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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How it all began...!!!

Yelloooow yevery baady...!!!
hello.. oh.. i have already said that.. okie dokie.. now that the transfer from my Facebook Notes to my Blog is complete.. let me start again.. this is time properly.
Ahemmmm... *clears throat*
The name is Prithviraj. call me Prithvi, Nick, Superrrnickkk.. ( 3 r's and k's are for numerology puropses and good luck during crime fighting and Damsel rescue. so please make sure you add them) 

Welcome to my blog. :)
on how i started writing well.. i guess all i have to say is this ( i wrote this once in the middle of office work)

There are so many things inside the basement...
they never clear...
they don't listen....
they don't hear....
they keep rattling inside..
so i write.. like i don't care...

even i do... i know the fact that,,
the things that matter are never there...

i live among people where all these i cant shout..
so here i am writing... desperately to put them out.

A PROMISE : (modifying the Scout's Promise) * holding his right hand raised level with his shoulder, palm to the front, thumb resting on the nail of the digitus minimus (little finger) and the other three fingers upright, pointing upwards*
On my honour I promise that I will do my best—
To do my duty to write better, frequently and honestly on my blog
To respond to all comments, feedback and criticism positively at all times and
To obey the..ummm.. law. ( i'll fix that later since the important part is covered.)

Thank you..!!!  Thank you..!!! Thank you..!!!
*bow. once.. twice.. thrice..*

Cheers :)

 yevery baaadyy... "like ma nigga in the house says.. Show me some looooveeee yo" 

P.S : a big big King Julian Fan..!!! 


I Cant hear you
I cant hear you my friend,
Along the last rites of ritual
I stand with my head bend.

"may his soul rest in peace"
Says the Rev father,
your last cry for help,
did hear?? Hell, I dint bother.

Such a poor boy,indeed he was nice
say the people, dressed all black,
and their half wet eyes.

I do feel sad, I too feel the pain
of not being there,
to watch your blood drain.

fu*k the emotions, I said to myself
after how you treated me,
just like an effinmate elf.
I was with you,
trying to my best.
As i was plunging my knife,
right into your chest.

raped my emotions,
you tasted my soul
hands full covered by your warm blood,
but my mercy was cold.
your screams echo,
in my ears
the promises you shouted,
Oh! I still hear :)

As you struggled in the pool of your own blood,
i kept pokin my knife,
complaining you are dead.
how could you die so soon?
even after i explained you,
how our friendship was a boon.

I tried waking you up,
slit your fingers for pain
you gave upon me,
my plans,
incomplete, but half in vain.

i feel good.
redeemed and
when i see i helped you out,
just like how i had promised.

i moved my blade on your face
but at a constant pace.
blood flowed out,
i counted 73,
my farewell gift to you,
who cheated me for free.

As you go deep, my smile takes a rise
your ungrateful acts,
finally made me wise.
I thanked myself,
for cleaning out a part
of my life's mess,
trust me my"Friend",
it feels great to make the world an ungrateful dog less...!!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

my series of unforunate events

Well its was while performing "oill-my-hair-for-a-healthy-scalp and-long-lasting-nice-hair" ritual and reading the paper early morning when i realized that my hair fall has taken a rise just as the scams in the state... (hmmm :( ) right before i cld pacify myself my mobile acts weird.. weired-er... weired-est.. before giving upon me.. panicked i started running in circles..i stlil dnt knw why of all geometric shapes i chose circles... somehow i found a nokia priority shop n explained him the entire story (expect my hair fall story as he dint need to knw it ) the priority guy told me that there must b some prob wit it(like i dint knw..??? duh??? ) but wldnt help me cos of some unidentified reasons which he wldn say n i had to get it on monday.. (grrrrrr...) my bank account has unidentified deductions for which i made some running around.. (aaahhh...) the entire day passed away in these commotions n had my lunch cum snack by 6.. met my frnd over tea who said that the test dates have been re-scheduled for monday (surpriseeee.. i hate when guys say like that..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) n my seminar internals has been scheduled on day1 itself...(wow..that was fast) now i was kinda getting used to things going terribly wrong... allergic to dust, started sneezing till(achooo) my nose blocked (achooo)n got myself affected (achooo)by cold..( my body mechanism is completely screwed) no mood for dinner(achooo),decided i would (achooo)sleep over(achooo) n get through the remaining(achooo) night...(*sob*)  took a tab n thot of sleepin when a stupid orchestra started their HOSA GAANA BAJANNA to celebrate some event n dint let me sleep...( the play-list had all time irritating top chart-busters with "annartha magu ade" beating everythin rest ) now that i lost sleep i seriously thought reading and trying to catch some sleep...n then cherry on the cake hapnd..the article i picked for reading was the one my frnd wrote sometime back and i dint even had seen it.. he said it was on "being optimist". i cldnt believe it when i saw the title screaming in bold... " IF U THINK THIS IS BAD.. THE WORST IS YET TO COME??????????" (waaaatttt??? OH LORD...!!!!!!!!! yelp!!!)  

