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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dum Diddly

Its been quiet some time since I have written anything.

Its been quiet sometime since I have posted anything on my blog.
I had told my reason in my previous post that I had lot of things on my plate and I wouldn't be able to write. Despite all that I have been writing all this time,but never posted it. Majorly because I found none of them were good enough to be posted. Most of them were nonsense and made no sense at all. Also, I thought I would start posting once I change a few things and the look of my blog. Right now, I am busy surfing other blogs and looking for ideas but if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.  Apart from blog surfing and lame attempts to write, one good thing that happened is that I have started to sketch. Nothing serious but pencil sketching. I used to do it when in college. Now am back with that again :)

I couldn't focus on one subject to write about it. my attempt to write something funny sounded like a detailed study of the torture programs at concentration camps. and then I tried writing serious stuffs, and lets just say nothing good happened and not talk about the causalities that happened when people tried reading it. Sarcasm was a disaster. I was growing impatient every passing moment looking at the cursor blink and not able to write. All I could come up was a few posts on how to efficiently crack cheap lines and look stupid..!!!

Since my daily attempt to write was going nowhere, today I decided I would not write.Instead I will clean my room. It had been a mess for long. Instead I will rearrange my room. I will wash my clothes. I will find the door to get out of my room ..I will throw away the junk I have collected over time so meticulously.  I will shave off the beard  I will get a new look, change my "out of bed look" to a whatever a clean shave face fellow is called. yup, the chikna look..!!!! I will do something useful today. I will try and finish my pending chores today. And hence began the washing period started.
I washed all my clothes. put them on the drying line and just when I turned back, the drying line snapped and all the clothes were down.

I screamed..!!! I smiled.
Brought a roll of strong rope and tied it back. Washed my clothes again and hung them back.
I cleaned my room and I am sneezing like I have been cursed. Good news is that I found a lot of things that I once thought were stolen. My headphones, my hero pen, stapler pins, the missing sock, my old mobile charger and surprisingly an umbrella. (wow, I had that ??). I threw a lot of junks, notes, papers, cardboard pieces, glass pieces( ??????) empty ink bottles etc etc and etc. and the room apparently looks neat and spacious. In midst of all these cleaning that more looked like a mining operation, and between my thirty fourth and thirty fifth sneeze,( Ya, I count my sneeze. anything more than 63 means am suffering from cold.) I was struck by some ideas and I have been writing since then.

well, I haven't posted them yet but will soon do. One by one. Acccchoooooo..!!! sorry.. Buwahahahhahahahahaha :) :)

For now, please let me know if you have any ideas for the look of the blog.

P.S : If any of you feel that I am messy and my room isn't tidy, let me correct you. I am not. My room is more like a work of art. An abstract art actually. you may feel its messed, untidy and random but its carefully placed stuffs. Every thing that you see, from the clothes dumped in one corner to the books scattered, everything is meticulously placed and a reason and significance behind it. Its beautiful if you appreciate art actually.

Now Playing : Dum Diddly by BEP and hence the blog post name :)


  1. Bwahahahaha! huh...Nice post...indeed a by-product of an empty mind.. ;p

    And too bad that you had to go again through the washing spree... :(

    Anyway..good that u cleaned ur roo..
    Cleanliness is next to Godliness! :)

  2. @Manju...!! Read the P.S. Part.. My room is an abstract art... Hence it can be clean... Its random.. But beautiful.. Exciting.. Cos you might find something that you once thought was lost.. You never know what you find today...!! Its adventurous cos walking around without tripping over cable wires is quiet a challenge...!! :):):)

    its not just a room.. Its a room full of surprises...!! So cleaning it is depriving it of its awesomness...!! Though I did it... Am sure it should be back to normal in a week :):)

  3. Abstract Art yeye why not! Did u check the pics on my blog..the second post from the top? Tidy flat!! :)

    Sketching eh? I used to do that. Caricatures and cartoons.. but now lost touch.

    I laughed so hard at your I SMILED, I SCREAMED!

  4. Nice post, it's good to be able to read your stuff again. I can't believe you actually write and don't post. I post some serious garbage on my blog yet I post it without worrying lol!

  5. that was not less than a post by any whatever draft you have and you think as nonsense, just post here i am sure those must be full of sense.....

    i hope you stopped sneezing just before 63 and what about that china look, was just searching that foto of yours here with that look....:)

    Best wishes,

  6. Why 63 man why not 69 sneezs?
    And this post, I liked...because I felt am talking to someone human :-D and haww rassi toot gai? Hihihihi might have happened with me too....

