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Monday, 28 November 2011

Fibonacci Sonnet : Rum and I

There is nothing personal in this post except for the rum part..!! (somehow I find myself like Jack sparrow drawn towards it :D )
This just came along the flow while writing. I was trying to write about Rum and myself.. and ended up with this.. Hope you like it..!!

Sometimes its just difficult to hate someone..!! no matter how many reasons you have.. no matter how hard you try..!!

*Kehte hain..waqt har zakhm ko bhar deta hain..par waqt hi mera zakhm hain.. Pata nahi waqt ne mujhe kya se kya bana diya hain..warna main bhi insaan tha*

It’s cold.
So are you.
The cold winter still prevails.
But your cold love pricks me ever more.
I hold on to my bottle of rum to keep my soul warm.
Some warmth to keep me alive amongst your naked thoughts more fake than a whores promise of some love for tonight.

Bitter rum more sweet than your love, warmer than your presence, comforting than your words assures a good night sleep too.
I open my heart, my soul towards the blowing cold wind and sing.
Sing with the wind with love for you.
My rum sings with me.
Cold winter night.
We sing.

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  1. I commented on this just before it was deleted before so I doubt you seen my comment! I'm not a huge fan of rum but I'm not a huge fan of strong drinks in general. The lyrics posted here are excellent regardless Nick, keep up with the good work man!

  2. so mr devil,
    ahan and ahan and ahan and you know i can whistle like a tapori a good decent tapori so i am whistling (*choose the sound*)
    this is sheer superbness and awesomeness :) and that heart pic is soooo epic, looks strange and beautiful and aye haye @ the hindi sher :)
    tussi cha gaye :) tc
    and don't tell me you don't have a GF , jhoot jhoot jhoot bole kauwa kaate :P

  3. @YammieWaflles : oh am sorry.. here was some error in the previous post.. hence I had to repost it..!! Thanks a bunch for liking this so much bud..!!

    @SUvaiba : Sachi Muchi maa kasam.. I am still single.. tu baar baar i doubt you have a girlfriend bol ke post pe fida hone wali ladkiyo ko baga mat :P hehehhehehehehehehe
    thanks Sooo..i am glad you like it... its a kinda sad version of the previous post..sing with the wind..!!

    And that sher is not original.. Its from the movie Zindaa..uss movie ke saare dialog bhaari hain..!! this one was my fav. I thought it suited the situation well :D so added :)

  4. @nickcky- duh:P lolz okay so i will in one of my posts mention about your single status :P hudd hai. theek ae il gather trafic for you and your empty love life :P
    aye haye aap chori bhi itne style s ekarte hai..!
    ur welcoz

  5. Beautifully written! The words kind of painted a cold winter scene in my mind's eye- powerful use of imagery there :)
    I was about to go sleep, so I checked Blogger and Facebook one last time- ended up reading your sonnet and was inspired to write another one myself, haha! :D

  6. wah.. itni dariya dilli..!! main kushi se mar na jaaun :P thnaks yaar..!! jab dawa aur duwa kaam nahi aata.. toh dost hi kaam aata hain :D Inshallah tere posts se mere blog pe bheed jama ho jaaye :) mera dil garden garden ho jayega :D

    and hello..objection meelord...!!! chori nahi.. udhaar liya hain.. chori tab hoti jab main usse apna kehta.. :D

  7. @KSS : Glad you liked it :) Thank YOU so much..!!i must thank you first cos it all started from your blog.. remember..!! :D and writing this was one hell of a circus.. am already on my next one.. trying something light :D

  8. nahi marna mat..! :P warna ek or post likhna padega RIP wala *evil laugh* :P all right ab mai yaha se nikalty hu warna ye chat box ban jayega :P

  9. this is brilliant , though there's an error.. In the fibonacci sonnet, the second para should be go reverse...
    its 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 13... not 21 again :/ ..

  10. @SRM : don't we all ?? Cheers mate :D

    @Suvaiba : yes madam...!! Jaisa aap teek samjhe :p

  11. @CS : oh... :o Hmmm... Actually I dint read through the rules completely... I thought its 21 and back... But well..since I have made the mistake.. Lets get some attitude into it.. :D:D Rules are meant to be broken right ?? Hehehehehe

  12. "But why is the rum gone?!" Remember that dialogue? :)

    You and I both, buddy, are drawn to rum like Jack Sparrow is. High-faive! Here's wishing you a happy rum-my winter. :)

  13. Buwahahahaahaha :D:D That calls for more than five spiff... That's a HIGH SIX..!! Barney style..!! :D:D and egg-jactleee WHY IS THE RUM ALWAYS GONE ???? ;( thank you so much.. happy rum-winter to you too...!!! :D

  14. You did well for the first go :)
    More sweet and more warm than anybody else?? :)
    Drinks always comforts a person, yea? :)

    Write more :) You're good at it!

  15. Hey.. Thanks bunch philo..!! Sure.. I'll try.. Wel actually.. The point is nothing can replace a person's love and warmth but the guy is now clinging to his rum for he feels its better than the fake ones...!! :):) was trying to get that feel :)

    thanks again :)

  16. Brilliant is the word-I personally feel that this is a very difficult form of poetry and not everyone's cup of tea-way to go!:-)

  17. Thanks a bunch Suruchi...!!! Am so glad its been liked... I was quite hesitant of postin this...!!! :) am so happy readers are liking it

  18. Ah, hasn't it been a while? I like how this flows (fails to understand the Fibonacci sequence meanwhile) You paint a poignant picture of a man resorting to the numbing effects of alcohol for some comfort. A salve for loneliness, eh? :D

  19. Rose....!!! After a long time...!!! :) indeed.. :) wel.. Fibonacci sequence s nothin but the addition of 2 nos. First 2 nos. Are 1... Then 1 again.. 1+1 =2 wld be the third.. Then 2 +1 = 3 would be the forth in the sequence.. It goes on wit 2+3 and then 5+3 etc.. Here.. U stop til 21 and then reverse back to 1...!! Nice concept right???

    Hmmm thank you.. Am glad you liked it..!! Well.. True.. Nobody understands pain and loneliness better than rum :p Don't they say.. ''gum ka saathi Rum'' :D:D:D hehehehehehe :p i started off trying to explain my appreciation to this wonderful drink but ended up with this...!!! :)

  20. omg. This form of sonnet is indeed disfficult but you pulled it off so well. Gosh! Im definitely coming here more often now! :P

  21. Hey Sonshu :) welcome to the Devils workshop...!!! Am glad you liked it...!! Thank you so much..and its a pleasure to have you visit :)