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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Food and Other stories..!!!! :) Sufi and Frio Bangalore

If you dint know I was on Twitter, you really need to pay attention to the corner of my blog as well.. because on the right  left hand top corner, there is a button which says FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.. and its because am on twitter.. TWEETING...!!!!!

so If you haven't followed me yet.. do it..!!!

Hey there.. well here I am, just as promised, with my today's photo blog post and today's theme is FOOD..!!!!!!! 
It actually dedicated to all the foodies who have ever visited my blog so far..
Initially these were clicked as a part of RED's request  challenge for food and lifestyle but then since it doesn't have any people (which was also in the challenge and I totally forgot.). am posting it under the theme.. 


Also I thought in order to make this post a bit special I shall write about the pics as well..!!!
so here we go..

My dear fellow foodies..
"Roti tum sarkaar se maango.. kapada hum le aaye hain" 
It was this famous line that Dilip kumar sang in one of his films inspired me to click these pictures. (but since I was in real hurry to eat because the aroma was DAMN tempting, the pictures have not come out good. hope you dont mind.)

Since the government is pretty busy dealing with the scams to actually give me the roti that Mr. Dilip Kumar had referred me to, I decided to find some food on my own and in my this eternal quest to find food when I was supremely hungry in Bangalore, I stumbled upon few places that were secretly hidden from the rest of the man kind. I hereby am unraveling those secrets for you...

It was midnight, and I was drunk..heard that party can go wild at times but with me and my friends it always did..!!! I  was hungry and wanted to eat something. Most of the stores  Everything was closed and Nobody was ready to take us in.
It was then, I stumbled upon(my friend knew ) a 24X7 Coffee shop called the Frio..!!!

ladies and gentlemen, if you really start a craving for coffee  in the middle of the night in Bangalore.. dont forget the name..

The Hot dog and sandwich were really filling..!!

The coffee was excellent.. plus the person who was serving us was fun.. he knew my friend and hence we had a gala time sitting late.!!

The next day We were really craving for some good Non veg food and the choices were simple..
 The only place- best steak in town
Casa Picola- European cuisine (wanted to try that one )
but the winner was 

An Iranian Restaurant with some amazing food. seriously speaking I shouldn't be writing about it because it would never make up for the experience but since I couldn't click some decent pictures let me make up for it.

Sufi is not a place where you take your girl friend or trying to impress a girl on date.
because though the ambiance is BEAUTIFULLLL... the food is so damn good that you cant stop hogging it.

The Kebabs, both Mutton and chicken were prepared with only one idea in mind, to get you addicted to the food. 

The drink in the glass (clear in the next pic ) is called Doogh.
A Persian drink similar to Indian Buttermilk but with soda and herbs.. Its KICK ASS..!!!

(Ya, I know its still not that clear but "kindly adjust kario"... were clicked in real hurry. had food in one hand and camera in other. )

And never ever try and underestimate their proportions. The delicious food is served in MAMMOTH servings thus making it a real value for money. 

The biryani both chicken and mutton were so tempting that my mouth is still watering recollecting those. garnished with cashews and some really exotic herbs, it was one YUMMY dish. and the best part is if you cant finish it all (which am sure most cant ) you can shamelessly ask them to pack it up for you (like my friend did) and they will do that with a smile :)

Many may find the place a bit expensive but hey think about this..
a beautiful weekend, amazing ambiance and some really good mouth watering cuisine. I think its worth every penny. and who knows you may stumble upon Lucky Ali or A.R Rehaman as well. (Heard its one of their favorite restaurants in town. ) 

Drop your comments and about your favorite resturant in town that according to you I should not miss when visiting your town :)

Till then 

*burp..* Sorry.. :)

P.S : you should also try the hookahs if you visit there.. its really good :P

P.P.S: going home for a few days.. that means I wont be blogging.. wont be able to comment but I'll be reading all your posts.. so keep posting.. if miss me.. follow me(twitter) and tweet to me.. and I shall tweet back. :)


  1. :D I am a foodie and I think you should always take the girl to a place with good FOOD :P

  2. Oooooh myyyyy God!
    Whyyyy did i challenge u for this??!!. Here i am in my most ugliest home clothes,still hungover by the excessive sleep and the first post i read is urs with food clicks!.
    Amazing clicks man and those seem like some out f the world delicasies. I lovvve the way the cheese on top of the hotdog is sooo creamily taken.i just mean to say tht this is beautiful. Y dint i go to these places when i was in Banglore!!! Just went to MAST KALANDAR ;(
    P.S- Bangloee nightlife sucks. Sorry!

