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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sing along to my stereo

Something that sounded crazy and funny when I wrote this.. try singing along the last lines of each para :D

The dark clouds over the setting sun
thunderin a soft song....
slow breeze patting my face,
bringing the rain drops along....
joining the hymn in pain...
somebody inside me singing,
in the choir of lonely rain....
and while am wondering if my life will ever be right...
I hear Elvis sing from an old jukebox,
"are you lonesome tonight...??? "" :)

should I be happy 
or should I be sad n sore..
my refelection in the mirror so different
god its so hard to just ignore...
are these mumbling words 
or am I talking sane...???
for its raining hard
and knocking my window pane...!!!
its thundering 
but I dont hear a sound...
I see flashes of lighting all around...
it feels like a long wait
to see the rising sun...
and in the corner of my mind is
Linkin Park singing "whaaat I ve doneeee..???"

somebody drew wrinkles on my face,
promising days warm and bright.
now its all broken and I dint even put up a fight..
I see myself in the mirror 
the eyes hides some unknown fear...
I  ask the guy whose face has a smile
like some kind of smear...
do you want to gaze the stars 
or dance like your end is near... ?
waiting for an answer was when 
within my pocket ipod Jay z sung
"forever young.. I wanna be forever young" :)

NOW PLAYING : Stereo heart by Gym class heros

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

Friday, 27 January 2012

Valentine's day


The alarm was screaming out loud. With vengeance. As if it despised to see me sleep till late in the mornings. And I hated it back with the same intensity every morning.
 But today I was already awake.

In fact, I was awake on my bed for almost an hour.
It was 6.00 in the morning. I slammed my fist on the alarm button like sunny deol belts the holigans in his action sequences.
I checked my cell phone. No messages. No calls. Nothing.
It was Valentine’s Day and I (hate to say this.) am single. :(

Had it been any other day than today, I would have happily roamed around with “Am-single-am-so-happy” tag. But not today. Valentine's day is never a day to be single. Today I hoped not to be miserable, but I had already began to feel so with so much of a early morning thought process.
Still on my bed, staring at the ceiling fan, my mind was running at full throttle.
I shouldn’t have broken up with her in such a hurry.”  I was literally talking to the lonely ceiling fan up above staring right at me, feeling equally miserable. I aligned my pillows to support my back and sat up on the bed. There was a strange feeling in my tummy. I think I was missing Amy. Or was it the last night’s booze and madness. I couldn’t think straight. But my mind was reeling in those flash backs. Amy. Amritha.

Everything was going perfectly fine with me and her. We dated for around 4 months. Then we broke up. Not that I wanted to but it was getting too much her lately. She was everywhere. She even was almost living with me. Not that I regretted that part. The sex was great. But she was becoming more of my mother dotting me on everything than a girlfriend. And that’s when we felt it’s not working out. Or at least I felt so. And she left. And not in Peace.

Damn, I should have checked the dates.” I was still mumbling. I had no idea that Valentine’s Day was close. I could have made it a few more days with her. Wouldn’t have killed me. I wouldn’t have killed her either. Valentine’s Day would have(read has always ) been a great reason to have some fabulous sex too. “I could have let her go after this day or two huh??” I was self-analyzing my stand.  My voice sounded as if I was pacifying myself. I actually was.

I checked my cell phone again. Nothing.
Amy was not my first girlfriend. Neither was I her first. She was definitely in a double digit in my list. “After all these days of sticking around with her, I don’t know why I was in such a hurry to push her away?” My voice was becoming agitated. “Anyways.. I guess it’s gonna be a loonngg and lonelyyy day today.” I concluded while finally getting up from the bed.

I took my cell phone again and started typing, “Care to respond? Call me if no plans.”A few more fidgeting and the message was sent. Seconds later the delivery status flashed on my screen saying, MESSAGE DELIVERED TO TUBBY. I pushed my cell aside and went ahead to freshen up for the day.

Now Playing :  Lonely day by system of doom.


P.S : This is a short excerpt of a story that I was writing. Nothing personal. Hope you liked it, though its quite abstract, raw and unfinished. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back to school..!!!

Another poem from my drafts... Dedicated to all those wonderful students and the wonderful time I  had teaching Physics in Kendriya Vidyalaya :) best 3 months of my life. I had written this for my students.. on my last day at school :) 

My mom's question had put me in a fix
they need a teacher,
can you teach Physics??
to start my career, as a teacher
made me feel like a mob,
I had my letter which had a
5 digit salary and a decent job

07.08.08, I was in school
late as usual,
first period in class,
I was trying to be a bit casual
They stared at me,
like I was outta of my god damn mind
like the one eyed king
popped his eyes open,
to see his country of blind

by Noon,
the air had spread,
I was the talk of the school
A few children peeped into my room glancing,
as if I was a dolphin in their swimming pool
Days went by,
along those sleepless nights,
made my white and Grey matter mix
and the children said..
"sir, not bad are those laws of Physics"

Months flew by,
without making my neck pain
and students new love for the subject
made me feel,
my efforts were not in vain
5 periods a day, 30 minutes of fun
those periods of substitution
and the stories of uncle bun..

All these made me forget
that am temporary,
and the arrival of the permanent teacher
made me feel sorry, very
I'll miss those morning wishes
all those doubts and smiling faces,
within my mind,
I look for rescue bases

before I go a word of "thank you "
for everyone and not few..
thank you for all the fun we had,
I may not be a great teacher,
but the time spent with Physics wasn't all that bad