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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All Hail Your New Overlord

Confused Soul had tagged me on my blog for this award and for the lazy bum I am, I procrastinated. Nothing in specific, and definitely not because I dont appreciate the gesture of her tagging me on it but because It had a task of writing about myself  which is too much of "OVERLOAD"  on my oh so little brain and what usually makes the readers go "ohwatteycrapthisisIsay". Then Akila does it with a slap behind my head to pay attention and do it. So here I am.. doing one of the most dreaded tasks that I have come across. Now people who had/have taken the pain of reading my earlier posts know how badly I suck at writing random things. myself or my oh-so-views to be specific.
But here I am.. blank, and with loads of pending posts to thank the wonderful bloggers who not only took the time to read the lazy ass me but also were impressed to award me. (I hope it was because they were impressed and not because they wanted say "here,take an award to boost your moral but now make a SERIOUS attempt to write". )

DEDICATION : To all my most loyal readers and members of The devil's workshop.
So my dear confused soul, who even in midst of all confusion and clarity is confused as ever and never not confused ever and Miss amazing photographer,singer and writer Akila.. Happy ??? I am.. This is going to my Hall of Fame :P *Buwahahahahahahahahahhaa*  Well, Here we go. :)

It states,  
  1. Post the award the rules on your blog.
  2. List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
  3. List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
  4. Leave them a message in their comments section with a link saying you chose them.    
Step 1 : Check.  Done That.

Step 2 : 3 things you would change if you were overlord.

       *Get the Indian Sub Continent boundaries dissolved. The countries shall be one big country like how it was in the pre independence era. Dont get any ideas or think of me as Mr. Patriot or Mr. Country man, Dont start the Vande Mataram song in your head as well. I am just too bored of the all the nonsense over the boundaries, borders and the everyday comedy of whose line(of control) is it anyway..??*My signature styled dry pun intended* . Also with the merging of the countries, I feel our cricket team would get even better.

        *Set a retirement age of 55 for all the politicians running the government and the opposition. Have the rules of forming a political party re-written, so that not every tom,dick(in the usual term more than as the name) and hairy :P ;) doesn't come up with something new every alternate day. Also have an eligibility criteria set for being a politician.

Finally, Because am a greedy ass...
         *Declare myself Awesome officially and 1/10 of everybody's income to be added into my awesomeness account for which I shall be tax exempted. Also I shall never pay any tax, spend the money however I want and am totally exempted from being under any law or constitution. I shall freely express my views in running the government without being a part of it, that it shall abide to. People will call me Mr. Awesome and bow three times when they see me and NEVER show their back at me or I shall have them flogged.

To make the third point short, I declare myself to be the King his highness Mr. Awesomness.

Step 3 : List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.

Now I am slightly taking a liberty here. We all know that my fellow bloggers like Chintan, Priyanka, Red Handed, Atrocious Scribblings, Confused Soul, Philo and many more are totally the veterans here who have established themselves and their huge fan following lists says it all. So Let me point a few of my other favorite blogs that I always drop by. In no order of preference and all equally good, here they are

