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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

my series of unforunate events

Well its was while performing "oill-my-hair-for-a-healthy-scalp and-long-lasting-nice-hair" ritual and reading the paper early morning when i realized that my hair fall has taken a rise just as the scams in the state... (hmmm :( ) right before i cld pacify myself my mobile acts weird.. weired-er... weired-est.. before giving upon me.. panicked i started running in circles..i stlil dnt knw why of all geometric shapes i chose circles... somehow i found a nokia priority shop n explained him the entire story (expect my hair fall story as he dint need to knw it ) the priority guy told me that there must b some prob wit it(like i dint knw..??? duh??? ) but wldnt help me cos of some unidentified reasons which he wldn say n i had to get it on monday.. (grrrrrr...) my bank account has unidentified deductions for which i made some running around.. (aaahhh...) the entire day passed away in these commotions n had my lunch cum snack by 6.. met my frnd over tea who said that the test dates have been re-scheduled for monday (surpriseeee.. i hate when guys say like that..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) n my seminar internals has been scheduled on day1 itself...(wow..that was fast) now i was kinda getting used to things going terribly wrong... allergic to dust, started sneezing till(achooo) my nose blocked (achooo)n got myself affected (achooo)by cold..( my body mechanism is completely screwed) no mood for dinner(achooo),decided i would (achooo)sleep over(achooo) n get through the remaining(achooo) night...(*sob*)  took a tab n thot of sleepin when a stupid orchestra started their HOSA GAANA BAJANNA to celebrate some event n dint let me sleep...( the play-list had all time irritating top chart-busters with "annartha magu ade" beating everythin rest ) now that i lost sleep i seriously thought reading and trying to catch some sleep...n then cherry on the cake hapnd..the article i picked for reading was the one my frnd wrote sometime back and i dint even had seen it.. he said it was on "being optimist". i cldnt believe it when i saw the title screaming in bold... " IF U THINK THIS IS BAD.. THE WORST IS YET TO COME??????????" (waaaatttt??? OH LORD...!!!!!!!!! yelp!!!)  

wat a day..!!! achoooo, sob.. hmph.. achoooo.. aaahhh... ('_')

now playing in the back :Time of your life by green day...

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