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Monday, 10 October 2011

Liar.. Liar..!!!!

Have you had this experience when you feel that your life is moving at a pace beyond control. 
when things are happening so fast that before you can react, the moment is passed and its gone..??

When ever I feel I have too much on my plate and that Life is moving at a rate I cant handle, I just run back home.. No.. No to cry and complain about it to my maa..but to slow down.

When parents decided that they would wanna settle down in a quiet village near Subramanya, honestly I was not supportive, but I now know why. :)
Well, I am back home.. All alone.. Maa n Paa are in Calicut.. enjoying their time with my niece :) Am all HOME ALONE HERE. But Its a nice feeling because life here doesn't start before 9 in the morning and 9 at night all lights go off..!!! :) Its been raining heavily and the thunder and lighting are all time worse. The positive side is being alone at home, I have the luxury to cook what ever I want.. plus I spend more awful time now either reading or writing. which leads us to today's post... 

Suppose you know me.. very well for example. And one day I say...


Now tell me honestly, what was the first thing that came into your mind ??
That am a liar.. and I lie all the time and am really good at it.. right??

This makes you doubt everything I have said so far. sometimes might even hurt you for believing me. But here is another way of looking at it.

What if this is true.??
That I am a liar.. and I lie all the time. And am really good at it. A quite convincing one. 
Then I might be lying even when I said I lie all the time. That means "I don’t lie all the time". In fact the very fact that I am a good liar can be a lie. And that I can be a bad liar.. but then if I am a bad liar, then would I be able to lie good ??? That means since I am a bad liar, you would never have believed in whatever I said. Since you never believed in it, you already knew that I am a liar and am lying.Also its possible that the fact that I said that "I am a liar" is a lie which means I am not a liar. And if am not a liar I am an honest man who says nothing but the truth. That means you "never" believed me for all the truth I ever told you ?? Now THAT hurts..!!!

Now feeling better. I just proved that I am not a liar from my own statement in which I said I am liar. 

But If I am not a liar then, I am a honest person who doesn’t lie. Who says nothing but the truth.?? In that case the question in hand would be why did I lie then ?? and also If that’s true.. then since I don’t lie, I always say what is true and that means that the above statement in which I said I am liar,in fact a good liar who lies all the time is true. If the fact that I am a liar is true then am I liar again ???

GOD...!!!! Who am I ???? :)

BTW, Comment section is, feel free to use..Bindaas..!!! :) 

P.S : A VERY WARM WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW MEMBERS WHO HAVE JOINED THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP..!!!  Am delighted to have you all..Thank you to all.  :) Also a small confession, I do read all blogs Just because I dont comment, please dont think I am not reading your blogs.. I read everyday before I sleep.The reason I dont comment most times my phone acts more crazier than me and not letting me comment. Also a request to the bloggers who have Word verification activated.. please remove it... its irritating at times.

P.P.S :Those who are pissed with me that I haven't updated the mobile version of my blog, in my defense, am still getting a hang over my blog.. I will soon upload the mobile version for my blog. 

Cheers..!!!! :)



    LIAR ke bachche :P

    That was full confusion and I can understand how a constipated maggi eater has written this post :P

    The Blunt Blog

  2. That was some hardcore take on lying, I thought about it too one time - tooks me hours to get it straight. And yes, having the house for yourself can be quite relaxing, or, the opposite. You're the owner for a few hours/days!

  3. got me confused...

    one more thing..I would like you to change this theme, specially the laaaarge fonts that you are gives a wrong idea of an immature blogger...come on man..give some seriousness dont write funny posts you???

    well it was just a offense :)

  4. @BB: arey hukum.. Mobile version activate kar diya hain hukum..!! :p
    n corrections please.. Its not constipated Maggi eater.. Its sunfeast pasta jispe hota hain.. :D:D
    hehehehehehe... Arey baba I cook..
    Fun-taaasti-cally...!! N am not talking in maggi or pasta terms :):)

    @Neatfit: oh yeah.. Tell me about it dude.. House for yourself is like winning a jackpot..!! ;);) n cool.. Even you thought about it ?? Naice.. The concept jus struck me while i was reading this afternoon :):)

  5. @Sharan : hey thanks for the suggestion man.. Will look into it...!! As I mentioned am still getting a hang of the blog.. I usually type on word n then paste.. The font seems fine in times but when changes to the default turns big.. N ya.. The idea though IS to write fun stuffs.. I do take your point very seriously and will work on it :) after all its the post that should be funny n not the fonts.. Right ?? :):)

  6. You closet philosopher you. Made the distinction between What a Lie is and What the truth is, at least relatively.

    Have a good time relaxing at home.