  7. You should post them anyway, it's always good to have feedback!

  8. @SRMike : I know bud.. but trust me those posts were stupid stuffs..!! hence I dint post..!! but i will post a few after some editions and corrections :)

  9. Firstly for the aachooooo... GOD BLESS YOU :P .. Ahem you seem to be hell lot bored .. And abstract art...your room? LLOOOOOOOOLLLLLL :D .. I hope you understand what I mean.. hehehe..anyways I liked the earlier look of the blog more, this I don't like :/ .. shooolllyyy but sachi... Poor you, about the clothes..all in a day's work eh?

  10. @CS : well.. I changed it again.. I was working on it when you visited..!! :) I liked this look.. a bit different :) n yes hello.. you should see my room.. its beautiful. :D if you are interested in modern art that is :P

    @BB : hehehehehhehehe arey 69 is to get rid of the cold :P :P :D
    yaa.. rassi tooti.. kismat footi.. i washed all over again :| bad experience that part

  11. @Orang3 : Thanks a lot bud :) its good to be back :)

    @RED : caricatures and cartoons ??? wow.. I tried hard at that.. but I suck at that... I do portraits and pencil sketching only.. cant handle anythin els..!!

    oh ya i saw the picture of the flat..!! :D I love the art work :P

  12. @YammieWaffles : Dude.. my posts that i had were heights of garbage..!!! wrote a few. wil post em..!! :)

    @Irafanuddin :)dude. thats so kind of you :) thank you so much for liking it :) I'll try and post better stuffs that'll keep you interested and visiting :)

  13. you screamed and smiled and did so much work and managed to conjure up an umbrella-I'd say that's a whole lot of good work done...

    and don't look at the cursor too much-it then begins to play wicked games with the mind-look around n suddenly the cursor would beckon again-happens to me all the time;-)

    i also read the very grand awards ceremony post-very dramatic and nice:-)

  14. what a vella you are...hoooohooohahahahahaaaaa!!!
    but a grt post!! it has a 'devdas'-type protagonist, action, drama, comedy, tragedy...its almost like that 'flop' movie which was watched by most :P
    **apologies for sick sense of humour**

    P.S.: What touched my heart most was ur drying line letting u down...I can well understand what u must have gone thru **puppy face**

  15. @Suruchi : heyy.. Welcome to the devil's workshop :) hehehehehhe thenkss.. i would like to think so too that it was a good day workwise :) n hmmm.. i need to take that advice..!!! I stare at comp til I write something :|

    @Chikki: hehehehehhehehee.. you having fun huh ?? :P nice atleast somebody feels this was funny :P
    oh yeah.. washin all those clothes again was a pain indeed :|

  16. :P LOL, you count your sneezes? What was the last count when you finished?:P

    My room is a work of art too. One of unfolded clothes.

    And you washed them again. Now I actually take my hat off to you. Why? Coz I would have just put them back on without washing. No patience. At all:P

  17. @PV : Actually that was a weird idea that came up once i was sneezing.. you know can enroll in Guinness record types.. :) i stopped at 37 :P

    well. i wouldnt have cared to wash too but it was mostly my light colored cotton shirts.. fu@#ers are an expert in picking up stains and dirt :|

  18. btw, like the theme..looks more like what perhaps goes on in your head...Organized Mess!! ROFTL ;D

  19. @Chikkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiii : :) welcome to the new devil' workshop..!! :) organised mess is the new IN thing in abstract art madamji..!! :P

  20. Nikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :)) thnx for the "warm" welcome (yet again) ;D
    "madamji" reminded me of my initial reporting days in dusty Punjab hamlets n the ever smiling pot-bellied Punjab Police cops...wonder if u look like 'em by any chance...IMAO ;))

  21. @Chikki : well... nopes.. lucky not the pot bellied part but smiling yes ofcourse :) :)

  22. Bwahahahaha!!
    poor You! Washing clothes is one very tedious task.. washing clothes twice.. *Shudders*
    And, you found Ink Bottles? You still write with ink pens? I love ink pens. My writing looks so effing beautiful! <3

  23. @ANU : well yup..!! i do use Hero pens :D rough work..!! hand writing sudharane..!! and phew.. actually it was hectic day..!!! washing clothes took half my life away