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Saturday, 17 September 2011

My WORLD.. My VIEW...!!! PART 3

Yellowwww Yeverybody...!!!
Yesssss... i know.. i know.. its Saturday..
and Saturday is the Photo blog  day...!!! :) :)

Thank you for such wonderful response for my previous two photblogs..!! 
This week, we have something on demand..!!! :)
Rose had asked me if I could try to click some landscapes and also, I had promised Spaceman Spiff that I will post the remaining pictures of the rainbow..

presenting before you.. the THIRD installment of 


(P.S : Am a bit obsessed with sky and the amazing colors it can form... however i have tried to put up everything I found befitting under Landscapes..)

(P.P.S : The colours of the skies are almost in their original form.. I have edited only a few photos.)

Well, with said.. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIEW :)


Firstly : The rainbows..!!! :)

And  closer look :

The Sunrise, Banshankari, Bangalore

The lines that marks the passing of seasons

My Ode to the Winca rose(its not that but I found it very similar to it )

And the messenger of dreams..!!!1

SKY BLUE..?? or the BLUE SKY ???

The first lights in the sky,.. my balcony view..!!

The sky painted by the rising sun..!!!

Western Ghats..!!! Subramanya to Bangalore..!! Train ride.. Edakumari

The drapes of the angles..covering the mountain top..!!!

More from the ghat section views..

The tracks that tell the tale..!!!

That's one "hell' a pose a CROW could offer me..!!

Green fields and a promise of rain..!!

Well.. you know the drill... Comment section is Free.. so go ahead.. Say something..!!!


  1. Yoooeeewwwyyy *that was a high pitched scream btw* :P

    Love the pics! Amazing! Esp the sky ones and the mountains. Beautiful! :)

  2. Those were beautiful landscapes. Strangely the photos i enjoyed the most were the railroad tracks one and the bird one.
    Also, im quite jealous of your balcony view. Stunning

  3. Beautiful pictures! Starting from the rainbow, to the crow and to the landscapes and the hill tops :)
    Just lovely! You didn't tell me which camera you use :P

  4. @DZ : thank you...!! I actually have a lot more clicked.. Wil upload them too :)

    @hasidic plumber : thanks a lot man... Even i loved the crow's pic... Its been zoomed too much and hence a bit hazy...!!

    @Philo : hello.. I am always online madam :) i log in through phone na.. So.. Was reading old blogs that i love when i saw your post..!!

  5. @Philo : hahahahaahhaha... Hmmmm.. Well you can say that... Superhero's don't have the luxury of sleep.. We surf through internet reading blogs and commenting :D:D
    thank you Philo..!! Am glad you liked it... I still have a few more pics.. The night sky and all.. Will upload next Saturday :):) hey i told you in my last comment.. I use a Kodak z105... Its not very high end kinds.. But its good... suits me n my cravings for clicking :):) good for amateur like me..

  6. I so badly want a slr :( Looking forward for your next set of pictures :)

  7. I The Likes! I The Likes!
    i am not a landscape picture loving person. I wont even take a trip to sumwhr with pretty landscapes and no people. I love seeing the diff people and the way f living plus the FOOOOOOOOD. So u wont find me in Jaipur but walking down the streets in a tiny city f alwar talking to random people n having food in dhaba and clicking ppl pictures. Fascinates me!

    I loooved the third, fourth and the railway line pic a lotttttt...

    My challenge to you, give me some people or lifestyle or food pictures. Tell us a story through their expressions.

  8. Sunset and sky photos are always beautiful, I loved the butterfly one the most out of thse. Real nice :).

  9. hai...u somehow made me recollect the amazing view of rainbow i saw yesterday.. it was a complete rainbow.. starting to end, like a half circle..

    :) NIce one and grt pics..:)

  10. @Being Pramoda : Hey Pramoda, Welcome to the Devil's workshop :) Am glad you liked the pictures..!! thank you :)keep visiting and do feel free to drop feedbacks every time :)

    @Neatfit : Thank you so much.. the butterfly was so instantaneous.. i was trying too shoot the flower when it came along..!!! :)

    @RED : Thenkingssss you..!!! Well i have never backed down from a challenge and I ACCEPT yours too :) Will do.. will be a great learning experience for me too.. :) but i would need some time.. but I promise.. you will have your Pictures :)


  11. I make a request and I don't even come back to see if it's fulfilled? ;)

    So sorry for the late reply, but tell you what, these pictures...they are simply breathtaking! You render my attempts in landscape photography to nothing. :(

    Okay, I'm not here to complain but a job well-done, I must say. Looking forward to more! :D

  12. @Rose : Hey there.. Welcome back.. I was wondering if you would visit back ;) hehehehehe..
    yup.. your request is fulfilled... I had told you in my last post that I'll try something.. am glad you liked them..I did click a lot but only posted a few.. will do it the coming weekend..!! will post them in my next post :)

    P.S : every Saturday is my photo blog day..!! else.. add me and make sure you dont miss any :p