  • Rose from The Carnelian Rose. An amazing writer and a fellow Gemini who has her way with words. The stories she writes are both captivating and beautiful. A wonderful person that she is, makes her and blog definitely worth it. The quality of writing is top notch and is a must visit for every reader.
  • Crystal from The Pentagram :  The fiction writer who writes her post with a special touch of sensitivity. Her posts can make you smile and sad. There is no way you can stop thinking about it as it lingers with you even after you have finished.
  • BluBluBling who claims to be Awesome since'92 :  One my recent followers whose blog is a sure visit every time there is a new post. Her posts include her experience and point of views and brilliant mix of poetry and fiction. Check her out and be amazed at how good the writing can be.
  • Panipuri Lover from Sanely Insane : Many a times when I read her tweets, I think is it really true ? but then when I read her posts I reassure myself that it definitely is. That if ever I was a girl, she and me would have been mirror image. :) Her blog and writing is a perfect mix of fun and serious outlook from her view. Sanely insane seems an apt title. dont take my words, instead I would suggest you to read her and am sure you wont leave it without following her.
  • Disguise from Who ? WHat, Nails! Ooo!.... Stumbled on her blog recently and couldnt stop giggling reading her. I am not going to write much about her. Instead visit her and you'll fall in love with the writings of this teenage, Incredibly confused. Bi-polar. In love. Misanthrope. Bi-curious. Damaged to a very high degree. Tangled blogger.(Not my words, they are her own) 
  • Suvaiba from Random Classics : Suvaiba.. or as I call her Sooo is a sweetheart in all the sense. She is definitely a tigress that she claims to be. Her writing is a reflection of the innocence of the teenage years. Read her and start the journey back to those teenage years of your life(that is if you have passed that phase.)
  • CD with a question Pagal hain kya ?? : I am smiling while writing this. She is new in the world of blogging. Her writing is quiet fresh and the enthusiasm which shows up in writing clearly tells you that she is one blogger who isn't going to be hit by a block as she has so much to say and share. A warm blogger who is generous in throwing appreciation at the posts she loves :)
  • Sonshu From Toucher tes reves : I stumbled her blog from twitter. She's been here from long and has a huge fan base as well. Each of her post is different from the one written before. There is an amazing photographer in her which can be seen in the way she uploads some of her snaps. Sonshu and her blog is one blog to look forward if you are thinking of world domination.
  • Tangerine from Muse-ment : Are all architects amazing with camera...?? first there was Akila.. and now there is Tangerine. Tangerine and her muse-ment filled posts are my new favorites. Crisp writing is her style. A Virgo(like Spiffy and RED.. you get an idea of this girl's potential right ???), she is one of the top contenders in my list.
  • Purple Mist from Insomnia Strikes : The 10th blogger is a female too which makes me wonder if the population of female bloggers more than men ?? Is it because we are too busy rather blogging or is it because we are too lazy to write ?? Anyways since all the male bloggers have quite established here and this was an attempt to mention the new blogs I have been reading, the last but never the least is Purple Mist.  Two years and she is closing to 150 which tells quite about her writing. Her fan base is quite established and so is her writing. check her if you haven't. This is teenage writer is one blogger to read and bet your cash on.
Now that was my 10 blogger list. A all female blogger list on whom I would bet my cash upon. I dont know how much you would like them but I cant help but ending up their blogs because they never disappoint me.

Step 4 : I'll check that as I am on my way to it.

 Hope you all drop a visit and like them like I do. 

Mission Accomplished. *MI Theme Music in the background with camera zipping close to my face and catching me in some amazing angles and closeups as I raise my thumbs up and S-M-I-L-E, nodding my head in slow motion*

This is the new Overlord yet your beloved superhero, his highness Mr. Awesomeness signing off

P.S : Anybody interested in volunteering to wash the Overlord's Laundry ???? I'll make you a sandwich..!!! 
P.P.S :  If the answer to the above question is No, Dont loose heart, you have other chores to choose from too. but no Sandwich offer on them.
P.P.S.S : If your decision is to overlook the above P.S and P.P.S, then Let me warn you, under the Overlord act,point 3, I can enforce those tasks on you too. So be a sport and respond quick, who's game ?? huh ?? huh ??

Thursday, 23 February 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S v/s How I Met Your Mother

 The two most popular television series according to any sitcom addict would be, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother.These two series, with the former argued as the best TV series ever and the latter being debated as one of the most popularly watched show being equally good. It was when I was going through HIMYM that some things strangely caught my eye. Though I am a huge fan of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, I have enjoyed HIMYM equally and yet, I can’t seem to see how similar these shows are or shall I dare to say more specifically that how HIMYM seems so much similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
So I did a bit of thinking of my own and decided to pull an analysis of my own. If anybody has another view or feels am wrong, please go ahead and express yourself in the comment section. Like I always say, the comment section is always sold for free, no conditions applied.

