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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Confused soul anyone ?

If any of you wondered why I dint comment on Shreya AKA confused soul’s blog then read on.

No.. that certainly not because am an ungrateful asshole.. neither because I dont care.. It just BECAUSE AM ON SEVENTH HEAVEN ( I am still not sure if there is more than one heaven to be on seventh but try and not think of stupid stuffs.. you are you.. not me. )
Okay.. Where were we ??
Ya,. ahemm.. Seventh heaven :)
The reason is that I got a post dedicated to me??????????
Well technically half..but CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT ??????? I mean after a whole lot of crapping and bull crap nonsense that I used to post, I was feeling that I live a life of a royal to have 39 followers but a HALF POST TALKING ABOUT ME????  Well, Shreya did that.. BUWAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH…!!!!
And before any of go green with jealous... Let me add a bit of mirch to your… Not only she wrote about me but also gave me an award..!! *howzzattt ??*

Firstly I seriously from the bottom of my heart want to Thank you.. You are amazing. And Unbelievable too. :):):D Not only did you passed an award (AN ADORABLE AWARD!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!! ) but also you did manage to write so sweet things about me.  I yam so berry bery yappy..!! *sniff sniff* Kushi ke aansu da.. !!

Now to some serious stuffs.. Am not writing this because she wrote me one. Well honestly speaking she had this coming.  I have been just a lot busy with stuck in so many things that I couldn’t even respond back to the comments properly. But enough about me.. Let’s talk a confused soul shall we??

Now since you all have read about me at her space.. its my turn :) Hum eent ka jawab pathar se deenge..half blog ka award ka jawab full blog se deenge..!!! :D

Now she says she checked my blog and added me on twitter because I have a name that’s of a famous Malyalam Actor ?? The truth is that’s the same case here. I added her because she has the name of one my favourite singer..!! Shreya :D :D  believed that ?? yes ??
then wrong because I dint. In fact, I have no clue (till date ) how she landed up on my blog but she ended up adding me on twitter. Rest is history now.  She is one of the most jovial persom I have ever met. “Jaisa ek heera hi here ki.. jaise kaanta hi kaante.. jaise dard hi dard.. paagal hi paagal..    Shaaa.. how do you say this.. hmmm.. okaie.. If you have watched the movie MIB, you see how an alien recognizes another.. that’s exactly I recognized her. (A mallu can always find another. that's the law of nature to those who dint know. If we dont find one, we convert one into our kind but we always end up with another messed up creature like us ) A sweet looking soul on the outside, a fun loving mad devil on the inside. Her Libran scales are perfectly balanced that way :) and of course like a typical Libran She knows how to impress people and say the right things at the right time :) She is already so popular in twitter I tell you..!! 

A true mallu blood she too has a good loads of sense of humor running in her veins. Not only does she cracks funny ones, she even manages to understand my poor pathetic ones. Hence supporting me to actually take a carrier option in cracking PJs. I usually take time to gel with people. I go through my own phases to actually open up but with her I dint have to at all. We instantly started talking and the third tweet was in Malayalam and by the end of the day, we had exchanged loads of movie humor and youtube links. THAT’S THE MAGIC OF MISS CONFUSED SOUL.  What can I say about her that isn’t so obvious? She is out there and am sure almost everybody reading this post would be like “oh Shreya, I know her.. ya.. so true.. she so sweet..!! ya this guy is bullshit, I wonder why an award to him” . One thing I know the reason I felt so comfortable in the first few talk itself is because she is one person who doesn’t try and impose an impression on you of her being something she is not. In fact she doesn’t even make you the need of explaining yourself to her.  She is soft spoken, the best thing I like about her is that she is not nosey unlike most. That makes her a perfect person you wanna have when really run into trouble. If being an amazing person isn’t enough she is an amazing writer too..!! If you haven’t checked her walk across the bridge yet then you have to because you are definitely missing some good reads.  
AM seriously  so lost in my happiness that I cant figure out what exactly to say. Of all this nonsense the moral of the story is very simple : Thnak you Shreya :D you rock da.. and ya.. thank you for the award as well :)
Having said that I would also like to award her blog with the award I have :)

P.S : most of the things she says about me are true and I have no clue she got them.. including the lazy part in the comment reply to PeeVee except for the fact that I wasn’t lazy to leave a thank you.. I just wanted to make it seem nice enough for her :)


  1. Nice post as usual buddy. I haven't read this other post but it seems like I really should!

  2. Hihihi you know what I may comment :-P but wont :-P

  3. Awww this is soo sweet da! Thank you sooo much! Shoo ithrem vendayirunnu ;) .. pashe iriketta (for those who didn't understand, didn't need to so much, but let it be) ... I'm like jumping with joy... reading these lovely're a darling... :D

  4. @YammieWaffles : well you really should read her bud :)

    @BB : hehehehe.. kuch nahi.. jaane do :P

    @Akila : hehehehhehehehe.. thenkssss.. thats doin it with style :D

    @CS :hehehehehhehe alle..??? nyaan num adetanne orutu.. itreum vendaairnu but saare illa.. irikete yenn :P
    have a blast weekend :)

  5. Why is it that I didn't know that BOTH of you are true-blue Malayalees?O_0

  6. @PeeVee : mysteries of life PeeVee... Mysteries of life..!! :D:D

  7. @Viya : Welcome to the devil's workshop..!! and :) :) am glad you liked it :) yup.. she s sweet :)