wat a day..!!! achoooo, sob.. hmph.. achoooo.. aaahhh... ('_')

now playing in the back :Time of your life by green day...


I have been living
in a dark dark chamber,
my life is searching
for a gifted amber...
But then,
am being told,
that am getting old...
For this ain't the time
trying to live free...
For this isn't 1973

i look at the sky,
n watch the eagle..
I was mighty sailor
and carried a Bigul..
Sea was my courtyard where
is spent my youth,
dark days of hunger
along with adventure n loot..
And while being served a beer
not so cold..
They laugh at me, my stories..
As if they were faked gold,
walking myself out of the laughing spree..
I remind myself that
this isn't 1973.

Stars up above,
screaming their song,
long n funny lyrics,
mocking the dark night along.
Little man below,
trying to dream..
Of a day on its way
to be sweet like chocolate cream,
waking up to the choir,
of the wind wrestling the eastward tree..
Reminding me that i can't sing anymore..
For this isn't 1973

closing my eyes,
to the subtle darkness
driving my car,
like am hit by some madness..
(and they think these old eyes can't see what they are trying to do ??? )
think that am a mad nut
and say my days are gone..
Trying to teach me how to live life,
like before me they were born...??
Am not trying anymore,
to make them understand,
that i was the god of the sea,
now wandering your filthy land..
Am going away...
Far far far away now,
i hate your ironed shirts
and the breath of cardamom n clove
i curse you all,
have a face full of blisters
and eyes stung by bee...
For not letting an old man live
just cos he loved his year...
The year 1973...!!!

Goodbye IBM :)

Few words to say
before i leave..
Not everything i can say,
my throat acts as sieve.

A year passed away,
13 months to be frank..
Lot of memories i ve got,
stored in my mind bank.

Hope i will stay in your thoughts,
like you will be in mine.
I will always think of the
wonderful time i had...
Even if i ever live past 99..

i say "thank you" to all,
'cos bye is a word so mere..
I may be leaving but..
A part of me will always be here....!!! :)


Some moments are real,
some are fake,
some stories actually happen,
and some we make...
if every good thing
has been said and done,
wonder would life still gift us those treasure of fun :)

while everybody were looking 
for the best thing they can find,
i would hold you and say,
"i would ve found you even if i was blind."

Some people love,
some people hate,
some people beleive this life isnt perfect,
some think the the key is just to wait.

while nations cary out war..,
i scream "cheers" with you
for this day at our hangout bar :)

some say the future is dark,
some say its not,
some live in their past,
some are so glad that it dint last.

i listen to them confused,
what is comin up next ???
you tap my head and say "relax..!!
tommorow is coming with something new and best"

so whats the moral,
what am i trying to say here?
i seem to have lost my sense and nothing is really clear
confusion wraps me up,
somebody please get me
another glass of wine...!!!!
and that time may test us,
but i know for sure that you are all mine :)

India vs Pakistan... 10 reasons u cld use 2 avoid college...!!!

