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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I, Me, Myself

Honestly speaking, this is tough for me.

I received my first award from spiff

This award is special for me for so many reasons.

Firstly because this is my first ever blog award. *sniff..kushi ke aansu.. blows nose*

Secondly, this award was given to me by apna very own sensible sense and nonsense blogger Spaceman spiff who was the First person to follow me. ( trust me.. I did not bribe her..!! )

Now the drill to to tell you all guys a little something about me.

hmmmm.. actually THIS is the toughest part.

I have no clue on what am I supposed to say about myself that would be interesting enough for you all to read. And hence began a self introspection. 
and so here I am doing it.

1. I am always confused. At least most of the time. 
for example. did you know that if you keep a stack of dry hay and fresh grass on either side of a donkey and ask it to eat.. It will die of hunger ?? why ?? because its too very confused which one to start with. like that confused.

2. I have a habit of doubling up things. I end up having 2 of everything. 2 watches, shoes, slippers, bags, phones, toothbrush.. Not that I want to. I dont even realize until I have picked up the second one that I dint need it.

3. I love cartoon network. I love them to the extent that my parents get annoyed. I just cant move when they come on TV. Its like am frozen in time. My all time favorites are Dexter's lab, swat kats, centurions, ninja robots, Aladdin, duck tales, talespin, timon and pumba and the list goes on and on and on..!!! 

4. Its difficult for me to purchase anything. I cant buy 10 items in a single go. I have to see my options. I check out all possible outlets and most importantly what I want to pick should speak to me.. make me feel that if I dont pick that up.. its one of the worst mistake of my life. and another thing... please dont buy me anything. If you want to.. ask me.. I'll tell you.. buy me that and I shall be very happy. :)

5. I am very very very possessive about my stuffs. I hate sharing and I watch over them more carefully than I watch over myself.  I have to write my name on the books I purchase immediately as soon as I pay for them. I dont give out or share books until I want you to read. But after you read, please return it the way I gave you. This applies for only books. NEVER EVER ASK ME FOR MY LAPTOP, MOBILE, or MY CAMERA. The answer will always be NO.!!!

6. When I was a kid, I wanted to be everything.. doctor, pilot, bus conductor, engine driver.. then when I realized that I couldn't do it all, I wanted to be an actor.I always wanted to be in the movie business. Maybe act. mostly direct. I was a star in school and college plays. Writing mad ads was my forte. I am writing a script for my friend who is a small time director. I had written lyrics for his last venture. I wanna start writing and directing small documentaries once I retire from my work. and by retire I dont mean to work till 60.
40 tak note chaapo.. phir RETIRE...!! :D

7. I love cooking.  As much as eating.
In fact I love to eat what I cook. And.. I am not a bad cook either. 
I actually love watching cookery shows, learning up recipes ( okay.. i dont note it,, just memorize stuffs) and they I try. I also love to mix it up and try different stuffs..!! Last I came up was a mocktail I call Kabuki 2060.
watermelon+spoon of rosewater+Ice cubes+Sugar. 
Blend them into a thick froth. Pour half glass of sprite and then the froth. Mint leaves on the top. :)

Well those are 7 random things about me. 
no wait.. 7 is a odd number.. lets even it up..!!

8. Am a big movie freak. If at all you catch me saying "am busy" and drop the call.. then that means I am watching a movie. And I love watching movies alone. because when I watch a movie I go into a lot of technicality. like the cinematography, frames, angles along with the plot. So I wouldn't be in a position to enjoy a nice conversation. Please dont ask me to accompany for a movie and expect me to sit and talk/discuss how thin the heroine is or how handsome/beautiful the guy/girl next row is. I am not interested. I might not even be listening. If you wanna talk.. lets stay OUTSIDE the movie theater and TALK.  

Honestly It took me 3 and half hours to come up with this.
Am sorry.. maybe I'll write more when I think of something interesting about me.

Till then, love you all..!!


  1. Ditto! We are same to same for point 4 and 5
    Abt the cooking i am opposite. I can literally travel miles, just to experiment on food!!!
    But cooking :(.

  2. 3.5 hrs...are you KIDDING ME? :O
    Btw it was a nice insight.. And congrats on the award... you can stop crying now :P

    Similar in some ways.. Confused? Me too. See my prof name itself :P .. Cartoon is wow, love dexter's, ppf girls, scooby and tom n jerry... Possessive about stuff and I don't like to share unless I want to. I have the habit of writing my name on the book immediately after I get it :D .. Career option, dunno! Wanted to be everything, Doctor, teacher, dancer and still strong is an actress.. LOl weird right? But I love movies too and I've always wanted to act! I CANNOT cook, but love eating.. haha :P .. A man who can cook, High-5 :) ..

