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Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well, due to the Stupendous response for the "Futoos of a lazy afternoon"
and that too especially from the ladies wing of the blogging world, i decided that the next photo upload will have something that "they" of all the living species appreciate the most :)
Laadiessss and the Jhaantalmaanss...
Here I Pre-Jant before you..

My world.. My view.. Part II

Flowers...!!! just like that..!! :) :)
Hope you like what you see :)

its said that a picture speaks a Thousand words..!! 
Unlike last time i wont be adding any more words to them... 
Instead this time i leave you to the photos..( obviously the flowers are quite self-explanatory :p) 
i just have added the location names so that in case you happen to drop by that place.. do take time for these silent gazers along the busy street :)

Have fun..!!

The local flower shop..!!
Indiranagar. ( the only place I call Home in Bangalore )

                                               The side view..( still looks the same )
                                        and the Flowers..!!!

 near the Petrol bunk adjacent to the Forum :)

LalBagh :)


                                        This one is from my Mother's garden..!!! :)
                                        SUNFLOWERS AT HOME :)


CHEERS...!!!! :)

Okie Dokie... Your turn..!!! Comment section is down below.. all entries are free.. No Charges :)

And before we close for the day... yesss you are right.. its time for.. "My day in a sentence" which is more like a gyaan session too.. so.. listen up..
I realized today that..nobody gives you any suggestion unless it is contributing to their success or welfare or anything remotely good.( at least on the long term)
(here it comes)..
who ever said that "AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY" must have had lots of apple to sell and hated doctors..!!!

God bless you.. and me too.. :)


  1. beautiful.. beautiful.. and tonight am ending my blog life with these beautiful pictures you have definitely gonna have sweet dreams!! :)

    and stop talking in that lingo.. :D hehee..

  2. @Ananya : Thank you so much Ananya :) am so happy reading your comment :) THANK YOU SO MUCH :) really glad you liked them.. :)
    n hehehehehehehe.. yes ma'm.. i know it sounds stupid... (have received many extortion calls too asking to stop the torture) i am trying hard.. but i cant stop the "stupidity" at times :D

  3. I was gonna say tht i looove Click number six, but as i scrolled down i loved more and i am too lazy to count them :P
    Looooved it.I like floweers unless someone gives them to i dont like the bouquet ones :P

  4. Love the pictures :)
    Which camera do you use?
    @ your comment: Maybe if you try trying something like I did, you'd turn out to be better :)

  5. loved all the pics....i love flowers otherwise too just amazing....but noticed a blurred image i think you can just remove it off it doesn't leave a good impression

    good work buddy thanks for sharing my photo blog

  6. I loved all the pictures, esp picture number 1,4,7,11 and 19!

    "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the nurse is cute, then screw the fruit!"

    Have a Great week ahead.

  7. @ Philo : Thank you so much Philo..!!! i use kodak z1015.. its nothin high end..but serves my craving for clicking :)and well.. you will not agree to it huh.. cool..yes.. i will try.. but i still dont think i will be half as good :p

    @Red Handed : Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. so you dont like flowers as bouquets.. will remember that :D

    @bhavna : thank you so much for the visit Bhavna.. do visit frequently and provide the feedback. will do and try improving too :)

    @HBL : Hey.. welcome back..!!! thank you so much.. appreciate it :) hahahhaahahaha.. i knew it as an apple a day keeps the doctor away but if the doctor is beautiful keep the apple away.. but the nurse sounded even better..!! *_@

  8. Stunning pictures! Even better than the work you displayed last. The flowers are so beautiful. How about some landscape photography next? ;)

  9. @ Rose : Hey Thanks so much..!!! Am glad you liked the pictures :) Well,your wish is my command.. :)
    let me see what i can come up with in the Landscape theme for you :) Follow Me and wait for the weekend..!!! cos Next theme under My world.. My view is LANDSCAPES :)