Well.. Honestly i support my friend Archan who believes that tomorrow should have been a public holiday as India is playing against Pakistan in a world cup for a spot in finals. Its not everyday that things like happen. Unfortunately we have our tests goin on because of which college is unavoidable.. But for those who are really looking forward for some reasons the following day.. Here is a few..
(only for those who believe that nobody would buy i was sick reason)

1. I was about to leave for college but my neighbour fell down the stairs and i had to take her the hospital.. It took us all day as all the doc were at home watching the match.

2. Oh, i am so not interested in cricket.... Who has the time.. There was an important ceremony i had to attend. Unavoidable kinds.. Who won ? Dnt even bother.. Not interested... ( the last line is to support your stand )

3. My younger brother/sister fooled me makin me believe it was Sunday yesterday.. I even brought books following the monday's timetable... Oh So foolish of me...!!!

4. I was on my way to college when somebody kidnapped me.. Kept me for a day meanwhile they realised that they had picked the wrong guy.. Dropped me back n to avoid a complaint.. Gave a written apology too...!!!

5. I saw somebody gettin kidnapped.. Was following them to help but got lost.. Took almost a day to find my way back.

6. Really ?? Was it jus a match ?? I thought India and Pakistan were at war again and had been to volunteer my services..

7. I had a dream that i stepped out and there was another earthquake in Japan.. Not that i believe my dreams come true.. But why risk so many lives..??

8. Oh my god...!! Somebody made an anonymous call sayin that the nasa had announced harmful solar flares and radiation to fall on earth (specify where u stay) and asked us to stay indoors..!! Now i knw it was a prank..!!! Aaahhh... I so hate misin college...!!

9. My astrologer told me that my sins in the past life was the reason why India was performing so poorly so far... The only way to atone is to stay and undertake laborious meditation during this particular event to avoid and remove the jinx from the team.. I dint wan my past sins to cause national despair...!!

10. This one is the most reasonable one of all... SIR... IT WAS INDIA VS PAKISTAN... NO SELF RESPECTING INDIAN WOULD RESTRAIN HIMSELF FROM CHEERING ON THIS WORLD EVENT...!!! N i respect myself sir..!!! Are you asking me not to ???? Then play along blaming him on asking such questn that hurt your sentiments..!!

Well, in case any of the above mentioned reasons not good enough for you.. Then go find one yourself... I never forced anybody to choose from here.. I was just helpin... Else try and be honest... :D as far as am concerned... We have already told our lecturers.. CLASS SUSPENDED ON THE ACCOUNT OF MATCH :p:p
oh yeah....!!!!


What day or date,
I’ll never remember,
But I’ll never forget that day.
My story might be somebody’s prayer too,
But that kid will never say.

It was dark and cold,
No blanket to cover myself.
The moon, few stars were the only few books left on my shelf.
It was winter I guess,
Because the wind pricked me with its chill.
I hope the night would just go by soon,
Not waiting for its kill.
I held tight my little brother cos his body was shivering as mine,
Hope they had thrown some leftovers at a party where some kid turned 9.

Morning busses and cars are out,
Honking their way through the street.
Early morning music to wake us up,
My brother looks at me scratching his little feet.
Am not a poet, I can hardly speak,
Let alone write a song.
My mother is gone, just like our home,
She took it all away with her along.

I look up at the sky so blue,
White patches what they call the cloud,
My brother starts crying,
Little one is hungry like me and the noises are just getting loud.
The god is watching , he’ll help for sure,
Mama said that night she left.
She went to get us some food,
There was something she said that sounded like the word buffet.

People people all around,
Not one did look at us,
Not one did say, that mother was on her way..
Instead like bees they buzz.
Heart is empty but eyes are full,
Tears struggling to find a way out…
I watch my brother play with a dog,
Helping it out like a boy scout.

Another day was ending,
The blue sky was slowly turning black.
I prayed I dint want anything for Christmas,
Instead I just wanted my mother back.
Am alone and afraid, feel helpless to the core,
My brother comes to me and hugs me back,
Soothing all the pain that had gone sore.
And at that moment, when the sun half set,
Had painted the sky golden chrome,
I held my brother, and told myself
“there is no need to worry, cos I am back home.” 


The Chronicles of Superrrrnickkk.

