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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All Hail Your New Overlord

Confused Soul had tagged me on my blog for this award and for the lazy bum I am, I procrastinated. Nothing in specific, and definitely not because I dont appreciate the gesture of her tagging me on it but because It had a task of writing about myself  which is too much of "OVERLOAD"  on my oh so little brain and what usually makes the readers go "ohwatteycrapthisisIsay". Then Akila does it with a slap behind my head to pay attention and do it. So here I am.. doing one of the most dreaded tasks that I have come across. Now people who had/have taken the pain of reading my earlier posts know how badly I suck at writing random things. myself or my oh-so-views to be specific.
But here I am.. blank, and with loads of pending posts to thank the wonderful bloggers who not only took the time to read the lazy ass me but also were impressed to award me. (I hope it was because they were impressed and not because they wanted say "here,take an award to boost your moral but now make a SERIOUS attempt to write". )

DEDICATION : To all my most loyal readers and members of The devil's workshop.
So my dear confused soul, who even in midst of all confusion and clarity is confused as ever and never not confused ever and Miss amazing photographer,singer and writer Akila.. Happy ??? I am.. This is going to my Hall of Fame :P *Buwahahahahahahahahahhaa*  Well, Here we go. :)

It states,  
  1. Post the award the rules on your blog.
  2. List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
  3. List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
  4. Leave them a message in their comments section with a link saying you chose them.    
Step 1 : Check.  Done That.

Step 2 : 3 things you would change if you were overlord.

       *Get the Indian Sub Continent boundaries dissolved. The countries shall be one big country like how it was in the pre independence era. Dont get any ideas or think of me as Mr. Patriot or Mr. Country man, Dont start the Vande Mataram song in your head as well. I am just too bored of the all the nonsense over the boundaries, borders and the everyday comedy of whose line(of control) is it anyway..??*My signature styled dry pun intended* . Also with the merging of the countries, I feel our cricket team would get even better.

        *Set a retirement age of 55 for all the politicians running the government and the opposition. Have the rules of forming a political party re-written, so that not every tom,dick(in the usual term more than as the name) and hairy :P ;) doesn't come up with something new every alternate day. Also have an eligibility criteria set for being a politician.

Finally, Because am a greedy ass...
         *Declare myself Awesome officially and 1/10 of everybody's income to be added into my awesomeness account for which I shall be tax exempted. Also I shall never pay any tax, spend the money however I want and am totally exempted from being under any law or constitution. I shall freely express my views in running the government without being a part of it, that it shall abide to. People will call me Mr. Awesome and bow three times when they see me and NEVER show their back at me or I shall have them flogged.

To make the third point short, I declare myself to be the King his highness Mr. Awesomness.

Step 3 : List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.

Now I am slightly taking a liberty here. We all know that my fellow bloggers like Chintan, Priyanka, Red Handed, Atrocious Scribblings, Confused Soul, Philo and many more are totally the veterans here who have established themselves and their huge fan following lists says it all. So Let me point a few of my other favorite blogs that I always drop by. In no order of preference and all equally good, here they are

  • Rose from The Carnelian Rose. An amazing writer and a fellow Gemini who has her way with words. The stories she writes are both captivating and beautiful. A wonderful person that she is, makes her and blog definitely worth it. The quality of writing is top notch and is a must visit for every reader.
  • Crystal from The Pentagram :  The fiction writer who writes her post with a special touch of sensitivity. Her posts can make you smile and sad. There is no way you can stop thinking about it as it lingers with you even after you have finished.
  • BluBluBling who claims to be Awesome since'92 :  One my recent followers whose blog is a sure visit every time there is a new post. Her posts include her experience and point of views and brilliant mix of poetry and fiction. Check her out and be amazed at how good the writing can be.
  • Panipuri Lover from Sanely Insane : Many a times when I read her tweets, I think is it really true ? but then when I read her posts I reassure myself that it definitely is. That if ever I was a girl, she and me would have been mirror image. :) Her blog and writing is a perfect mix of fun and serious outlook from her view. Sanely insane seems an apt title. dont take my words, instead I would suggest you to read her and am sure you wont leave it without following her.
  • Disguise from Who ? WHat, Nails! Ooo!.... Stumbled on her blog recently and couldnt stop giggling reading her. I am not going to write much about her. Instead visit her and you'll fall in love with the writings of this teenage, Incredibly confused. Bi-polar. In love. Misanthrope. Bi-curious. Damaged to a very high degree. Tangled blogger.(Not my words, they are her own) 
  • Suvaiba from Random Classics : Suvaiba.. or as I call her Sooo is a sweetheart in all the sense. She is definitely a tigress that she claims to be. Her writing is a reflection of the innocence of the teenage years. Read her and start the journey back to those teenage years of your life(that is if you have passed that phase.)
  • CD with a question Pagal hain kya ?? : I am smiling while writing this. She is new in the world of blogging. Her writing is quiet fresh and the enthusiasm which shows up in writing clearly tells you that she is one blogger who isn't going to be hit by a block as she has so much to say and share. A warm blogger who is generous in throwing appreciation at the posts she loves :)
  • Sonshu From Toucher tes reves : I stumbled her blog from twitter. She's been here from long and has a huge fan base as well. Each of her post is different from the one written before. There is an amazing photographer in her which can be seen in the way she uploads some of her snaps. Sonshu and her blog is one blog to look forward if you are thinking of world domination.
  • Tangerine from Muse-ment : Are all architects amazing with camera...?? first there was Akila.. and now there is Tangerine. Tangerine and her muse-ment filled posts are my new favorites. Crisp writing is her style. A Virgo(like Spiffy and RED.. you get an idea of this girl's potential right ???), she is one of the top contenders in my list.
  • Purple Mist from Insomnia Strikes : The 10th blogger is a female too which makes me wonder if the population of female bloggers more than men ?? Is it because we are too busy rather blogging or is it because we are too lazy to write ?? Anyways since all the male bloggers have quite established here and this was an attempt to mention the new blogs I have been reading, the last but never the least is Purple Mist.  Two years and she is closing to 150 which tells quite about her writing. Her fan base is quite established and so is her writing. check her if you haven't. This is teenage writer is one blogger to read and bet your cash on.
Now that was my 10 blogger list. A all female blogger list on whom I would bet my cash upon. I dont know how much you would like them but I cant help but ending up their blogs because they never disappoint me.

