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About the Devil Himself..

Well, what more can I say about my self obsession that I typed an exclusive page writing about myself. :) 

I am a natural left hander,a Gemini in true sense,Self-proclaimed superhero, loves sleeping, reading, writing, movie freak ,music , photography, animals of all forms,Famous bathroom singer,obsessive compulsive dreamer,pious worshiper of iron maiden and cradle of filth. hates hypocrites,gossips,fakers, n wearing formals.loves jeans t-shirts and kurtas.always available for hugs(give and take either ways,bigger the better),growing up was the worst thing that ever happened to me,big foodie( junk and non-junk food) hog anything on the plate that doesn't try to eat me back.want to travel all over the world,try climbing mount Everest once.terror house when caught on my worst day (rare sighting,so make a note of the day if you did),a laugh riot on the normal ones.i hate being serious,not that i have not tried, but unfortunately am miserable at simple short words:a Cute, cuddly,DERANGED Species resembling a human form,.Hop on all you..Chop chop..but in the words of Dante...ABANDON HOPE..ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE...!!! Best of luck..godspeed..!! Cheers!!!

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