Okie dokie, with that said, wear your surgical gloves and face masks, Dr. Superrrnickkk is about to perform a live surgery here at the workshop.



Well, if I had to begin comparing, then I feel that in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the main guy was Ross and the series had us watch him make his journey of finding true love of his life. He was always in love with Rachel but that dint stop him from exploring other women and their possibilities to be the one for him. Similarly HIMYM, is a story about Ted and how he met the women of his dreams. Coincidently, both stories are happening in new York (ok, most sitcoms have their main plot in New York) but what seemed even more similar to me was Ross was a Paleontologist , who loved to talk about his work and we know how his friends made fun of him. Now Ted is an Architect who doesn’t miss a single opportunity to talk about buildings and their history which bores the hell out of the other members in the group.  Also, both are professors in a university and have a craving (ok, I’ll agree on it, like any other professors) to be liked by their students.

Rachel, arguably the female central character also comes to town as a runaway bride and decides to find herself in the city. She starts up as a waitress and is quite unhappy at her job. Just like Robin who comes from Canada to make her mark as a TV anchor, ends up at profiles and channels that never satisfied her. Coincidently both the ladies had troubles with their respective Fathers.

Chandler is Ross’s college friend, just like Marshall knew Ted from College. The chemistry between them and there are lots of college stories by both the teams. Joey and Barney, both are Ladies men and have a long and uncontrollable urge to go to bed with every other pretty chick and they do it well. When compared to Both Ross and Ted in their respective series, Chandler and Marshall are bad with Ladies and their mess up is a laugh riot. (I know Marshall got married to Lilly, but he does try to act as a wing man for Barney and it was a disaster.) Monica gets married to Chandler towards the end of the show where as Lilly is married to Marshall towards the beginning itself. Both Joey and Barney are added into the group while the rest of the gang knew each other from their past experiences.

Ross and Rachel feel a spark and decide to give it a shot just like Ted and Robin. Both end up unsuccessfully. Ross and Ted move on and so does Rachel and Robin. But there is a strange chemistry between these two couple that makes us want to watch them together. Though Ross and Rachel eventually find each other, we all know that Robin is not Ted’s girl. It’s a roommate of a girl Ted dated.Both Joey and Barney have crush on Rachel and Robin respectively which don’t last for long. 

Marshall and Chandler are unhappy with their jobs; quit it to follow their long cherished carrier with Marshall trying to be an Environmental Lawyer and Chandler trying to be a copy righter in an ad agency. Both go through a phase of initial hurdles of being unemployed and land up as interns, struggle again but eventually end up successful.

Ross is married three times and does not fear to propose and our Ted is famous for throwing away the “I LOVE YOU” bomb to every other girl. Ted almost is married and left at the alter just like Ross who says Rachel’s name at the alter when getting married to Emily.

Monica is the Mother hen of the group and controls major action happening in and around her. So is Lilly in her own ways. How ?? Let me tell you how. Most times Lilly is the one who picks up something unusual activity in the group and also the person who talks sense into the heads. While Monica had a huge difficulty in getting over Richard, Lilly was trying hard to say that its over to scooter, her high school crush.

Both the couples in the respective series have a long struggle to have a baby and after long attempts and episodes they do have it. Unlike Monica and Chandler, Marshall and Lilly don’t adopt the kid as Lilly gets pregnant but both couples decide and eventually move out of the city for the proper upbringing of their kids. Which surprisingly is opposed by all in both series and then agreed.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the hang out at a coffee bar where they have their spot reserved while in HIMYM, they hang out in the bar downstairs where coincidently even they have their spot reserved and don’t sit anywhere else. And both group from the respective shows hang out awfully lot in their respective joints or the common apartment near to it.

