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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A WEEK THAT WASN'T...It ends today..!!


Pardon me.. I have developed a weird habits of making up new words and messing up the spellingsss of the yexisting vones...!!!

okay before any of you decide to unfollow me.. let me keep a check on myself and talk something sensible.

Well, a lot of things happened this week..
 I'll do it in points for easy readdssssss damn read.

1. I went home after a long time and my parents left the place. No literally.. and I wasnt even surprising them like always.. *it was a planned conspiracy*
the reason was they that wanted to visited sister and my lovely, beautiful, and supercute neice..!! (aaakhir bhaanji kisiki hain..??? )

2. I was home alone... Almost a week.. and it was bliss..!!!!!!
Sleep whenever you want.. wake up whenever you want.. cook what ever you want.. loads of ice tea.. and a book..!!!
*buwahahahahaha to all those who were feeling jealous*

3. I picked up some amazingly hilarious books which I waould definetly  would definitely  suggest provided you are interested in mad reads like I am..
(a) The day My Butt Went Psycho
(b) Molly Moon's Incredible Book on Hypnotism
(c) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
(d) the Curious Incident of the dog In The Night Time.

4. Laila and Sophie dont gel along anymore..!! that doesn't mean that they mind their own business and stay out of each others way..and I had a tough time keeping them apart..!! and Sophie is too naughty to take care off.. hadn't she been so cute.. I wouldn't have cared a damn...!!!
P.S : Laila is my cat and Sophie my German Shepard.

5. One hungry afternoon, I was attacked my a snake and before I could get into action and run away, I realized that it dint wanna feast on me.. It preferred a frog instead. I felt bad a bit losing my level of preference as a potentially relish able dish to a frong frog actually. not that am happy of not being that fellow's afternoon snack.. but still.. aisa uss frog mein kya tha jo mujh me nahi ??? :D

 This is in case you dint believe me.. there it goes..!!!!

6. My maid loved my cooking.. in fact I tried out various new recipes and she survived them all..!!! *yay*

7. I am in love with twitter and some amazing people I have met through that. Thank you twitter. I just imagine a day without talking to you guys now and doing all that sooper fuckery nonsense :) :)

8. My dad is worried why I dont have a girlfriend..!!! *what is the world coming to ???* I almost had to CONVINCE him that i just haven't met the right one yet. I dont think he bought that.. in fact he feels I am hiding it.Not that he would do a big drama out of it if he knows.. He's the most chilled out person with a terrible temper I have ever met.!!! *There you go.. ya.. I was born into a crazy family*

9. By the way.. have you checked out AKILA ??? check her out.. I meant check her blog out..!! *filthy minds*
she is an amazing Photographer and I let her work speak for herself. click here
and she also writes beautifully here

10. I had clicked loads and loads of pictures for the weekend blog edition..but after seeing (Chintan, Akila Kaveer)'s photo blogs.. I decided to start a photo blog for myself and from now on.. I shall be posting photos on my new blog..

And Red.. your challenge is almost completed.. I am putting it in parts... so keep a check :)

Please go ahead, add my photo blog and feel free to shower me with appreciations. Comments.. well.. mail me..!! hehhehehehehehe :P
P.S : I also take cash and pizza treats.. just in case..!!!

Issi ke saath aaj ke samamchaar samapt hote hain..!!!
Subh raatri..

Okay before we go..
Meet my darling.. Laila..!!! deep in sleep lying next to me..!!! ( she is a sweetheart and Damn Intelligent. According to mom and dad.. better than me in most cases. I beg to differ. )

CHEERS....!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


  1. Dude, you seem to having a crazy time, Good for you. Just make sure the maid doesn't sue you for attempt to murder later on :P, Kidding.

    And, what has gotten into parents these days with wanting to know why you don't have a girlfriend? My father is a carbon copy of yours.

    Totally random but awesome post.

    Cheers :)

  2. I'm with Atrocious Scribblings in that my dad is almost exactly like yours! Sounds like a very interesting week regardless, seems like you had a lot of fun.

  3. @AS : hahahahahhahaha... hmmm.. gotta watch out on that...!!! *oh boy oh boy*
    n absolutely dude.. dads all over are overdoing it trying to be cool..!! he almost took me a gyaan session.. I was also trying to give him the impression that am NOT gay.. he is like then why dont you have one ?? *headdesk*

    I wanna have a dad like in movies who gets mad on finding me in love... with my dad acting like this.. i have given up my plans of running away and getting married..!! :( :(

  4. @Yammiewaffles : hmmmm... boys we have some serious situation here...!!! :D

    I think its because of the heavy influence of TV and media with Cool dads being played on screen... every dad wants to be one...!!

