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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Some moments are real,
some are fake,
some stories actually happen,
and some we make...
if every good thing
has been said and done,
wonder would life still gift us those treasure of fun :)

while everybody were looking 
for the best thing they can find,
i would hold you and say,
"i would ve found you even if i was blind."

Some people love,
some people hate,
some people beleive this life isnt perfect,
some think the the key is just to wait.

while nations cary out war..,
i scream "cheers" with you
for this day at our hangout bar :)

some say the future is dark,
some say its not,
some live in their past,
some are so glad that it dint last.

i listen to them confused,
what is comin up next ???
you tap my head and say "relax..!!
tommorow is coming with something new and best"

so whats the moral,
what am i trying to say here?
i seem to have lost my sense and nothing is really clear
confusion wraps me up,
somebody please get me
another glass of wine...!!!!
and that time may test us,
but i know for sure that you are all mine :)

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