  3. wow! that is so well presented...looks awesome!
    But I just quit eating non veg last year.. i m a vegetarian now :(

  4. Heyya...finally I have a blog that has some of fav things: food, great clicks and good reads...the only thing missing is shoes but my blog shall make up for that :D...was bored with the usual reads so dropped by here after I read your comment on PV's blog about Spiff. And I'm glaaaaaaaad I did. I mean it...I was planning on starting food blogging myself so I'm sure I can great tips from you :)...I don't have a good cam though, (soon to be rectified) but I so can't click while I'm eating or be clicked for that matter!!!Have you tried Bombay Post and Chandini Chowk? Some of their kebabs are finger licking won't wanna use the finger bowl when they offer it, they are that good. But I love the Biryani at Nachiyar's...It's isn't the dum-dum kind but it's oh-so tasty...on your next expedition if you crave company who talks and eats and eats and talks, I'm in :D.

    @Red: Girl you didn't have good company! Next time you come, you let me know, and you'll never forget the best night of your life (non-sexually of course :P)

  5. haha, bro. Your post make me hungry. But where are the indian traditional foods? where is the cary ?

  6. You seriously made me feel hungry!
    I so want to try out the Iranian place now :( :( :(

    Great snaps :)

  7. @ BB : oh trust me.. I would love to.. provided the girl doesn't nag later that I was paying more attention to food than her.. :D

    @RED : oh thenk you.. thenk you...!!:) :) ya.. i know that bangalore's night life can suck.. unless you are with the right company.. and seriously m MAST KALANDER ??? thats the worst place to get ripped off for nothin...!!!
    *Pity* let me know in case you are dropping by to bangalore.. i can help suggesting some good food joints...!!! :) :)

  8. @Linux and Life : I havent put them dude.. will try clicking some for you.. oh yeah the curry ?? well.. let me see what I can come up with :)

    @Ornag3 : hello.. Welcome to the devils Work shop..!! :) thank you for liking it :)

    @Philo : well.. please do.. I'll tell you will never regret trying.. Its just too much..!! food is one of the yummiest I have had so far..

    @Manju : Hey.. Welcome to the Devil's workshop..!! Thank you for liking the pics.. Hmmm.. veg eh ?? let me see what I can come up with for you :) :)

  9. @Dragon : Hey.. Thanks for stopping by..!! am glad that you are glad that you stopped by :) Oh yeah.. Bombay post was near my then work place.. so have tried it out.. but isnt it closed for renovation after that fire ?? that was the update the last time I checked.. chandini chowk n Nachiyars.. nopes.. but now I know :) :)

    Oh yeah..A company ?? I am game..!! :) I believe food is enjoyable with a company who can equally enjoy food.. lets eat, explore and click the taste buds.. our version of High way on my plate ??? :) :) will let you know when I am dropping by again.. can plan out something if you are free and interested :)

  10. OMG I'm gonna kill you :'( All this food when I'm STUCK in the hostel?!!

    I can almost SMELL it here *sigh*

    And btw, pictures you take, especially of the food are awesome. Some are a wee bit blurred though. And consider straightening a couple of 'em.

    Loved the look of that hot dog:)

  11. Hey... thanks...!!! wel.. I guess Sufi has delivery options as well.. :P Hostel food.. urgkh..*choking* been there.. had that..!! ya.. i knw the angle is a bit teedha and the doogh one is outta focus.. the reason being that
    1. food was too tempting to sit in front and the second serving was a juggle eating and clicking :P
    2. I was trying to focus on the table cloth pattern if you notice.. however.. will try better clicks next time :)

    and hey.. I started my new photo blog.. will be posting more there.. so..check that out too..!!! :) :)


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