  3. Point 4 :P --- ditto ! even its so difficult for me to purchase something at first instance.
    "don't buy you anything" ? - what if someone wanna give you a surprise gift ?

    Point 5 : -- not only you every second person hates sharing but they certainly do coz may be tomorrow its there turn , yeah !

    Cooking --> only few guys are good at that.. sounds interesting that you are among those few ;)

  4. Congrats on the award! This was a nice post- I am totally possessive about my books too! :)

  5. loved the donkey simile....lolzzzz (guffaws actually) ;D
    u r insane...n i can identify with u ;D :P

  6. btw....congratulations n celebrations!!
    so now u can cook a supremely exotic meal n send my treat :D

  7. Congratulations on your award. It's much deserved.

  8. Congrats man!

    And the girls out there can have a nice look at 7 and be like - "Oh GAWWD he will be my man! You know Cooking ah- I love you!"

    Kocchu kalla that was well planned na? No wonder 3 and a half hrs :P

  9. Hello mister, you forgot to pass on the award to other bloggers. Whaat it ees, I say?!

    Ditto for #1. If I'm ever asked what I want to eat, by the time I decide, others would've finished eating. :/

    #5- I used to wrap up my books in clear plastic paper or newspapers soon as I bought them. And I still religiously write my name on them. And if anyone borrows them, they get to hear a clear set of instructions from me. But sadly, I've lost quite many books to lending. In an attempt to share the written word, I've lost some 20 books. :/

    Hi-faive for #7! :) We should do a cook-out together some time. :)

  10. 3 and a 1/2 hours!! Dude, seriously.

    3 and 7, hi5!! And even more impressive is that you're a guy who not can cook but loves it as well!! A breed, rare:)

    And the possessiveness, I *get* because though I can't refuse giving my stuff to others when I'm in the hostel, I get irritated till they return it back to me.

  11. @PV : oh ya madam.. I seriously couldnt think of anything interesting that I could share :|
    Hi5 on 3 :) and well ya.. I love to cook :) true.. we are a dying breed too :)
    Ditto on the irritation thing. I sometimes bug them and get my book back even before they would have read it. I dont mind 'cos it sbetter than losing a book i love :)

    @Spaceman Spiff : Hey I know..!!! I was thinking that I'll hold on to the award for sometime and then give away :)
    Ya... I have to have to write my name immediately too. :) the saddest part of my break up with my ex was that she had lots of my books and she(@#%$#^$#^) never returned them..!!! :/
    And cook together thing..!! I would love to :) just let me know :)

  12. @VJ : Thanks da :)

    @YammieWaffles : Thanks a bunch dude :) am glad you felt that I deserve it :)

    @Chikki : hahaahhahaha.. thank you for liking the smilie, and identifying with me :) feels good :) Sure.. come down.. I dont mind cooking :)

  13. @RED : oh yeah.. I missed that.. I love travelling too..!! :) Food is one thing I need to try at different places when travelling :)

    @BB : Arey, Yeh toh hona hi tha..!! Hum dono SAAm to SAAm hain na :)

    @Krishna : Hey, welcome to the Devils worKshop..!! Congrats on the award to you too :) and ya.. thanks.. :D

  14. @Reicha : Hey thanks fro dropping by :)
    well, Thats what, if somebody does wanna gift me something.. ask me.. you plan to surprise me, you might end up getting a cold reaction from my end... which I dont want to express. :) I know its a bit complex :|

    @CS : Hi5 for cartoon and food :)
    theng you myadom :P

  15. oye lazy bum...ul mk a lady come all the way for a treat!! be a gentleman....eithr cook n send or come n cook...bwaahahahhahaaaaa ;D

  16. Dude tell mw what's that little guy's name in Talespin...It came up a few days agon and I just can't remember his's killing me...and what you have OCD of symmetry is it? David Becks has it, he needs all things even...odd just won't do...on point 5 I know I've asked you for the 3 books, and you also said OK, being the nice guy that you are, but you can take back that promise if you feel very strongly about it no issues :)

  17. @Chikki : yes ma'am..!!! Am sorry.. since cook and send would be a bad idea.. I'll come and cook..!! :D :P