    Cheers :)

  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAh.... I wanna go home to Suratkal too...nothing like the big wide beach to calm me down. You know my blog has always been under-construction right from it's inception so I don't even wanna think about mobile blogging!!!

    Hmmm about the post...I have successfully concluded that no your not a have been come up with paras of mega-nonsense needs a relaxed brain right ;) know my life's going at a pace where snail's seem to move faster!!! I'm bored everyday!!!

    About Bombay post, yes that is closed but I think it's opened up elsewhere...not very sure though...and yep I'm all game for the foodie outings :D...Have fun.

  8. @AS : thenksss...!! Hehehehehehe... Well.. Secrets of life my bowy...!! There is nothing truth or lies.. Its all about perception... And whose side of the story are you listening to..!!


  9. @DRAGON : wel.. Me coming home this time was to get out of a routine more than slowing down.. Life has been a mixed bag lately.. Check this out.. I ve classes only on Friday n Saturday... Rest s allotted for proj that is not happening.. All I do is sleep all day.. Life slower than this...??? There are times when I sit in my room n stare for hours to realise its just 5 mins that has passed..!! But when I plan up something... Its all poof.. Time over.. Gone..!! I needed to get outta this vicious circle.. Hence the trip back home.. :):)
    oh.. Suratkal huh ?? Nice place.. We stayed at panambur before moving here... I love mlore but this place has a charm of its own too..!! :) i say.. Take a break.. Get out n relax...!! Might help.. (works for me.. So..)

  10. i think im a perfect liar. i could be secret agent or something xD

  11. I had heard a lie can't live longer,eventually it has to die...but now it seems it can also die,take new birth and be ready for second death...great man...this is called optimum use of one's time :P

  12. How i wish to just say a big FUCK OFF to the goddamn exams apporaching like a running train which has every intention to run me over! I just want to go home. :(
    Well to lie is a very complicated art and requires sheer devotion :P
    Your head is soooooooooo messsed up :P

  13. U got me feels great wen u r at home...its total freedom and relaxing...
    And life is already full of serious stuff...atleast don't make ur blog a serious place...its fun like this...

    P.S.- I like the theme....

    P.P.S.- Especially the font..thats wat made me stop by and read it...

    P.P.P.S- and join it and comment on it..and read it daily...waiting for more! :)

  14. My life is a constant rush, I like to take time out of each day to relax, for at least an hour.

  15. I keep flying around the world fixing pipes left and right. That's rushing.
    Or it could be a lie...who knows.
    *waving my hand in front of your face, jedi mind trick style*

  16. you know what ....?
    im totally confused soul right now .. o.O

    & its great to be alone sometimes ... FREEDOM :D
    keep writing .. :) :)

  17. This is the result of being home alone and having all the spare time in the world to indulge your thoughts. *shakes head*

    So much for lying. How do we know whether you're telling the truth in your author's notes? ;)

  18. @Rose : True madam.. home provides you all the time in the world to think*

    *conditions apply.

    and hey.. isnt it obvious.. if I am lying.. then I am telling you the truth which doesn make a liar anymore :)

  19. @RV : Hahahahahhaha... really ?? did I confuse your soul ?? :) true. its great feeling of being alone.. think.. write. read.. :)

    @HP :jus fixing pipes ???arent you the plumber who saves the world ?? :O were you lyin ?? *shocked*
    :P :P

  20. @Sub Radar : hey.. Thank you for joining the Devil's workshop..!! and yes.. Its actually very important to unwind.. I do that by writing :)

    @Manju : hey.. Thanks so much Dear... ya..actually its hard for me to write serious stuffs.. plus there is a lot more seriousness happening in real life.. why crowd the blog space too ?? right ?? :)

  21. @RED : hahahahahhaha.. you should have done your engineering da.. trust me. maximum fun happens in the last 10 days of the exams..!! and head messed up.. you dint know ???? :O :P

    @Rohan : buwahahaahhahahha.. *thats my evil laugh btw* thank you my bowy... glad you liked it :)I get such brief moments of enlightenment where I see beyond past present and future.. hence the the gyaan..!! :D :D

    @Laughing vault : hhahhahaahaha.. you know if you actually are a secret agent.. and then confess it after saying that I am a god liar.. the chances of people believing it less.. or maybe you are ACTUALLY lying..!!! :P :P

  22. @supernick- Absolutely right! High5 :D