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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How it all began...!!!

Yelloooow yevery baady...!!!
hello.. oh.. i have already said that.. okie dokie.. now that the transfer from my Facebook Notes to my Blog is complete.. let me start again.. this is time properly.
Ahemmmm... *clears throat*
The name is Prithviraj. call me Prithvi, Nick, Superrrnickkk.. ( 3 r's and k's are for numerology puropses and good luck during crime fighting and Damsel rescue. so please make sure you add them) 

Welcome to my blog. :)
on how i started writing well.. i guess all i have to say is this ( i wrote this once in the middle of office work)

There are so many things inside the basement...
they never clear...
they don't listen....
they don't hear....
they keep rattling inside..
so i write.. like i don't care...

even i do... i know the fact that,,
the things that matter are never there...

i live among people where all these i cant shout..
so here i am writing... desperately to put them out.

A PROMISE : (modifying the Scout's Promise) * holding his right hand raised level with his shoulder, palm to the front, thumb resting on the nail of the digitus minimus (little finger) and the other three fingers upright, pointing upwards*
On my honour I promise that I will do my best—
To do my duty to write better, frequently and honestly on my blog
To respond to all comments, feedback and criticism positively at all times and
To obey the..ummm.. law. ( i'll fix that later since the important part is covered.)

Thank you..!!!  Thank you..!!! Thank you..!!!
*bow. once.. twice.. thrice..*

Cheers :)

 yevery baaadyy... "like ma nigga in the house says.. Show me some looooveeee yo" 

P.S : a big big King Julian Fan..!!! 

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