Some years ago :

It seemed as if it would rain.
There were dark clouds all over. It was going to rain for sure that night.
Everybody was inside trying to avoid the storm. The radios all over had been repeatedly asking its listeners to stay indoors.
It seemed like a cold yet stormy night ahead.
Far across a hospital somewhere, there was a commotion.
A pregnant lady was being rushed into the hospital theater. Doors closed behind the family and the red light went on highlighting the words written above the door.


It was a dark night outside. The lighting and thunders had started.  In the corridor, the father was running in circles. He was tensed.
“It’s a normal operation sir, you are getting tensed for no reason” the doctor said before he entered the operation theater. But no amount of consoling would relax him. He loved his wife too much and only seeing her back would bring the life back into those eyes.
The lightings were getting intense. The flashes were reflecting in the corridor.
“I wish it’s a baby girl”. The old mother tapped on her son with a small smile.
“I wish she is all right” the son said back.
“I wish I was a super hero” said the little boy holding his old grandfather.
Everybody laughed. The father smiled. The little boy…. Dint.
“Nobody wants what I want. Nobody loves me anymore.” He thought.

He got up and walked towards the end of the corridor towards the window.
The flashes outside reminded him of the stories in the bible, his granny had told him. God was angry and punishing the mean and bad guys with thunderbolts.
Suddenly it all stopped. The flashes and the thunder that followed had stopped as if they were trying to listen to the young boy.
Outside the window from the sky above, behind those dark clouds… somebody was looking at the boy. He could feel it. The street light outside suddenly came back to life and shone on his face. He looked right up into the dark skies… and prayed…
“Dear and most respected god. I understand this might not be a right time as you are busy punishing bad people with thunderbolts and lightings. But they have taken my mother inside the theater. I think they are showing some movie only for her.  Daddy is upset about it. I think he wanted to watch that movie with her too but they dint allow him. So could you please bring mommy out and make daddy happy? I know you might be busy right now so in return if you give me some of your powers, I could go out and punish the bad people for you. That way you can have some free time too.
Oh please, please, please, please god. I promise I won’t tell anyone about it. Promise.
Mother promise”.

The moment the little boy spoke out the last word, the lighting flashed.
A thunder that followed took away the hospital electricity. The corridor was dark with only the operation theater and the bulb function from the backup generator.
Second later the humming noise of the generator brought the power back.
The boy was shook from what had happened. He was in a state of shock. He felt like something had bit him on the neck just before the power went.
He stood there still and “pat” hit his neck.
There was blood.
Blood in his little palm. And a dead mosquito that he dint notice within it.
"IS IT REALLY HAPPENING???" he wondered.

The doors of the operation theater opened up. The man in his green gown come out and was talking to his father. He tried hard to listen but he couldn’t hear a word.
It had started raining and it struck the windows furiously.
Pitter, patter, tap, tap…!!!
His father was smiling. His grandparents were hugging each other. He felt as if he saw his father wipe his tears off. He began to walk slowly. Increasing his pace towards his father. He was not feeling right about this. Had something gone wrong? He was half way back when his father looked at him and said in his loud voice
“Nick, you have… a sister you always asked for.”
But right then, a loud thunder swallowed what his father had said.
The little boy only heard nick you have a s...and the rest was lip movement before he heard you always asked for. But,
The boy had understood what his father tried to say. It was perfect and made sense.

The smile rose on the boy’s face before he started to run towards hi=s father. He jumped into his arms with his father threw him in the air and caught him back. He could see the happiness on everybody’s face as his mommy was brought out and was being moved into their room back.

He quickly got down his father’s arms, ran towards the magical window... looked up into the dark sky once again.
The street light was shining on this young and gifted boy. He knew there was a tough path ahead as his grandmother had always said “if god chooses you for some good work, the evil will always make it difficult, but you my son will have to stand strong and fight your way out.”
He looked up and said “thank you god. Thank you so much”. And began to walk back towards his family.

