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Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Dark knight Rises..!! *kind of*

It’s been a long time since I have blogged.
The reason is not very complicated at all. Actually it’s not one reason that kept me away from blogging. Its multiple ones that led my writing abilities (at least i would like to put it that way) to rot.
The past few months have been quite eventful and like a pious blogger had a draft ready to post for each special occasion. Be it me falling in love or turning 25.(sigh), yup a post for every single incident.

*yes... excuse me..?? you with the hand waving in the air. Yes..?? where are those posts ?? ya ya am coming to that...kill joy*

so...I was saying.. yup.. a post for every single incident.. that I wrote but never posted. because I was too lazy to do it. I actually was too lazy to edit them and just post it on my blog. Instead I chose to put them back in the drafts folder with the rest of my unfinished writing.
Most of those drafts are my desperate attempt to write something meaningful, funny, and inspiring or at least creative. But like I said most of them are just "attempts" *doing the girly quote finger sign. Going through them made me wonder if at all I was a tooth paste eating lunatic who is trying real hard to go unnoticed among the sane people but can’t avoid the stares of the world around him as he forgot to wipe the foam around his mouth.
I really needed to write something.
 I really need to write something and post it on my blog.
 I needed the blog to be resurrected back from its grave. My Blogazrus need a Jesus "blog" Christ to do the rising act.

As I did a mental surfing of the topics I could possibly write on which even included some half-baked attempts on poetry, short story, cooking recipe that made no sense and so on. I decided to go ahead and pull the plug and end my blog with an obituary as it was a pain to see my blog just lying there and expecting a miracle. But then, I decided not to do it. Standing on my roof top when I was going through an emotionally hard phase whether to keep or kill my blog, I saw the (annoying) kid next door smile at me. Now my hatred towards kids are quite popular in my closed circles and I had almost half planned to go pied piper on the kids in my locality. But then, irrespective of my eternal hatred towards them, I feel one of the worst thing that could ever happen to me was growing up.

I wish I would have never grown. As a chubby kid, short for my age, I was totally adored, worshipped and loved by kids in my neighbourhood. Sadly the parents always felt otherwise. I miss the days of going to school, waiting for the P.T period, sharing tiffin in classes during lunch breaks, throwing stones at mangoes on the way back, and finishing home work to watch Aladdin while mom would prepare lip smacking dishes to eat. To boo girls who would want to join us in cricket, chase street dogs away, sitting under the tree for long after the game discussing why exactly lost and whom we could blame it for. The time when you could randomly run around and that never had to mean anything. the time when we would hide and see the local couples hold hands while they walk and drop jaws. A time when I thought that flying kites were the only way to spend a windy Sunday afternoon. And that its always safe to pocket extra stones while picking up the stones for lagori if you REALLY wanted to win. The cycle bell on the street meant ice cream is on sale and the time when pink wasn’t gay. Umbrellas in rain where never straight and the king of rains would be decided by who could splash more water out of the muddle. A time when being rude meant to ring the bell of the neighbour and running away and being abusive meant calling somebody "Donkey".

I could go on and on about my childhood but then, when i wonder what really happened between and now.. I always say with a sigh. Life happened.. I grew up..!!!

But hey, that wasn’t that bad.. I mean.. growing up brought its own perks.
There was acne which luckily never troubled me as much it did to my bench mate Anil. Then there was porn.. I must say I was indeed surprised to know that I was not from a bee sting. Mithun da was too expressive in his pelvic region while Dharmendra was too flexible with his biceps when the tunes played (things that I otherwise wouldn’t have noticed). New things I learnt were the abusive languages. My cartoons got upgraded to Hindi dubbed English series that aired on Sony and then took a complete transformation to full scale English series and to Hollywood flicks. First kiss, college, drinking became cool... smoking was in vogue, and of course sex.. aah.. the sex...hmmmm...!!! :D  Holding hands between couple was no longer jaw dropping. Neither was the fact if anybody tried cowboy/cowgirl on each other. being gay no more meant being happy. iron maiden, Metallica took over back street boys and spice girls. Britney spears on whom I once had hots for now was a slut. being seen with one girl for long was no longer cool. The exponential curve of growing up was on full rise and so did I.

and whatever goes up comes down.. Says gravity.. and so I rolled down. Long story. Some other day.  As I came out the time wrap I saw the kid was still looking at me, smiled and took the courage to wave his hand at me. I smiled back while I secretly searched for anything to throw at him.
Bleedy burger..!!!

*What ???? Look man.. I had a nice childhood.. and I seriously hated growing up.. but I did.. that doesn’t mean that a  small nostalgic trip down the memory lane would change what I feel towards this nasty rascal living next door or any kid for that matter of fact*

*"Silly humor from TV commercial" time*
The trip to the local mall : 25 rs
A packet full of ballons : 15 rs.
The joy of throwing stinky water ballons at kids from roof top undercover : Priceless..!!!!!


P.S : I dont like kids no matter who feels however cute they are. I was.. doesn mean the rest of the are.
P.P.S : This post may make no sense to most.. I wasnt aiming at that either. I mean when was nay of my post aimed at any of such feat.
P.P.S.S : btw.. am back..blogging..!!!*condtions apply*


Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes I'm, let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I keep looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the herse 'cause I'll never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Usin' every one of them and running wild
'Cause I'm back
Yes, I'm back


  1. Good post Nick, it's great to see you back, hopefully you'll end up staying for a good while now, I'm not too keen on kids either and that photo describes what they're like perfectly.

  2. bit nostalgic and tonnes of fun. you are not allowed to simply disappear from blogosphere. there are ppl waiting for something new on your blog :)

  3. Your "liking" towards kids, I've seen that look :P .. Bwahaha .. This post did make sense.. you recalled incidents.. most of us remember just a few, but you remember most of it :)

    It's always nice to go back to fond memories and cherish them. To share it, thank you :)

  4. I, who prided myself on being grown up and all, regrets the very thing now. Didn't know college could do that to you.

    Don't be so mean to the poor kids. Nice read. :)

    I follow you n you make a come back :D
    A good read a day, keeps the boredom away.
    ^Just randomly made this up :p