Other few tidbits that are hard to ignore are:
  1.       Both the shows in their pilot episodes have a guy falling for the girl and get their heart broken. But eventually they realize that they love each other and hook up. And though later they break up they still hang out in the same group and act jealous or concerned for each other and hook up again. Totally on and off.
   2.       That there is a person in both the shows who works in media (Joey and Robin). While Joey’s acting skills are known to be dumb by the group, nobody watches Robin’s shows.
   3.       There is a person in the group whose job profile is not known by the rest in the gang. (Nobody knows what Barney does or what Chandler did.)
   4.       Both Ross and Ted share a liking towards museums which nobody else in the group likes and mocks them about it.
   5.       Joey and Barney feel that the answer to every problem lies behind the doors of a strip club.
  6.       In HIMYM, except for Barney everybody else has been other’s person’s roommate and in F.R.I.E.N.D.S except for Ross, everybody else has lived with the other in the group at one point or the other, with Ross and Barney both liking their own space.
   7.       Marshall is pretty close to his family especially his father and Ross was the “miracle of science” that made him the eye candy of his family.
  8.       The only left out is Pheobe who unfortunately doesn’t find herself in the latter’s show since HIMYM has only 5 central characters, but strangely Phoebe and Barney both had Father issues, with both of their respective father’s abandoning them in their childhood. Barney believed every lie his mother told him about his father and so did Pheobe(though it was said to her by her grand mother.). Both confront their fears and finally end up with an extended family. 

       *RED LIGHT OFF*

*Pulls of the gloves and face mask*

All in all, I must say, both the shows are good at making us laugh and keeping us entertained.

If any of you have more to add, feel free because am all ears. :)


P.S : oh yeah, I am a BIG time movie/sitcom addict and I just dont watch them, I live through it and every detail of it.

P.P.S : Fun Fact : F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended its glorious run in September 2004 and How I Met Your Mother started in September 2005. Coincidence ???? I dont think so....!!! :D hehehehehehehehe

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's a Women's World

Dear Ladies and Genitals.
 Please do not read this post trying to figure something out. I for in all my seriousness  dint give a single thought seriously while writing this. This is supposed to be like those David Dawan (for the Bollywood Sorry, Hindi Film Industry (bleh) freaks) or Jim Carry (for Hollywood lovers)  Movies where you need to keep your mind switch off. Sorry if anybody is offended. But somehow I have a strong feeling that not many would make it to the end of  this post. So, lets see.. Women readers who find jokes on women rude please stop reading after this point.

A quick question.
Did anyone of you have a near death experience?? like ever ??
I mean they say when you are about to die, your whole life comes flashing in front of you.
Now whoever "THEY" are... who said these things are... well they are wrong.

Trust me. Its not ones life that comes flashing right in front of the eyes. Its a whole big set of Flashing headlights that comes instead, with a huge car honking at you.
Yup, It was a big SUV at "Riding-to-hell" speed, that came up with a life deciding moment for me with a question what next ??
And I very politely decided not to challenge the laws of physics and act like a superhero that I proclaim to be. Instead I took two steps back and let the busy guy pass to where ever he was heading to in such a hurry.
It was then, it struck me that there were so many things I had to do rather be an example for others as "whats happens if you dont watch the road and cross."

One of those things was write.

Now I have been writing, that is if I can take the luxury of calling my edition of old posts as writing.
Lately, I was feeling that my posts have been very serious. Either I am in love, or being hated or being alone brooding or something else. It felt as if i had lost my sarcasm and funny bone somewhere. So I decided to give it another shot. By trying some forced humor. Now many of my friends stared at me as if I had gone nuts when I tried being funny. Lets accept that, if you watch Russell peters for that "boost" to crack jokes, you end up abusing people... which most of them dont quite take it as good humor or wit.
So, I am not trying the same thing here and give you all a reason to unfollow me.

