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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Break Ke Baad..!!!

Hello everybody..!!!
The devil is back in his workshop..!!!

Dekho main nanha Jadugar..
bahut se kisse laaya hoon..
Palke bhi na japkhao deko..
Gazab tamashe diklaun :) :)

I had been home for past few days.. a sudden trip like always.. but it was a nice getaway..!!
(I needed one as well )

I couldnt blog at home.. I had decided not to.. However I did check all the comments all you lovely readers drop :) Thank you so much :)

 2 good things that happened specially

Firstly, 3 new fellow bloggers Joined the workshop.. Round of applause for them everyone..!! :)
  we have Rose, who is quite by nature but does take sides :)
 then we have suvaiba who strongly believes that she is a reflection of her thoughts.. a Tigress ( that's what her name means and her attitude towards life :) )
and then the saviour from the future, Ovasis, who is from future to undo all the evils that has been unleashed..!!!!

So that rises the followers toll to 17..!!! good going everybody.. Thank you for joining the workshop and spreading the good word..!! I love you all unconditionally :)

the second most important thing that happened was something I was looking forward for..
I was thinking of featuring a guest post..!! and something is actually cooking up as well :)
Also anybody interested in writing a guest post, please feel free to let me know..Remember Its your workshop as well :)

Also, If anybody has been following the comments then you will remember that RED had asked me if I can click food and life style and  tell a story..!!! I am working on that as well.. so no serious clicking is happening here.. but check out RED's blog.. she is definitely on a blog spree with some amazing posts..!!! You will the blog and the posts and that is a guarantee :)

what else.. yup.. I wont be blogging from now.. atleast for sometime now..!!!
Infact I have a confession to make.. 3 of us were managing this blog..
The GOOD, The BAD and me, The UGLY..!!!

Me and Mr. good tried hard to increase the blog traffic.. with our posts.. Mr Good wrote an entire short story as well..!! (thank god.. nobody unfollowed the blog after reading that)
Now.. both of us will be retiring for sometime and the blog will be maintained by Mr. Bad..!!!( oh no..!!!)

I request all of you, not to take him too seriously and leave the workshop.. this is a temporary arrangement.

"Yeh Pal thoda mushkil hain.. par yeh pal beet jana hain..!!!"

We'll be back soon..(atleast I will be) but until then.. Best Of luck to all of you..!!!

Of course.. that means Mr. Good retires... I will be popping around on weekends for the photo blog and sometimes here and there as well..!!

So till we meet again..

See you.. when I see you :)
God bless


  1. Oooooh i like Mr BAD and Mr Ugly.
    Really working on my challenge!! ATTABWOY!! Thanks for thinking so highly of me...Pwahaha
    Thanks for mentioning me :))

  2. @RED : hey.. That's k.. I really enjoy reading your blog.. Last few posts were really nice.. You deserve the limelight for that..!! :)
    hey if you wanna do a guest post.. I ll be happy too..
    oh yeah.. Working on the concept... Few snaps done.. Few in progress... I liked the idea.. Plus its the first time am clicking specifically with something in mind unlike previous pics which were jus point and shoot.. Hope you like what i end up with :):)

  3. Nice job on the shouting out of the new followers! Cool idea with the guest post too :) By the way, the quality of a post does not increase traffic unless it is already moderately high. Will be interesting to see what Mr.Bad cooks up ;).

  4. Tell us more about the trip. It's always fun to read interesting trip reports.

  5. You won't be blogging for a while?!?! :O

    Looking forward for more picture posts :)
    Take Care!

  6. prithwi...u write so funny...!
    every time i drop here brings smile to my face...isnt that gud :) even this monkey mocha:D:Dwhich suits uuuuuuu!!!!

  7. i think my comment vanished in air !!!am not seeing it.

  8. @Neatfit :Thanks a lot man..!! I couldnt welcome the new followers as I was travelling.. hence the special dedication and welcome..!!! n ya.. i gotta find a way to advertise my blog :) leaves a lotta pressure for Mr bad now :P

    @HP : Nothing special dude.. I just went home and came back.. was visiting parents. thats all.. but oh Yeah.. there is that in the cards too.. Stay tuned :)

    @Philo : Hey.. oh no dear.. I am not totally quitting.. Just staying low.. letting the Devil loose.. I feel that its time to unleash some madness and total BS on the workshop.. after the serious tone the short story created.. its good to lighten up :)

  9. @Chaitra : Hahahahaha.. seriously ?? did u feel so..?? I felt a strange connection between him and me when i first saw him.. thats why I downloaded him immediately..!!! :P
    Am glad Chaitra that you enjoy my blog :) stay tuned as the Pandora box of madness is opening up soon..!!

  10. @mr devil- the good the bad and ugly can go away i think u r a sweet devil..! :P
    and i feel like doing AHANNN..! after reading about me..! :P
    lolz i feel great ..! :)) thankyou..!
    so very much..! :)

    sorry fr the late reply... but i guess you motivated me :)
    dont retire
    just a req..! :)

  11. -_- I start following and you take a break. Hmph.

  12. @Suvaiba : heehhehehhe.. thenks.. Retire aur main??? kabhie nahin..!!! :)

    @Pee Vee : Welcome to the Devil's workshop..!! am sorry for responding so late.