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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The Chronicles of Superrrrnickkk.

Some years ago :

It seemed as if it would rain.
There were dark clouds all over. It was going to rain for sure that night.
Everybody was inside trying to avoid the storm. The radios all over had been repeatedly asking its listeners to stay indoors.
It seemed like a cold yet stormy night ahead.
Far across a hospital somewhere, there was a commotion.
A pregnant lady was being rushed into the hospital theater. Doors closed behind the family and the red light went on highlighting the words written above the door.


It was a dark night outside. The lighting and thunders had started.  In the corridor, the father was running in circles. He was tensed.
“It’s a normal operation sir, you are getting tensed for no reason” the doctor said before he entered the operation theater. But no amount of consoling would relax him. He loved his wife too much and only seeing her back would bring the life back into those eyes.
The lightings were getting intense. The flashes were reflecting in the corridor.
“I wish it’s a baby girl”. The old mother tapped on her son with a small smile.
“I wish she is all right” the son said back.
“I wish I was a super hero” said the little boy holding his old grandfather.
Everybody laughed. The father smiled. The little boy…. Dint.
“Nobody wants what I want. Nobody loves me anymore.” He thought.

He got up and walked towards the end of the corridor towards the window.
The flashes outside reminded him of the stories in the bible, his granny had told him. God was angry and punishing the mean and bad guys with thunderbolts.
Suddenly it all stopped. The flashes and the thunder that followed had stopped as if they were trying to listen to the young boy.
Outside the window from the sky above, behind those dark clouds… somebody was looking at the boy. He could feel it. The street light outside suddenly came back to life and shone on his face. He looked right up into the dark skies… and prayed…
“Dear and most respected god. I understand this might not be a right time as you are busy punishing bad people with thunderbolts and lightings. But they have taken my mother inside the theater. I think they are showing some movie only for her.  Daddy is upset about it. I think he wanted to watch that movie with her too but they dint allow him. So could you please bring mommy out and make daddy happy? I know you might be busy right now so in return if you give me some of your powers, I could go out and punish the bad people for you. That way you can have some free time too.
Oh please, please, please, please god. I promise I won’t tell anyone about it. Promise.
Mother promise”.

The moment the little boy spoke out the last word, the lighting flashed.
A thunder that followed took away the hospital electricity. The corridor was dark with only the operation theater and the bulb function from the backup generator.
Second later the humming noise of the generator brought the power back.
The boy was shook from what had happened. He was in a state of shock. He felt like something had bit him on the neck just before the power went.
He stood there still and “pat” hit his neck.
There was blood.
Blood in his little palm. And a dead mosquito that he dint notice within it.
"IS IT REALLY HAPPENING???" he wondered.

The doors of the operation theater opened up. The man in his green gown come out and was talking to his father. He tried hard to listen but he couldn’t hear a word.
It had started raining and it struck the windows furiously.
Pitter, patter, tap, tap…!!!
His father was smiling. His grandparents were hugging each other. He felt as if he saw his father wipe his tears off. He began to walk slowly. Increasing his pace towards his father. He was not feeling right about this. Had something gone wrong? He was half way back when his father looked at him and said in his loud voice
“Nick, you have… a sister you always asked for.”
But right then, a loud thunder swallowed what his father had said.
The little boy only heard nick you have a s...and the rest was lip movement before he heard you always asked for. But,
The boy had understood what his father tried to say. It was perfect and made sense.

The smile rose on the boy’s face before he started to run towards hi=s father. He jumped into his arms with his father threw him in the air and caught him back. He could see the happiness on everybody’s face as his mommy was brought out and was being moved into their room back.

He quickly got down his father’s arms, ran towards the magical window... looked up into the dark sky once again.
The street light was shining on this young and gifted boy. He knew there was a tough path ahead as his grandmother had always said “if god chooses you for some good work, the evil will always make it difficult, but you my son will have to stand strong and fight your way out.”
He looked up and said “thank you god. Thank you so much”. And began to walk back towards his family.

But then he stopped.
Turned around.
He pulled out his little hands from his yellow coloured short’s pocket. Held his fist up in the sky.
The thumb came out standing. A thumbs up it was.
He said “deal”. And smiled.
There was a bright flash in the sky and a loud thunder in return this time.
The bond was made and agreed on.
“Nick,” his father called. “Don’t stay too close to the window. Come here”.
He walked with poise with those little feet tapping the mosique floor.
“You don’t have to worry about me anymore daddy” he thought.
“It’s time the evil start worrying about themselves”.
The corridor was filled with a young boy’s laughter as he walked towards his family who were now leaving with the mother and the new born.

With his baby sister.



  1. awww....hehe this was so cute...Nick you have superpowers...I loved the innocence .. :D

  2. this is shooo stupidly cute :D :D :D