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Monday, 12 September 2011

Now.. even I AM TWEETING...!!!!

Yellowwww yeverybaady..!!!
Thank you for you love and support so far..

I have just added a twitter button on the left hand top of my blog...
So you know what that means... YESSSSS... am on twitter (actually back on twitter )

but am still getting used to the hang of it.. Nonetheless.. if you wanna catch the madness... all you have to do.. is click the FOLLOW button and hop on the mad ride..!!!
*singing* Whos up for the TWEEEEETER.. Tweet.. Tweet..!!!
*doing the chiggy wiggy step* ahahaaa haahaaaa...!!

Am sorry.. I feel a bit strange....i think there was something mixed with that Vodka that i drank.. I am acting all weird...!!

Love you all... take care.. God bless you.. and me too...!!!

And for today's sentence/gyaan of the day.. instead of typing it.. am posting something..!! :)
Here we go....


  1. I might check you out on twitter. Also the photo is so true :)

  2. I just love the T. It's like facebook, but without all of the useless stuff. :D

    Following and supporting your writing, mate! :)

  3. @ Nickodemus : thanks a lot buddy..!! amazing blog there..!! loved the pics :)

    @Hasidic Plumber : Thank you.. but twitter is not receiving me well...!!! we are having some issues and its getting hard not to end up abusing each other :p

    @MDIAS : true.. in fact thats one of the reason i decided to try T instead of FB.. Fb is getting filled with loads of junk.. kinda irritates at times :)

  4. I have an account on twitter since so long, but i never go on it :P
    Will check you out :D

  5. @Philo : Coool..!!! Thanks a lot.. will be waiting..!! :)

    @Linux and life : Wow dude.. thanks so much..!! am still getting adjusted to twitter.. :) but will be great to have you too to talk :)