So, How have you all been ?? I never asked any of you how your Valentine's day went ??
Dont bother to answer, no answer is good enough for that question. (Unless you ended up with a threesome.) Is it only me or did anybody actually notice that Valentine's day actually falls exactly in the mid of the month, on 14th. (yes my smart reader, consider the month has only 28 days and stop giving that "what-about-the-leap-year" look? ) Now that's the only smart finding that I could come upon with in the first half of the month.
February has a special charm when you are working. Less days of work but the pay remains the same. but if you are in college like me, it shouldn't make much of a difference.
I lately have been very lazy to come online and write something. If I could talk, I could go on and on what I want to write but sitting in front of my laptop and type, god that thought alone was tiring me up. So, how did I manage it today. Thanks to Red Bull, I cant sleep and here I am, trying to type the first nonsense that comes out of my mind.

*Blank here for 15 minutes*

*still staring at the curser blink*

By the way, did you know, that Suck is Fuck with S in the beginning ???? and S is also the beginning of the word Sex which involves Fuck..!!! So Coincidence ?? I dont think so..!!!
(Nopes, not original, its from friends, remember Poker is Joker with P in the beginning line ?? a cheap try I know. I am sorry.)

*Still Blank*

*A nude girl wallpaper floating on my mind as screensaver*

*tapping the keyword resulting in artjssrsgxbv n fyulduludd yue6ke6uldcgsmtd and backspace them all*

how about write something about women?? I mean that should catch some eye???
Did it occur to anybody that we live in a woman's world ???
If yes, then shut up and let me speak.
If No, then here is my view.
We live in a Woman's world.
*pause to think again. hard*

I mean think about it. they have us men believe that we are the oppressors. Nothing in this world happens according to what we want or how we want but still, we end up at the receiving end.
For example. if a women talks about the rights of other women, on how equal to men they are, how in fact superior they are, they are called Feminists. But in case any man goes about talking how men are ultimate in all that they do, they are termed Sexist. I mean, dont you see how offensive that sounds ???
When a woman calls a man "YOU ARE A SEXIST", it immediately puts a picture of a cruel man belting a helpless woman. Now the question, who do you think would have come up with such a word ?? Not men of course..!!! We wouldn't choose something that puts us in bad light.We proposed the term lust. you changed the term into Love. You came up with "The Spark" as an idea of falling in love. We chose to use that as a means to get out of love. Since you never bothered to listen or pay much attention to our version, we chose not to break the little bubble for you and let you dream. That's how caring we are, but complain..!! Well the problem is that, even though the word got changed, we never could change the meaning of what it meant inside our head.
They have us charged guilty while all we can think is porn. (which surprisingly has a lotta women in them. More the better. ) but they dont see how we much of our thought process is occupied with them. I mean the threesome is every man's ultimate fantasy. Doing it with TWO women. See, that's how much importance and thought men have actually put into this. Given a chance, we do want this to be real. But how much do women care ??? They would shoo away any guy unless he is rich,smart,sensitive,funny,caring,blah blah blah, friendly, patient,more blah blah blah, and loving in nature. Now we all know that its not true. because such a man doesn't exist. I mean its hard for us to think straight with a tent down our pants. blood needs to flow into the brain for any person to think and face it women, there isn't enough blood in our body to manage a decent erection as well as run through the brain and say the right thing you want to hear.
We appreciate beauty in all forms. We appreciate beautiful women. unfortunately little do they realize that their beauty is not all concentrated on their face. We love the curves. We could spend all day staring at those boobies or beautifully shaped butts, but how do they respond ? They are offended..!! and for what reason ?? that their face isn't getting all the attention!!! Talk about being fair..!!! We dont complain if they managed to look down and around us. Do it and lets return the favor back..!!! But they are a hard kind to please.
They ask question for which there isn't a specific answer. Not even they can answer them with certainty. None of their questions are objective type and all of it carry negative markings which reduce our chance of *using more polite words* shaking the bed with them. There is never a practice run. We are to jump in for the first time and knock it away to glory..!!! Imagine the pressure on us and then we get blamed that we have nothing else in our mind.

Myth : there is a perfect guy for every girl.
Fact : with the girl-boy ratio, nopes, there isn't.