But then he stopped.
Turned around.
He pulled out his little hands from his yellow coloured short’s pocket. Held his fist up in the sky.
The thumb came out standing. A thumbs up it was.
He said “deal”. And smiled.
There was a bright flash in the sky and a loud thunder in return this time.
The bond was made and agreed on.
“Nick,” his father called. “Don’t stay too close to the window. Come here”.
He walked with poise with those little feet tapping the mosique floor.
“You don’t have to worry about me anymore daddy” he thought.
“It’s time the evil start worrying about themselves”.
The corridor was filled with a young boy’s laughter as he walked towards his family who were now leaving with the mother and the new born.

With his baby sister.


Monday, 29 August 2011


Well like all kids at school, I dreamed of being a superhero and I wanted to write my own legendary chronicles. And am still working on it.
But my literary skill wasn’t the only thing that was stopping me. I had a nemesis. My arch enemy who lived with me. Who had vowed to make my life a living hell since the day I was born. And I called her…MY SISTER..!!! *thunder and heavy lightning in the background*  (Actually in my secret circles she was popular by the names of the “beast”, “witch”, “poison ivy”, “bandit queen” and loads of ugly looking animal names that I picked up from encyclopedia). Well to write a superhero win over his arch enemies, I had to experience the taste of winning a fight or at least an argument which with her, I sadly never could. Hence I was blocked. This state exists till date.
Well, back to 0fiction, since I felt the best way to write a nonfictional story to write of your own, this is one of my stories.

*********EASTMAN COLOR PRINT*******

It was the 90’s.
Not the early 90’s but the latter half of it.
I was in 7th std and my sister in her 10th. It was an important year for her because she had her board exams coming up. But those didn’t stop the violence at home that took place between us. My parents were so beautifully convinced by her that I was the one who started it and always pestered her that they secretly had planned to disown me. So I made sure I never started anything. We had our strategies set. By now, I had mastered the guerrilla war tactics attacking her when she least expected it which was my strategy. And hers was simpler, Catch him, hammer him, beat him into pulp. Now the only flaw in my plans was the “escape” part. Since we both stayed in the same house getting caught by her was inevitable and that meant casualties were unavoidable. Now one thing I admired the most about my sister was that she never complained about me to my parents until I complained about her brutality. Though she being at fault was the most likely reason according to me, she recently confided that she loved the beating-me-up part more than complain-to-dad part. In fact she said that that gave her the confidence of standing up against any eve teasing during her college. (Who would have thought huh??) She was a terror even there.

