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Thursday, 15 September 2011


Hello everybody..

Firstly let me thank you amazing readers.. who have taken time to read my nonsense.. drop your valuable comments and opinions.. and inspired to write more nonsense..!!! you people have been really wonderful.. am addicted to blogging because of you.. :)

Special and sincere thanks to my amazing 12 followers (yayy..!!) who felt me good enough to be read on an everyday basis.. you are to me what the 12 disciples were to Jesus.. I love you all like he loved his disciples..!!! unconditionally :)

I seriously had so much to write.. I had so much in my mind too.. it was a beautiful day.. rained and was sunny too.. in malyalam they say.."mazhayum velyum... koorkande kalyanam " which is in hindi.. "dhoop aur baarish.. lomadi ki shaadi hai" i dont know if there is any folk saying in english.. but it literally meant that "when it rains and sun is out too.. somewhere foxes are getting married"

loads of fun stuffs too.. but right now... I simply cant..!!! not that I am blocked or anything.. but its just that I found out that my cat Moosa..(the lazy ass bugger cat in one of my Post..THE ABSTRACT VIEWS...) died today :( :(
He was an integral part of our family and I loved him very much..Maybe I will write about him when am feeling fine again.. I had just logged in to reply to the comments but then.. I felt like telling you people that you are wonderful.. and for good or bad are now a part of my life..

Have a nice night..!!!
God bless

P.S : RED and Philo : Thank you for the feedback questions for the Good bad and the Ugly's show.. When I write its conclusion, I will definitely include them and try making the responses humorous for you :)

P.P.S : If anybody else wanna contribute some questions.. the comments sections are always free.. no charges.. put it under  the Good, Bad and the ugly's show Post :)

Take care


  1. sorry to hear that... :(

    Astalavista Baby Jesus!

  2. I'm sorry for your cat, and it's understandable that today might not be the day to write for you :), no worries.

  3. @Sub : :) Bless you my child :P :) Thanks man..!!

  4. @neatfit : thanks for understanding dude... I promise I'll make up n try writin somethin nice.. Thank you for your words n do visit often :)
    and ya.. Once I log in back.. Will add you up.. You have a nice blog with great tips to stay in shape :)

  5. Ouch! Your pet died. I can totally understand. I felt the pain when my dog died.

    Hasta La Muerte...i shall still remember him.
    Thankyou my boy, but that question wasnt original, i read it somwhr and asked u.

  6. Oh man im really sorry to hear that. My dog is 10 and i know he wont be among us for very long, perhaps 3 or 4 more years, but the sole idea of him dying is gut wrenching.

  7. sorry about your pet.. May you be fine soon :)

  8. When my dog died, I was broken..
    After that I haven't felt like getting another pet.

    I meant everything I commented :) I'm so glad you were happy :) Actually your comment has been the best one I have received too :) And even you deserve much more! You writing captivates a person. I get hooked on when I read your posts. They are so simple and easy o relate too :) Your blog will definitely go a lot way :) At least I know that I am always surely going to come back to read your work :D :D

    Waiting for the polka dotted post :P And I want a picture ;D

  9. @Philo : Thank you so much Philo :)You are the best..!!!

    @Ananya : Thank you Ananya..!! Ya i will be..!! just was feeling a bit down..!!

    @Hasidic Plumber : I can understand how you feel.. While I was leaving home, he was not keeping well.. he was falling sick lately..Showed him to the vet and was hoping he would be fine.. But then one day.. he was gone..!!

    @RED :Thank you..!! Well.. actually, I liked the concept..!! lets see how it comes out :)