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Thursday, 8 September 2011

DIBS..!!! :)

WARNING : This post is especially meant for Boys and for boys only. 
So ladies unless you are a sport about (the "BIRD WATCHING" that we guys do in college campuses) what is written here.. i advise you not to continue.

It’s that time of year when the campus comes back to life..!! 
Allaaa re aaalaa reeeee.... aaaalllaaaaa.. freshers campus mein aalaa..!!!
 new faces, colors everywhere.. faar me toh boss.. full fastival vonly..!! 

yabba.. waat can yai say i say..????
i waited for a full year for this ma... ayyo.. old figures watching watching.. i toh.. full bor ho gaya tha..

Well, ya.. I must say in fact this was one day that i was specifically looking forward for when i realized that all the good looking chicks in my college have already taken.
Freshers ( read as good looking really hot chicks ) in college promises a good time in terms of Bird watching for us :) :)

Now  for those of who are like WTF man.. etc etc.. read the first line when I started for the post. Well, love us or hate us… but BOYS WILL BE BOYS huh ?? :)

Back to the post,
I know how hard it is to keep track of finding a good chick in midst of all the college especially when it’s a break.
Many a time you miss out on the girl you were waiting for but your friend seeing her  instead of you..!!!
Right... happens to me most of the time.  :(

It requires keen sense of vision and attention to details.

It was during one such bird watching session with my classmate that we came up with this plan.
A new Game.. that not only provides you the prospects of watching chicks sprouting from all corners of the college but also makes you more attentive (i call this polishing your skills ) to look out for the most good looking ones too. :):)

This game is called THE DIBS..!!!! *Tadaaaaaaaa...!!*

Obviously its inspired by Sir Lord Barney of "How I met Your Mother".(just the word.. nothing more.. so stop guessing and continue reading)
This game is ideally played with another equally creepy yet damn horny and at times can be cheap friends only. (for e.g., the simplest yet ideal in that category would be a friend who would look at a girl and immediately rate her out of 10, :) )

So here is it:
I'll explain the rules first. It’s very simple too..

1. Sit in you campus/college where you feel you can watch Chicks from all directions.. Larger the possibility.. Better it is.

2. Before you start, each one of you will have to choose 5 girls and they would be called wild birds.

Now every time each one of you see a pretty girl you call dibs. This will happen alternatively. So toss a coin to decide who will go first.

The girl has to be pretty.. You just can’t start calling dibs on each and every girl you see. Remember, it should be the kind of girl you would "like to go with on a date" types( that is if you ever have/get a chance). So be careful in choosing, as it will tell a lot about your taste as well.
So you call dibs and say your score. Score in the sense you rate the girl out of 10.
 you cant call dibs on the girl whom your friend just called, well for an entire day. (this will make sure you check out different birds than stick on to your favorite ones)
Each valid dibs will get you 1 point.

The person next will have to call dibs on a prettier or at least on a girl who is equal to your dibs in terms of score.

If you call a wrong dibs and then give up on it, your score will go down by 2 points. 
i.e. If you see a girl from far and dibs and then as she approaches near you can’t justify why she is worthy of your score on 10, or in case on a normal dibs, you can’t justify why she is worth how much you rated her, then then you lose 2 points for wrong call. This will keep a track of the fact that you just can’t go on calling dibs to increase your score.

If you call dibs on your wild bird then, you get 5 points, while in case you dint notice her and if the other person calls he gets 10.
So make sure that you keep your eyes wide open and that of calling dibs on your wild birds as well as the wild birds of your friends.

You can buy the other dibs by offering 3 score or that not calling the next dibs if it happens to be other persons wild card. If the person declines then the consecutive wild bird dibs (be it your or your friends) would go on doubling.

Also, while deciding the 5 wild birds, select a queen who according to you both is HOTTT types..!!

The queen will be neutral and if you dibs her, you have to next dibs your wild bird only. And that means that till you see your next wild bird you have to keep passing your chance to your friend who is free to go on a normal dibs spree.
if you spot a wild bird and it’s your friends turn to call, the pray he doesn’t see her because, if the other person meanwhile calls a dibs on your wild bird, the queen dibs will be cancelled.
In case you friend has called the dibs on the queen, make sure you look out for his wild bird because you have to cancel it out.
A successful queen dibs will fetch you 20 + 5 points.