Out of my own experience let me tell you this.
My ex girl friend say A arranges for a surprise birthday party of which I came to know through one of her female friends.(talk about keeping secrets. For the kind which generates a lotta news in pretext of secret, there are awfully bad at keeping them). I go the party, act surprised. More surprised was that she had invited one of her female friends, say B whom I dint at all. So I ask her why did she do that and she says that she is a nice person once I get to know her. Now I, trying to be a nice boyfriend, try and talk nicely with B. This B walks up to my ex A and says that I reminded her of her ex boyfriend C. Now my ex is furious. Not at B, but at me. It seems I was flirting with B and thus started her famous crying marathon. Now I, who dint even like this girl B on the first place, end up convincing my ex that I seriously dont like her and wasn't even remotely flirting with her. So the second session started as to how in spite of her attempts, I am making no attempts of being nice to her friends...!!! I spent the remaining part of the evening trying to keep a calm face, consoling her and avoiding all people at the party who were giving me that "you-dirty-little-ungrateful-pig" look. A memorable birthday of my life ladies and gentlemen..!!!

There is never a perfect match. No perfect guy for any girl out there. A girl needs to goes through a series of check marks on her check list and approval of her friends to decide if that's the guy for her. Give the man the best sex of his life and promise him more, there. He has found his soul mate. We never question much. Now that's a problem according to women. but they forget that it was their curiosity that made them eat the forbidden apple which drove god crazy and shooed both man and woman out of the Eden garden. Dint it strike to the devil who tempted woman to actually tempt man instead. It sure did. But he knew. We are simple. Tell us something and we are happy with it. We dont feel the need to probe further into it and question its credibility. And here we are, with a rib-bone less* and loads of blames and less of much hyped and hoped meaning-less sex, trying to find a place in their world.

So girls, give the poor guy a break. Offer to spend a little for him. Hell, spend a lot on him instead. Take him on a date and make him feel comfortable. Let him stare at those sexy chicks in those skinny and tight out fits. Be a sport and point him some good ones. Suggest movies with lots of action and sex in them. Go to the movies with him and please let him watch the movie. Watch the movie yourself. Ask him what he wants and if he doesn't say, looks for the signs instead. Trust me its not hard to notice the bulge in his pants..!! Follow these simple steps and you have got yourself the man of your dreams. If not then, be happy because he has found the women of his dreams..!!

yup that's pretty much I have got.

*According to the bible,God used man's rib bone to create women. #facepalm..!!!!

Now if you have skipped all through the above and reached this point, let me just paraphrase it all to you..
Its a women's world. Hate it or like it. You are in it.

P.S : No hard feeling to my female readers, this was all supposed to be in good humor.
P.P.S : Save me of the hate comments, I respect all females. And yes, I do have a sister and mother at home. They are all doing well. Thank you.
P.P.S.S : Those who couldn't find anything funny in this and found it very rude, am extremely sorry, you should have stopped reading as soon as I warned you. But since you still did, It just proves my point of how curious women can be. :P


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


#NOW PLAYING : Adele's Rolling in the deep..!!!

*There's a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out the dark
Finally I can see you crystal clear
Go 'head and sell me out and I'll lay your ship [shit] bare
See how I leave with every piece of you
Don't underestimate the things that I will do*

Out here I stand again,
I gaze into the sky,
All so blue it seems so new,
Maybe once again I’ll try.
My wings have broken
And bruised along,
But my hope is still alive.
That one day soon,
I’ll break these chains,
One day I will fly..!!!

A ray of hope
Brings the morning sun,
That my time is coming near.
And the moonlights sings,
With a voice so mellow,
The night is dark but clear.
And in my dreams,
I’ll sail through stars,
All of them hung in the sky…
When I wake up I’ll prove it to all,
That am not living a lie…!!!
That one soon,
I’ll break free and,
One day soon I will fly…!!!!