Step 4 : I'll check that as I am on my way to it.

 Hope you all drop a visit and like them like I do. 

Mission Accomplished. *MI Theme Music in the background with camera zipping close to my face and catching me in some amazing angles and closeups as I raise my thumbs up and S-M-I-L-E, nodding my head in slow motion*

This is the new Overlord yet your beloved superhero, his highness Mr. Awesomeness signing off

P.S : Anybody interested in volunteering to wash the Overlord's Laundry ???? I'll make you a sandwich..!!! 
P.P.S :  If the answer to the above question is No, Dont loose heart, you have other chores to choose from too. but no Sandwich offer on them.
P.P.S.S : If your decision is to overlook the above P.S and P.P.S, then Let me warn you, under the Overlord act,point 3, I can enforce those tasks on you too. So be a sport and respond quick, who's game ?? huh ?? huh ??


  1. Hahahah the three things you want to change :P

    Thank you thank you thank you so much :D :D
    This is my second award :D , its awesome to be appreciated :):) I was in my bed sleeping but i get comments on my phone as emails so I just couldn't not come to read this :) Thank you niccck :) I'll repost soon .

    PS : I stalk all the girls on the list :)

    1. Hahaha :D you are welcome yaar...!!! You and your blog deserved it :)

  2. Awesome answers man, congratulations on that award buddy. I think that the world would be a much better place if you were in charge Nick, you would definitely get my vote!

    1. Thanks a bunch bud...!!! You made my day :)

  3. Thank youuuu so much :) Your words are way too kind :)

  4. OH MY GAWD!!!!!! My FIRST award!!!!! *jumping and dancing on the bed* Its hard to beieve! *pinching myself* ouch!!

    The three things you want to change- I hope 1 and 2 happens soon (Come on! You can do it! You are the super hero- Superrrnickkk with three R and three K) and about the third one, you already are awesome! and about tax exemption and other things GHANTA!! :P

    hehe....You were smiling while writing and I am smiling while reading :) :) :) See so many smiles :D thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!! You are awesome!!!!

    And about the P.S. and P.P.S. why don't you wash your laundry and I make you a sandwich! So are you game?? huh??? huh???? :D

    Your highness! You are awesome:D

    1. Hahaha :D first award...!!! Wow.. I feel so good to have started it for you... More comin your way am sure :):)

      P.S. : well... Hmmm.... Make me a big sandwich then... I ll think about it :p

  5. You are awesome bro, didn't really have to declare it, you know. It's just something you have in your blood.

    Veteran and me in the same sentence; I`m sure that was a mirage :P. I do read some of the awarded blogs and feel they absolutely deserve it.

    Cheers :)

    1. Now this my friend is being humble... Dude... You are one of the coolest bloggers I know...!! Veteran in cool blogging without a word :):)

  6. pahle to ohh la la la la wala HIEEEEEEEEE
    and den congoz
    and den thenchuuuuuuuuuuu 4 da ward and doze kind words :)
    and den beccck ka... stuff to ekdum dhasu ae boss..! :P
    and i kinda agree wid pys 1 n 3 :P
    and sabse awesme to aapka PS wala section ae..!
    mere exams de do mai tumhari laundry dho dungy :P
    and i like the title. tooo..! :)
    so all in all
    tussi cha gaye g :P
    take care.! and il inform crystal..! :)

    1. Ahay hai... Itna pyaar ??? :p thenk you hai jee...!!! :D best of luck for your exams too

  7. AAAWWW!!!! So sweeeet :) THANKYOUUUU SO MUCH!! :p
    You are tooooo sweet.

    AND I was laughing at the things you'd like to change! :P ehehhehe. :P

    Thanks i'll try and do this asap! :)

    1. Hahaha.. Thank you... Well i try hard to be cool but the sweetness is just too much for me to hide :D
      looking forward for your posts :)

  8. Congratulations Mr Overlord!! You do deserve the award
    and about the P.S and P.P.S , I am so glad that I am miles away from you and pretty anonymous :P

    1. Hahaahhahahahahaha...!!! You think the overlord can't find you out...!!! Oh poor little Red :D:p

  9. Congrats on getting the award!
    And thank you so much for passing it on to me :D

    I love all you 'P.S's at the end :P

  10. Hey, hey, hey!!!
    Thankyou so much nick!!
    I just saw this today, as I was outstation since past one week!!
    Thankyou, thankyou,thankyou!!
    Its nice to know that I'm being read. :)
    will return the gesture !

  11. After a VERY long time I found one happy little blog! Love this space. Following you up :) And I agree, those bloggers are most definitely brilliant in what they do :)

  12. Never thought I would have the honour. You have every right to kill me for my tardiness. Thank you so much. I only hope I live up to your proclamations!

    (And I suppose you deserve the use of vocabulary for the extended exaggeration of your 'awesomeness'. ^^)