Anyways…coming back to the story. It was a Sunday. My parents had left us all alone and had been to our native for a day. Well, by now you could have imagined the potential risk they had taken. We were separately briefed about our behavior and what could be the consequence if they get any complaints from any of us. While I was repeatedly told of completing my assignments by the time they return, poison ivy was meeting up with her friends and working on some lab report/assignment which was due submission. So she would be out too most of the day. With that assurance they left leaving the responsibility of the entire house and my homework on me till she returns.
I locked the door and immediately got down to work without wasting anytime. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles was being aired on TV. then power rangers...that was followed by a couple more stuffs and I totally lost track of time. I suddenly realized I had real work to complete. I was about to start on my assignment when my friend called out for cricket and since I was the only left hander in the team, I had a special spot in the team too. Post cricket, by the time I reached home, poison ivy was waiting outside the door. I had locked it from outside and dint bother to pass the key it to our neighbor just in case. She was furious but I said am sorry and that I had never expected her to come back so early. (Actually I had not forgotten. I had all the intentions of making her wait. J one and half hour to my calculation. Two according to hers. ) she came in, quickly locked the door and asked me if I had finished all my work? I casually said yes I did. She asked me to show it and I refused saying that just because ma had left her in charge doesn’t mean she can start acting like ma. Phat…!! A slap landed right on my face. “How dare you talk to me like that? Now I know you haven’t done your homework and I don’t want you to finish it either. I would love it when they throw you out of the class tomorrow.  You will first clean up your room and then if you want, start with the writing.” She was literally barking on to my face. I felt she wouldn’t even hesitate to take a bite dare I try to refuse her then.
I immediately got into cleaning while she started laying out her sheets and writing her assignment and data neatly. (Oh, she was very neat. Very very neat. Obsessive compulsive neat. Like sick mad neat. I hope you are getting a picture of it). By the time I was finished she had completed quite a few sheets and had laid the neatly across the table. She was filling fresh ink to her pen when the phone rang. She went to pick it up and was talking over to her friend. Right then, I saw it. An opportunity for revenge. The slap on my face would cost her something. An open bottle of ink, laid neat sheets of assignment. Yes, you got what I was thinking. I was ready for my secret attack. And to sound natural, I casually said/screamed out loud. “Boy, all those cleaning brought the dust out. I can’t stop sneezing. I pushed the ink bottle on to the sheet and turned faking a sneeze. My sneeze froze when I saw her standing right behind me so silently, as if she was expecting me to do something.
What happened next was too brutal to write. All I can say is that there was a lot of violence in that scene. Mostly one sided. The beast was on a rampage. When it all ended, I had a bump on my forehead and cheeks red with clear visible hand prints. I was made to clean all the mess, draw neat border to fresh sheets and write all of it again. (She said that since I would be writing all the work, handwriting was not a problem. Even if she was caught she would come up with something.)
When mom and dad arrived, it was post dinner time. I was busy finishing up my assignment with all the remaining energy and bruised ego. Mom came into my room and when she saw what happened, she almost screamed. Her sight was so relieving. Like a POW looking at his freedom, I looked at ma with eyes all full I cried out. To my full. Hearts content. Narrated my version of the stories in all snobs and blowing my nose off. Meanwhile she went ahead and narrated what had happened to dad. By the time I was reaching my end, dad came in to my room which now sounded like a mourning house and said, “You did the mischief, you got the punishment. No more discussions” and left. 
Arey what did he mean by no more discussion??? What about me??? I wanted my sister to be thrown out of the house and never to be taken in. Banished forever. beat her up and then throw stones at her till she was driven away out of sight. But who would listen. After a lot of yelling and screaming and more sobbing, right when dad was about to lose his temper on me, that is when mom came up with her 2 point solution.
1.      1My sister would never ever ever never and that meant like for eternity never was supposed to beat me up. My parents were the only people who had the right to even lay hands upon me. She would have to go them and they would eventually decide what degree of punishment I had in store or whether to kill me and solve the problem once and for all.

2.        2. As for, what about me… since they dint trust my habit of starting or getting into trouble or playing mischief at her and given that her temper levels were so pathetic that she would still prefer beating me to pulp and face the consequences, I was enrolled to karate classes. For self-defense. Self-defense only. They too knew the fact the chances of me using it for attack on her and getting away alive was impossible.

That’s the story of how I landed up at karate classes. My friends till date think I was fascinated by the movie. Standing in the third row of the second line in my karate class, wearing all white dress and a belt, I vowed revenge. Someday. Someday I shall avenge myself and make her pay. 

Till then… heeeeeeyaaaahhhhh…!!!!!



True... your sibling is the best connection between your past and your present. and this story is dedicated to her and all those who shared such wonderful memories with their arch enemies called BROTHER/SISTER. @_@


