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Friday, 6 April 2012

The crossroads

Hey guys, This post is a part of the Blublubling's Awesome April Inspirations.

My heart does bleed,
with a thousand words.
I only wish if you could,
hear all those.
I see your dreams,
with my open eyes.
souls we shared,
not just our lives.

My love for you,
I kept it so divine,
but with you walking away
I feel worser than swine.
I look at my life
turned so meaning less.
hard it seems now,
to clean up away this mess.

so, here I stand
at this cross road
setting sun,
and darkness around
my hope finds this song....
I sing it aloud... that,

"I'll find my place back in my life,
I'll find it once again...
I wish you would stand by my side..
when I find it once again

you walked away,
draining my happiness..
I called your name,
searched all places we met.. but found
guilt, anger, pain and hate.
mixed with my loneliness..
friends, foes no clarity,
I find now no difference.
the feeling of this life as charity
and let to live as penance.

I walk with these thoughts,
in my mind,
I stand at the cross road
where all that i find,
apart from deathly pain around..
is this song..
my song..
which I will sing as long as I can..

"I'll find my place back in my life,
I'll find it for me again.
I don't wanna be what the world wants me to be..."
here that's all I sing.

( But deep inside I know,
There is no place anyone can show,
where i feel safe, strong and warm
I wish I could be there, covered in your arm)

I'll find my place back in my life,,
Since I cant be there in your arms anymore.
I'll find it again..
for you my love.. for you.. for sure....!!!


  1. I loved the lyrics man, seriously awesome writing buddy.

  2. Very nice! Loved it... :)

    Do visit my new blog-

  3. hey..!
    how are you now??
    i like 1st verse, more than anything else..!
    and the conclusion was literally lyrical..!
    and btw i started wathcing HIMYM and i love it especially BARNY <3 too good..! but i know he is gay..! :(

    and april is a fantastic month -
    meri budday bhi to hoty ae :P on the 19th :D
    take care :)

    1. hahahhaaha :D
      thank you..!!! haan haan.. i knw.. april is an awesome month :) Somebody special ka bhi budday hain this month :) so even am kinda excited :P

  4. This is beautiful.....has left me speechless :)

  5. Lovely post. Absolutely adored it.

  6. Someone's being poetic, eh? Lost love always makes up for inspired writing. Nice read. :D

    1. WORD..!!! :) thanks Rose :) Glad you liked it :)

  7. DID I mention how AWESOME you are. This is fantastic nick.. you underestimate yourself a lot.. this was soooo amazing.. :D ♥

    1. Oh yeah.. I know..!! :P hehehehehehe :D Thanks so much da :)

  8. This is great and the ending is just awesome...:)

    1. Thank you so much Saru..!!! a veteran in poetry liking my attempt.. i feel so good :)

  9. Reminded me of Goodbye My Lover- James Blunt :)
    It was a lovely read. You should write more poems :)

  10. Nice poem!
    followed yah ♥