But I know you,
You are laughing at me too…
Convincing me that
It’s not true.
“With a pair of broken wing,
Its rubbish you sing”,
You say with a gleam in your eye.
Then you whisper,
A little thing more,
Pretending a voice with sigh,
You say your mercy
Is for few, nothing new
That my name isn’t up anywhere high.

But no matter comes
My way,
I will not beg or pray,
Because the wind has touched me within.
That my wings have healed,
My heart doesn’t bleed,
am like the dove free from any sin.

Into the rushing wind,
I’ll open my wings,
Wait for a moment to go by…
And when the church bell rings,
I’ll flap them away
Into the clear blue sky.
Singing a song,
With the stars up along,
That this was the day I fly.
Cherish a smile,
For this moment
Won’t stay for a while,
And look,
So beautifully I can still fly…!!!!!

*The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
I can't help feeling
We could have it all
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
Rolling in the deep
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)
You had my heart inside your hand
(You're gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it, to the beat
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)*

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Guest post - ALL IS WELL..!!!

Okie dokie.. this is hard. Introducing someone who is already popular in the blogosphere is definitely not easy for one reason is that, you are always under a pressure if you have done it right. I had asked her for a guest post long time back. and finally here it is.. Her timing couldn't be more perfect. I was hit by the writer's block and was not able to come up with anything descent enough to post. It was right then she comes to my rescue with her long promised guest post. She is a blogger whose posts have been liked, admired and adored by all. She is a friend who is pure fun and matches up to any level of nonsense nautanki that one can think of, one of my closest friend that I have got.  She is smart and sensitive that reflects in her writing and the words she spins with such simplicity is a treat to read. Now I can write an entire post about her (ahem, I have done that in the past too :P ) but to know her, one needs to meet her. She is none other than our very own Confused Soul..!!! :) :) 

So, anyone who hasn't read her blog, please do it by clicking here. Am sure you wont be disappointed

phew.. this was so formal... but I had promised her a nice intro :) 
hope you like it da.. :P 

“Zara thodi der idhar khade hoke nazar rakhenge?”, Khaala asks me.
I notice the unexpected, almost apologetic tone in her voice. 
My attitude (which I conveniently blame on my busy work schedule), is such that most times I don’t even have time to stand and watch my Grandfather as he washes his hands at the sink.
He needs to be watched, my Dada, whenever he is standing. He might fall any second.

So I stand and watch as he slowly washes his dentures.
He pauses, now and again, and looks around him at the tap, the toothbrushes, the mirror. 
As if he can’t remember why he is standing there anymore. With his teeth in his hands. 

I notice how he balances himself against the sink, his hip taking his weight.
His right arm rests on the ledge, almost limp. My eyes trace his arm to his shoulder and register a maroon-blue bruise splattered on it like paint, visible through his wrinkled skin.
Two days ago, he walked to the wrong end of a room searching for the light switch and pressed his hand out the window instead. He lost his balance then, and he hasn’t yet lost the slow healing bruise.

He takes water in his cupped left palm and transfers it to his right. 
I almost expect him to sprinkle it on my face, like he used to when I was a kid. But his limp hand cannot manage that much movement any more.
He lets the water go and turns the top off. Slowly.

Once every evening, or at least the ones in which he feels fit enough to get out of bed, Dada-saab takes a tour of the house.
He checks who all are there. 
He asks if I’ve become a doctor yet. I tell him I’m doing architecture.
He gives a proud smile to my dentist sister.
He compares the time on every clock in the house with his own watch.
He touches the walls of the house, the boundaries of his mobility.
In his own way, he checks if all is well, before returning to his corner of the house and reporting in his diary that it is.

I reflect on the simplicity of his life. 
Simple solutions to problems. He couldn’t stand the sound of traffic and the constant bickering around him, so he stopped wearing his hearing-aid. 
Simple reassurances. Time is still running. At the same pace. 
Simple pleasures. I might be slow, but I can walk around the house.
And then report in my diary that I did. And that all is well.


Thanks a bunch CS and all of you for reading. Hope you all liked it. Please feel free to express yourself and views.