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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fireflies (Part III - Moon less nights)

Thank You all of you who are reading fireflies.. today.. I am posting 2 parts (Part III and  Part IV) instead of one.. 
Hope you appreciate it.. let me know your feedback..!!!
Here we go..


Casy was upset. 
She felt that I was upset about Aunt Judith leaving nothing but a package for me. I had still not opened the package. At the dinner table we hardly spoke. I was not going to office the next day. Casy had an appointment with her doctor and she preferred it when I was with her.

I was trying to finish of some of my pending works when I heard her “Did you check what that package was?” she asked snuggling next to me.  “no.” I nodded my head in answer.

 It’s ok baby, I think you should check it out. I have a strange feeling that she left the best thing for you. And after all what’s mine is yours too. Right?” she gave a peck on my check with the statement conclusion as if it was a full stop to her statement.

I dint know what was wrong with me. I was not worried or wasn’t even thinking about what was in the package. I dint tell her that it wasn’t the will that was troubling me because she wouldn’t believe me. It was the last conversation I had with Aunt Judith. She had not spoken a word but in the end when I was leaving she said that I dint know what I had and hence I would never know what am throwing away.

Go to sleep baby, you have to get up early. The appointment is for 11. If you want to drop by your parents place before the hospital, we need to leave early.” I said and got up from the bed. Walking towards my balcony, I saw her quickly mumbling some prayers, yawning in between them and prepared to sleep.

“Check the package” she said before dozing off.

 Casy. She was the personification of love in my life. Loved by all. In office. Among friends. Every person who knew her liked her for numerous reasons. Soft spoken. Blunt at times. She juggled her roles as a responsible working professional running a house and a family so well that many a times had amazed me how did she ever manage to do it so effortlessly and still never complain about it.

Casy. Casaurina. There was nothing more in this world I loved more than her. But I could never tell her. In fact I never tried to. I was never give-the-girl-flower-kinda guy. She knew I loved her. I believed in “not everything needs to be said” philosophy. She believed otherwise. She said it a million times a day and all I used to reply- “ditto”. She hated me for that.

I lit my fifth cigarette of the day. Blowing the white smoke into the dark night, I wondered where my life was heading to. Little clueless smoke rising up in the air suddenly drifted my attention to the package on the table near the bed. I stubbed the cigarette and went inside..


The cover of the package was brown in color. Unlike aunt’s glossy dark brown coffin, this was paler than it. It seemed sad in itself. Lot of tape ducts had been stuck to make a safe covering. Seemed like somebody had taken lot of effort to do the job. I ripped somebody’s hard work without a flinching thought in mind. I hated covers.

It was a diary.

A black colored diary with slightly torn edges. It was old.  A used diary.

I opened the first page and it had Judith written in fine cursive styled handwriting. The writing was flawless. I flipped a few more pages to find a letter inside. Some pictures too.
I carefully opened the letter.
“My dear child,” it read. It was for me.

I continued reading.

This is my diary. Hope you find what you are looking. Don’t stop believing in yourself. You have a wonderful heart like your mother. Trust the way your heart leads you to for you shall never regret it.
Hope this helps you find some answers.
Loads of love

I felt a strange numbness creeping upon me. I folded the letter and kept in back into the diary. I had a strange feeling as if I knew what was in that diary. I went out and lit another cigarette. It was a moonless night.

It was going to be a long moonless night ahead.



  1. Hmmmm....i love the way u have put down each and every feeling casy is going thru.

    Btw m sorry to say this but i hav a pug whose name is caper but we call him casy.

  2. @RED : Hahahahahhaha.. dont be.. thats nice.. pugs are adorable.. :) :)

    Psst.. a secret... actually this name "Casaurina" has a history..Its actually the name of a very very pretty girl (pretty is an understatement to be very frank.. she has the face of an angel) will write a post soon about her..!!!
    ( n no.. she is not my girlfriend.. but dont i wish :P)