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Saturday, 24 September 2011

My WORLD.. My VIEW...!!! PART 4

If by any chance you happened to have stumbled upon my blog, you would have seen a lot of Posts by the name Fireflies..!! 
Well that was my first attempt of writing something really serious..
but your prayers have been answered and I finally ended :D
Anyways.. coming back..
Today is Saturday.. and Saturday is Photo blog day..!!!!
(yay..yay.. yayyyy...!! )

Since my tests were going on.. I couldn't manage anything new.. but as I had said last time that I had lots of pictures clicked from the landscape theme.. posting them up..

*rolling Drums beats*
my dear Gen-taaallll mans... and the Gentall wumaaansss..!!!

My World My view..
Landscapes.. Part II

From the God's Own Country*..!!! :)


*Except the last few.

I stand Alone..!!!!!

             The waves that hit the shore... has a story to tell if you hear..!!!

                                       The Guardian fort..!!! :)


                    Into the blue Horizon..!!! where the differences end..!!

                              The road less traveled... that made all the difference


                                          Lonely.. lonely blue boy.. Is my name..!!

The fall..!!!

and my obsession of the colored sky continues..!!!

                                                     This one is from bangalore.. lal bagh..!!!

                                                   Light at the end of the tunnel..!!!

                                                     Nilgiris of Bageshpura...!!!

                                           Back to room.. the setting sun.. another day ends...

                                       And a Beautiful night sky follows the sun set...!!!



  1. Yayayya i love ur clicks. U do magic with the cam. Out f all these i love the first black n white pic...also the light at the end f the tunnel.

  2. Such breathtaking really capture the scenic beauty well. I liked them so much that I made one of them (picture of the sea) as my desktop background.

    Looking forward to more picturesque scenes! :D

  3. ahem ahem ..! *coughing*
    i read your about me and the disclaimer hence the above reactions *smiling* after the coughing...!
    *happy* at your blog's name :P
    *great work* at the post..!
    *happy again* following you now..! :) :P

  4. A WHOLE LOT of fireflies actually hahaha
    Favorite photos were 3rd and last one. But all of them were pretty good, but you know, i had to pick, i ALWAYS have to pick.

  5. Some extremely impressive photos man..especially the trees with the bluish hue....great work :)

  6. Amazing pictures. You have captured each one of them so beautifully..
    It makes me long to visit the places :)

    Great post! I loved each and every picture :)

  7. I have been extremely busy with college stuffs these day so I could not visit your blog frequently as I used to ( Mid term exams are coming and so are a lot of reports). Just drop by to say hi :D

  8. @RED : Hey thanks a bunch..!!!
    @Rose : Thank you so much.. I felt really good to know that you liked it that much to put it up as your desktop :)

  9. @Suvaiba : *Ahem Ahem* Coughing..!! :D Thank you so much.. Welcome to the devil's Workshop :)

    @Hasidic Plumber : Oh yeah.. Thanks a lot Bud :)

  10. @Kunal : Thank u dude.. its one of my fav's as well :)

    @philo : Thank you so much Philo :) I am just lucky to be at the right place at the right time with a camera :)

  11. @Adam : Hello :) Welcome to Devil's Workshop :) Thank you.. am glad you like it :)

    @MIDAS : the first one was an amazing sight as well :) Bekal fort beach, Kerala :)

    @LInuxandlife : Thank you so much for the visit bud.. Even my exams and stuffs are happening.. thats the reason why even I have never visited many blogs either.. Best of luck for the comin tests :)

  12. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  13. @Kalyan : thank you so much...!! Must say am lucky to have been there to click them :):)
    Thank you for dropping by.. Do visit again.. Every Saturday i try and post what I click :)

  14. Love all thy pics you published in the post and specially "Light at the end of the tunnel " :)

    Take care !

  15. @Reicha : Thank you so much.. Its my fav too... cos, I was kinda dangling out on a moving train to get that shot..!!! it was a lot risky.. and it took a lot more than my will and courage to take that snap..
    just kidding.. It was easy : just stood at the door held my camera out with display on and click..!! :) but am glad you liked it :)