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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Something like Love

The night is dark,
its half past eleven.... 
I was trying to figure out,
exactly where and when..????
The light across my street grooving
to the dancing fire flies... 
holding some moments of time,
thinking where it all applies...!!!!

living my life in moments,
some big and some small...
I have been building memories,
bigger than the local town hall.
and when I turn back and
look at my life behind..
there is a bit of you,
everywhere that I find...!!!! :)

so I sat thinking
on how it all began...
everything seemed so perfect,
like the heavens opened up,
angels stood n sang...!!!
so here are some lines,
I write.. hoping you would smile my dear.
life swells up to dance,
the moment you giggle and cheer..!!! :)

these words dont express
all that I want that I mean or want to say...
I hope to see you soon...
atleast before the month of may...!!! :)
every moment,
I wanna tell you how much..
I miss you everyday....
that everything around me,
is slowing loosing its life,
turning black white or grey...!!! :(

your eyes hold a world within,
loosing me within in a way hard to find..
I might lie about this...
but you thoughts are the first and last thing
that is running in my mind...!!!
"don't wish for anything.. 
for the wishes come true" the chineese say...
if thats for real..
then being with you all my life,
is what I would all ask and pray...!!! :) :) :) 

"It's a lot like love if you think about it, because it’s there, beautiful, just happy to be there, win or lose, just doing whatever they can to overcome obstacles and succeed It's just... well, it's just as beautiful as love."
~not original but made me write this.


P.S : Its a stupid attempt to rhyme some words and write a poem, please ignore if you dint like it.
P.P.S : oh yess, am still alive.. got caught up with lots of things but.. still alive. So this post is my formal announcement of me still being here. :P 
P.P.S.S : Its good to be back..!!!! :D *Cool Face*