    I guess its time TVs come with parent lock features..!! :D :D :)

  5. " I was home alone... Almost a week.. and it was bliss..!!!!!!
    Sleep whenever you want.. wake up whenever you want.. cook what ever you want.. loads of ice tea.. and a book..!!! "


    and hey! I kinda got emotional when u mentioned me in thr...I...I....I dnt know ...SHa! i CNT EVEN ACT EMOTIONAL! dude! thnx a ton man! :)

  6. @Akila : Adadaaa.. look who we have here... :) :P
    n hellooooo...I dint watch any porn.. (dint have any good ones :P )

    n i loved the sha.. exclamation..!!!! :) :) hey you have a nice blog doi.. I liked it.. I wanted the rest of them too see it too.. :)

    (psst...hello.. cheque yaad se bhej dena..!!) :D

  7. NANBEN DA! :D

    P.S : I hope u watch tamil movies! :P

    and yes...customized 6 feet pizza ON THE WAY! :D

  8. @Akila : ye namaba modiyaada ??? naan adda vishetil rombha nalle payyian da.. :D
    6 feet onnum vendaa... namma normal family size 3 podum..!!!

    6 feet konjam overach.. :P

    ya.. i love surya.. so his movies.. i do :)

  9. oiiii! u got it wrong!

    u shud so watch this tamil movie BOSS ENGIRA BHASKARAN. Its hillarious stuff

    P.S.: SHAKILA has done a special guest role in d movie!!! :D hope this mini-piece of info helped you! :D

  10. @Akila : really ?? boy my tamil sucks then..!!! i never knew nanben meant friends.. *writing it down*

    Oooohhhhh.. Shakila aunty ??? yeni Woh wale scenes hai ?? wait it.. i will google it first I say..!!!! buwahahahhaaaa.. technolozy rockzzz :):)

  11. I just cant wait to get back home!! Fucking exams!!!!
    Btw i still cant c ur tweets on my timeline. Why is tht?
    I cnt wait to c those pictures man!
    Also seriously u got jealous of a frog? Maybe u like being the victim of a Kill. :D

    have fun man! I am sooooo pissed ff coz f my exams!

  12. haah.. nice read... i totally envy on point 2 & 4 :-) And snake ~ seriously?! Didn't you freak out? hehehe ...And Laila is too cute and no wonder you care so much!!

  13. a snake! a snake? and you did not get scared :|

    i can not sleep alone, so i prefer if someone is home at least in the night :D

  14. @BB : yup.. It sprang right toward me and I ducked..!! Then I realized it was jumping towards a frog in the garden..!! And I love the fact that I get plenty of time to sit and read when alone.. thats the only plus point.. else.. even I hate staying alone..!!!

    @Anand : Huahahahahhahahaha.... *evil laugh* thats to make you feel more jealous..!! :) Well.. I actually did a mind blowing dive.. Sadly nobody recorded it..!! :( Yup, I had a shock at the second.. who wouldnt ?? :D
    and isnt she cute ?? she is a sweetheart.. meet and you would want her :)

    @RED :Okay.. Since the twitter issued is resolved let me see..wat else ?? oh yeah.. The photos.. keep a check on the People and food labels in case you miss out..!!(which I know you wont.. since you have added me already..!! *thats my girl* :) )
    Also.. no.. I was not upset that the snake dint eat me.. just a little ego hurt that the snake thought that slimy frog was more delicious than me :) :) :)

  15. Ok I want to believe you that it sprand right at you...but being from that region I think this was a case of Vanity over judgement :P...Laila is just kittens/cats are never still and when they are wake up as soon as they are being's like they have some radar oto prevent their privacy from being disturbed...dude now that you can cook and all, you have found way in to one woman's heart also, shall I set up dates with my single faarands ;)...I'm intrigued by the books you've mentioned here...carry them for me when we meet will ya?

  16. buuhahahahaa....enjoying hannnn!!! m J :P
    i think the snake got scared of u....lolzzz!!!
    laila is super cute :))
    grt read...loved it n love ur witty style!!!

  17. @DRAGON : heyyyyy... ahemmm...!!! hmmm.. that was the snake thing :P
    Laila.. oh isnt she adorable.. wait till you meet her.. she definitely knows how to steal attention. You would want her for yourself.. she is that sweet :):) and she loves being clicked.. no problem at all.. jus scratch in between each shot and madam is happy and posing :)

    Ya... sure.. I get those.. I finished 3 of them.. reading molly moons.. now.. trust me they are hilarious and good..!! :) :)

    @Chikki : Thank you so much Chikki..!! you are always so generous with sweet comments..!! :) :) am glad you loved it :)n true.. about Laila :) really really makes you fall in love with her :)