.. No not because its Photo blog day.. Its dedicated to all Foodies..!! So if you are a foodie..make sure you dont miss out on tomorrow..!!!

With all that serious talks done and information passed.. Moving on to some pure nonsense.

this is a gyaan post..
Have you ever kissed ?? yes ??
good.. hope you liked it. hope the other person liked it too.
Have you ever come across the strange blank feeling of not knowing what to say as soon as you have kissed a person ???

In this post I tell you what are the 25 things that you should not say as soon as you have kissed.. that is unless you are trying to make sure that its the last one. Okay.. enough talking.. lets get down to business..!!!

25 things not to tell as soon as you have kissed.
  1. Not as bad as I thought
  2. Naa.. not as good as I thought
  3. What was your name again ???
  4.  Wow… gotta tweet about this  :) *picks up the phone*
  5.  Did you brush your teeth today ??
  6.  Hmmmm…… I have had better..!!
  7.  No.. Seriously..?? DID YOU REALLY BRUSH YOUR TEETH ???
  8.  You know, It’s a great feeling if you imagine somebody else while at it. :)
  9. on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest please rate my performance and while rating please be as honest as possible as this feedback will only help me improve the art of kissing you which from the bottom of my heart I believe will be happening more often especially whenever we meet, depart, argue, dont argue, fight, fight that we dont fight watching movies or in case you wanna simply kiss me.
  10. Can we do that again ??? I forgot to use my tongue.
  11. Oh, I so feel like a lesbian right now..!!!
  12. Long silence.. then start whistling.. look all around.. then look at her and say.. Hey there..!!! 
  13. Thank you so much..*sniff* it was perfect.. *wipe tears* just like I had imagined.*sniff and blow nose* One more ?? can I have one more ??
  14. That was awesome.. gotta ask my wife to do that sometime.
  15.  So…what’s next on menu ???
  16. You remind me of my neighbor.
  17.  I can’t believe, Indians played such bad cricket..!!!
  18. I think I now know what you ate this morning..!!!!
  19.  That’s the 17th time we have kissed since we started dating. 
  20. Are you sure this doesn't lead to pregnancy ?? I am not that keen in marrying you..!!!
  21.       You know AIDS nahi failta choone se..haath milane se.. yaa choomne se…!!!
    22.  Start singing “Munni badnaam hui..darling tere liye..!!”
    23.  Unlike your roommate, I strongly feel you can do better..
    24.You really need to use a mouth wash.
    25.  Now can we have sex ?? sorry.. make love..???

    If you have made it till here, and havent taken any notes but learnt these points by heart.. then I here by certify you to be Post Kiss ready.

    Go ahead.. kiss without any fear.. now you know what NOT to say..!!!!!

    May the force be with you..!!!

well, by now you would be wondering how idiotic this post was and you were reading this ?? probably would have called me names as well.. if this is true.. drop a comment so that I would sit and wonder how jobless were you that you actually read this so far..!!!

anyways.. go down..(not "down" down.. the comment section you filthy mind) add if you think I have missed out any..!!! :)



  1. Dude! Who has the time to are already on to better thongs,no? Ok your loss :-P
    Thats thongs was a typo...but it makes more sense that way. :-D

  2. @BB: hahahahaahhaha... Well.. This post is for beginners.. Hamara to ek hi wusool hain.. Baatein kum.. Kaam zyaada..!! :D

  3. I said #18 to my GF, she found it hilarious hahaha she is the best :D

  4. Number 8 tuk the prize! Munni badnaam hui daarling tere liye!
    Nd seriously who has the time to talk? :D
    Another thing you shud never say '' Oh man! I need to tell my friends. I just won the bet''.

  5. Hahahaha..9th was just hilarious

    How about-"Now you can see...there is evident difference between kissing and eating water-melons"

  6. 20th is lolz typs..! :P
    gr8 one...!
    xactly sabko aap ki tarah hona chahiye... baate kum kaam zada..! :P

  7. @Suvaiba : Thank you..!!! for both liking the post and the compliment ( i hope I can take it as a compliment :p) :)

    @DZ : Hehehheehe :p

    @Rohan : LOL.. i seriouslu am laughing out loud..!!! :D hahahahah :) Thanks a bunch dude..!!!

  8. @ HP : boy..!! you are lucky !!! a girl friend with a good sense of humor.. hold on to her.. they are a dying breed..!!!

    @ RED : hahahahhaha.. thats the thumb rule... never mention friends and bet in front of the girl friend/ boy friend in a single sentence..!! especially after the other does something mushy.. thats serious argument coming your way..!! :) :)

  9. I've said atleast half of these, ah, such a great way to filter shallow, 0 sense of humour carrying people.

  10. 26. Now I know why they say you should close your eyes while kissing!
    27. No wonder you and your ex-bofriend/girlfriend never kissed.
    28. I wonder what the French were thinking of when they invented the 'French Kiss'. Idiots.
    29. So THIS is what it feels like to be underwater.
    30. That was nice.. by the way, have you heard this saying 'an onion a day keeps everybody away'. (Corollary to number 18).

    Happy smooching, people! :)

  11. And how I hate sloppy kissers who just need a chance of putting their tongues out :P

    Kissing is an art. And nobody likes lame kissers :D It's such a turn off!

    Nice post :)

  12. @NeatFit : Filtering procdure ?? wow.. you are the MAN..!! :P true dude.. a girl with no sense of humor is a punishment to be with.

    @Philo : Thank you.. Wow.. sloppy kissers ??? you seemed to have kissed lots of pigs :P hehehehehehe

    @Spaceman Spiff : Ahhaaaa.. Spacemann... WE MEET AGAIN..!!! buwahahahhaha.. :P
    hey lovely additions.. thank you.. I loved the underwater one.. I laughed out loud at that one.. :D Damn.. why couldn't I think of these..??

  13. 'Can we do that again ??? I forgot to use my tongue.'


    P.S: See? I am not rude! :P

  14. @Akila : hehehehehehe... Thank you.. But I meant I was coming across as rude and not you..!! :)
    also check the comments.. There are other additions too :D

  15. i did i did! everyoe around me is unbearably creative! DAMN! :P

  16. @Akila : wat can I say ??? :) welcome to the club ??? :):):)

  17. Cool then.. Also remember... This is the devils workshop.. Visiting regularly n comment.. The common blog rule stays.. But 1 major rule is that being normal isnt tolerated.. Stay wicked.. Stay wacky and total nut case.. :)

  18. @viya : hehehehehehe... I take that LOL as a compliment and that you liked it.. With that.. I also say Welcome to the devils workshop..!!! :):) its a nice feelin to see new people dropping by.. Reading and commenting... Thank you..!!

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