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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back to school..!!!

Another poem from my drafts... Dedicated to all those wonderful students and the wonderful time I  had teaching Physics in Kendriya Vidyalaya :) best 3 months of my life. I had written this for my students.. on my last day at school :) 

My mom's question had put me in a fix
they need a teacher,
can you teach Physics??
to start my career, as a teacher
made me feel like a mob,
I had my letter which had a
5 digit salary and a decent job

07.08.08, I was in school
late as usual,
first period in class,
I was trying to be a bit casual
They stared at me,
like I was outta of my god damn mind
like the one eyed king
popped his eyes open,
to see his country of blind

by Noon,
the air had spread,
I was the talk of the school
A few children peeped into my room glancing,
as if I was a dolphin in their swimming pool
Days went by,
along those sleepless nights,
made my white and Grey matter mix
and the children said..
"sir, not bad are those laws of Physics"

Months flew by,
without making my neck pain
and students new love for the subject
made me feel,
my efforts were not in vain
5 periods a day, 30 minutes of fun
those periods of substitution
and the stories of uncle bun..

All these made me forget
that am temporary,
and the arrival of the permanent teacher
made me feel sorry, very
I'll miss those morning wishes
all those doubts and smiling faces,
within my mind,
I look for rescue bases

before I go a word of "thank you "
for everyone and not few..
thank you for all the fun we had,
I may not be a great teacher,
but the time spent with Physics wasn't all that bad


  1. I love that poem and I'm sure your students did too. That's great to know you had an awesome three months, I'm pleased for you Nick!

  2. tht is wht kept u busy! So epic! Teaching is a greatest thing one can do.
    Nice lines!

  3. :D I too want to be teacher. Go to school, take those lessons, make them love it... Would be awesome I know

  4. Dear lord, I wonder about the kids. No, no, I'm sure it must have be a great experience. I like how there's a rhyming pattern. :)

  5. :D

    You were a physics!!

    I am sure..if you are so good with words..which are reflected would be quite good a teacher..... :-)

    All the best.. :-)

  6. You as a teacher :) It's actually hard to imagine :P Empty everything your drafts has :)

  7. That was pretty awesome.


    1. Thank you so much dreadnaught..!!! welcome to the devil's workshop :)

  8. I wonder if I'll make it as a teacher.. lol.. this was nice :)