Every week you have to refresh your wild bird list by changing at least 2 of your wild bird entries and the previous ones can’t be considered back without a week’s gap.

A TIP: Make sure you refresh you list frequently depending on the frequency of finding those birds :)
Also, you can refresh anytime in between provided by giving a day’s notification to the other person.

And each dibs will last for 1 day.

Calculate the score at the end of the day.. See who the winner is :)

That’s the rules so far, beta testing from Tomorrow. 
Game seriously begins from Monday.

If any of you liked it, do try out and tell me how did it work out for you??
Best of luck. J

P.S : well. girls specially of my college.. if you are reading this.. please dont get offended and stay indoors and Hibernate.. instead of breaking our little hearts that way.. take it as a challenge and come in your sexy-hot-palang tod-mind blowing-best and make us fight for you...!!! :)

P.P.S : and to all girls : in case you liked the try your version of the game and let me know how it went :) ( guys do love some female attention.. so be generous too ) :)

P.P.S.S : Sincere advice to all single good looking chicks roaming the campus... please dont be in a hurry to find a boyfriend and get into a relationship... there will be some hearts that would break into pieces just because of your selfishness. :)

Till my next post..!!

DIBS..!!! :)  


  1. WHOA!! WHAT A THEORY!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! you men WILL be men :P :P :D "bird watching" gosh.. !! :D

  2. It was downright hillarious . Hahahahah. Boys will be boys. Sachi wala true :p

  3. @ Ananya : hehehehhehehehehe... well what can i say...??? its the devil's workshop... by products of this empty mind is Crazy by default :) :)

    @Nia :) hello there... Welcome to worshop... am glad you liked the post :) n btw... ladkiyan bhi kuch kam nahi huh kisi mein.. :P

  4. LOL....:) funny post...
    And yeh sab tho chaltha rehtha hey.:)

  5. hahaha boys and yo bird watching! lol!

  6. @Chitra : hehehehehehehe.. thank yous..!!! exactly.. absolutely true..yeh sab toh chalta hai.. but why is that when girl catch us in action we are looked upon the cheapest *&^%@# in the history of mankind..!!! i mean even we guys know that girls lookout for really good looking boys and droll over them.. we never complain( ie if girls even letch at us.. we take it as a compliment and not as an offence ).. but why this treatment towards us when we are only appreciating god's good work..!!!
    Well, these question just make me think.. what kind of a world is this..?? *posing a great thinkers pose*
    hehehehehehehe :) :) :P

    @Indumathy : Welcome back to my world...!!!:) glad you liked it.. :) and hey.. bird watching makes this an interesting event rather than.. you know.."chal yaar.. lets line marte hain..!!"
    :) :) that's cheap.. :P instead i would say that an act of bird watching is more than just line maring the girls.. its like a study..!! we study each one.. carefully.. make mental notes.. then try and apply suitably. phew.. its kinda complex and tiring... but well...somebody has to do it.. else.. "the Birds" would feel neglected na :) :) :D now, we definitively dont want that..!! do we ?? :)

  7. nd i Shall pass on this post to all the boys in my batch...
    Pwahahaahaha i almost died laughin reading this one!stalking you!

  8. @red handed : thenksss...!!! :) wow.. i am honoured...!!! Btw.. Have said it before... Saying it again... You really have a lovely blog too.. Frequent visitor actually :):):)

  9. I doubt guys will go such intricate rules, just to call 'dibs' on the girls they fancy.

    Talk about being honest, eh?

  10. @ rose : oh Rose.. you got it all wrong.. well its not just calling dibs on the girl they fancy.. this game has a higher purpose.. :p
    its a game that is to be played to sharpen and polish your skills of watching girls when they are coming from all direction and finding the hot ones from far..!!!:) :)
    so that you wont miss a good sight that makes it worth waiting in that break..!! :)

  11. You Blessed Sir, have documented the sport of Bird watching in such vivid detail. Bravo.

    A Hat Tip to you for PS's, sheer brilliance.

    Cheers :)

    Your latest Stalker.

  12. @AS : Its my pleasure to have you here Mr. AS. :) am glad you liked the game.. a lot of hard work and research went into this. Countless classes, attendance shortages, beefy boyfriends.. we had of our share of hardships.. but finally we mastered this art and molded it into a simple game for the welfare of MEN-kind :D :D