THE 3 AM After effects

 Its 3 AM. I was struggling hard to sleep.
I have been sleeping and waking up at odd times recently. I looked at my watch and went to sleep again.
Its 7.30 AM. And by then I had already woken up 4 times. The last being at 6.
This had become a usual thing. No, “this” here doesn’t not refer to my waking up and sleeping habits. Read the above lines again. That habit had started recently.
“this” here meant the feeling after I decided to wake up and get out of my bed.
A free fall… from a great height… I could feel the wind rushing up as I was falling facing the sky. And just before I would feel like looking how far more to go… PAT..!!! like a scoop of icecream on the concrete floor… I am lying.. Head splattered with blood all over and chunks of brain resembling strawberry jelly shake spilt all over my head.
This was the feeling I was talking about when I meant this.
( am sorry if anybody found it too gory… in case you did.. imagine waking up to it every morning.. . welcome to my world.)
Standing in my balcony and lighting the first of many more to follow cigarettes, I try WAKING UP again.
It’s been 3 years now. Since i broke up with my ex-girlfriend. No, wait let me re frame it. Its been 3 years now since I last discovered that I was dumped by my ex-girlfriend and that she was already going around with someone else. Ok now all those who wanna know what happened, some other day all right ?
Where was I ?? oh yeah… 3 years.. and no matter how many times I say that I am over it, I am quite sure nobody can get over a break up. Especially when you were unceremoniously dumped.  If you read this and say… “what a loser… or I would definitely get over it” or anything like that.. my response to you would be “go F&*#% yourself”. Loose that attitude and try to stay with the flow of emotions. I am hurt. Feel the pain. If not, at least pretend.
Life had switched over from fast lane to slow lane. Things had changed. Slowly and steadily. I was once the popular guy in my college. Now I am just a face in the crowd. I was once the son of proud parents and now am just some neighbor’s joke. All of these… happened slowly. Right before my eyes. And all of these were what followed my breakup. Like all who get dumped I too followed the rituals of brooding, cutting off from the world and staying away from anything fun. Also looked out for some rebound but that dint last long either.
 That’s exactly when you expect your friends to show up and rattle you, shake you and wake you up to senses. Well, In my case, it dint. I was arrogant, proud never selfish and part show off. Who isn’t? if you are good then you would have had done it at one point. I kinda over did it and my hibernation seemed like a perfect time for all of them to let me loose. . Now despite all those negative adjectives I used about myself in the above few lines, I would definitely say that I have always been there for all my friends whenever they needed me and am not saying this to gain your sympathy believe it if you wanna believe it. Late nights, crisis situations etc. and it’s this fact that when I was let go, I actually felt like a toilet paper. Wipe your shit clean and then you throw it and not keep it in your pocket.
And it’s exactly about one of these friendships that I wanted to share. No names. But yeah she was a good friend of mine. We had loads of fun in college.  Out of many of my few memories that I wanted to keep from college, the time and fun we shared would still be in my list.
How did things end between us? Oh that’s the funniest part. If you believed that being dumped by my ex and knowing about it months later through somebody else is the funniest thing, you have to listen to this.
It was her birthday and we few friends arranged a surprise birthday party. She was leaving town as her joining dates and location for her job had come. So we had decided to have a party before she leaves.
Post the party, we were clicking snaps and there was one particular snap that was clicked where we both were standing next to each other and laughing looking at each other. It was clicked accidently when I was cracking a joke and had come out really cute. Anyways... Months went by and jobs kept us busy, one day when I was looking at old pictures, stumbled across this one and posted it on my facebook account where I had all my friends, family and peoples pictures who  were important in my life in an album called life and its side effects.
One day she suddenly calls asking how dare I post that picture and demanded to take it off. I was outside, however I ask her to wait and did remove it once I reach back my room. Now she called up again furious still and starts’ yelling on what was I thinking? I try to reason with her. Explain her that I had no intentions of putting up any wrong concept or idea and it was all in good intentions.  She hangs up saying that we would never talk again.
Now, you all know how friends fight often. Yes, we used to fight a lot too. But despite many of my apologetic messages, I never heard back from her.
Months later I call her up, and we start speaking normally. I said am sorry for what happened but she dint accept it at all. I mean I know it’s a big deal for a girl but she knew I dint mean it. She said some of her friends were asking if we were going around etc. etc. which hurt her. I dint explain anymore. Dint take me long that she was looking out for a reason to cut me loose and I gave her one.
Dropped the call. Deleted the number off. I knew I wouldn’t be talking to her again. Ever.
After all that I had done, after all the great time and fun we had if she was offended by a few narrow minded people asking some stupid questions to her and if she felt that this one incident was too big enough for her to call our friendship off… so be it. Am happy with one less.
Well, as my stub my cigarette, I realize few things. One she might have had been looking for a reason to end our friendship and why I still have no clue. Two, I have been a fool and have had loads and loads of stupid friends that my fate was cleaning up for me. Three, I am late for work and it’s a long day ahead.
Good morning everybody, have a great day ahead. God bless you all.