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Thursday, 1 September 2011


This idea of writing in half incomplete sentences struck when I was travelling back home one weekend. Hence as a trial I wrote on what happened. a bit too long.. but bear with me yand 


Platform 2.. KSRTC… window seat… Conductor screaming… “Hassan.. Hassan… Hassan…” ignition on… on the move… 8 o’clock… city traffic… ring road… out of Mysore.. Shops on my left… shops on my right… a hump on the road… everybody does a jump...  back on the seats.. ticket..ticket.. open window… gushing wind.. A closed door... dried bore well.. A barren piece of land... A green flag over a cemetery.. Some men on the field... Dark clouds in sky.. Grazing cows.. Lazy dogs.. Playing children... Honking bus.. Ripe papaya... A little of the sun.. Lots of it now.. Dark clouds to rescue.. Army of rain.. Fighting the window pane.. iron maiden in ipod.. reading listening to grasshoppers.. bus stops.. Hassan. Lunch break.. Meals ready.. After smoke.. Classic milds. Change of bus.. Platform 16.

Bus honks.. back on the road.. stops again.. Flowers for sale..  Lots of colors.. Red yellow and red.. on the move.. Left a turn.. Right a turn... Two stops and the bus does it again... Left a turn.. Right a turn...!!! book in hand…struggle to read.. yawn..!!! continue struggle to read… YAWWWWWNNNNNNNN… continue sleeping…*snore..snore*

Reached home.. bunty barks.. bubli joins.. laila meows.. Moosa stares.. Ma is smiling.. dad reading paper...talks follow.. Back in my room.. crash landing on bed.. continue sleeping…*snore..snore*

Ma calling.. no answer.. Ma calls again.. Snore lounder..  Dad yells… Running downstairs.. tea in hand.. Laila by my side.. sipping tea..purring cat..sip..sip..sip..
balcony view.. raining outside.. sitting on my swing inside.. reading again.. Swing up.. swing down.. repeat again..again..again..!!

Late evening.. driving on NH.. mom talking to dad.. dad responds.. talk continues.. moral I am useless.. i disagree.. nobody cares.. I accelerate.. dad stares.. I slowdown.. music is on.. Iron maiden is banned…  L quick change.. I sing… both of them stare.. L L quick change.. Kishore sings… everybody smiles.. J J peace prevails.. yeh dil na hootaa bechaaraa…

Outside the window.. world running in opposite direction…Night sky... Dark sky... A secret breeze... Little chill n freeze.. Faded moon.. Brand new stars.. A truck that screams.. Horn ok please...!!! Silent love.. Holding hands.. A long walk.. Along the summer sands...!!! Coconut grooves n sea shells schools... Humid n salty air.. Reminding the sweat of the day.. Ticking clocks.. Hour hands... Minute hands.. Second hands.. All dance to the same tune.. Tick tock tick tock..Since the lazy afternoon..!! Street lights.. Halogen bulbs.. Coughing lights.. Cough cough n light..!! Where did i reach ?? Still on the road.. Abstract continues.. Pinky travels…!!!! LOL….  J J J

 KA 47 ???? Broken fence... Upturned truck.. tired.. full honk.. drive... L L 1hr later.. home sweet home..  bunty barks.. bubli joins.. laila and moosa yawn..!!! hungry… dinner for all.. dad eats.. ma eats..i hog... bunty.. bubli.. laila.. moosa wait..  next round.. bunty, bubli, laila moosa eat.. I hog more…*BURP*

Stairs.. climb..1,2,3....aaahhhh.. room.. muuaaahhh... My eden bed my love..muaaaahhh muaahhh... crash land again.. *snore..Snore..Snore*

Moosa.. my cat.. my biggest competitor in the matter of sleep, food and for mom's attention.. 


  1. know what? this would make a real good rap song :D Cheers!!


    @ Sushmit ::) hey thanks a bunch dude...!!!
    lol.. am glad you liked it.. n hmmmm...!!! a rap song huh..??? u think so..?? kya lagta hain ??? chance hai kya ?? i mean i hear there are people who are looking for a reason to strangle me.. i dont wanna give them a reason.. n a good one that too :P

  3. Interesting way of writing! Good for lazy people like me! Should try it out :)
    'bunty barks.. bubli joins.. laila meows.. Moosa stares' - lol! Many pets?

  4. @thegirlatfirstavenue : hehehehehe..thenk you..!! cool.. we are in the same boat then.. its called "lazy and proud of it" :D and about pets.. dont ask.. lots..!! :) :) :) and looking for more add ons.. hehehehehhehe :)

  5. haha, your cat surely has a sleeping style.

    Btw, I came here because I saw the calvin avatar, I always like those who like Calvin & Hobbes .

    We should be blogger friends, I followed you :D

  6. We got your blogsubmission via comment. please send a mail to studioATzenvalleyDOTcom . Tx.


  7. @life and linux : sure.. done danaa done done..!!! :)

    @OSAI : cool.. one mail... comin your way :)

  8. where did you publish your story about stupendous man ? I wanna read it.

  9. Not about Stupendous man.. its inspired by calvin n his stupendous man avataar.

    check out the link : its called superhero diaries :)

    hope you like it :)
    Happy reading :)