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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Welcome the Naughty November

Having you all warned.. here I go.

It’s the first of November and I was thinking what to post on my blog.

Now, I never actually thought so much about what to blog. I usually type whatever comes into my mind. But reading the wonderful comments I received, I seriously don’t want to disappoint you. Hence the pressure of WHAT SHOULD I BLOG TODAY ??? 

Lets see,there was halloween this month but I dint go tricking or treating in fact I coulnt even use the buy one get one pizza coupons I got (Wattey waste I tell you), then there was this, F1 in India but apparently I dont follow F1 that closely these days so that goes out of the window and oh ya, Metallica DID perform in bangalore because of which most of my friends ended up having a sprained neck due to excessive head banging. Now I could write about it but I just am too jealous of not being there that I'll skip that.

I wanted to write a funny post today. In fact I have something in my mind but maybe I’ll post it someother day. :)
Today I would like to talk about me and the month that went by.

October isn’t of any much significance in my life. Neither I nor any of my close ones have any birthday to celebrate this month. No anniversary dates, nothing at all, but I must say that this October that passed will hold something special in my life to come. No, I dint meet anyone or fall in love either :P

There are a few things you need to know if you are still reading. The reason I started blogging is strange. Unlike most of you who started to blog to express yourself and your writing skills, I started to blog to improve mine. I don’t write exceptionally well, in fact I write like how I talk. I don’t use big words while I talk and that’s because I don’t know most of them. Every time I come across a big word, I still check the  dictionary and make a mental note of it. My sister finds it quite amusing watching me read (even novels) with a pencil marking big words. :D 

Why am I saying this is because one of my friends (wonder if we still are) gave me some BIG feedback on my blog. He had pissed me off for some apparent reason and we had an agreement after which he very coldly said that he did read my blog. That coming from him who wouldn’t read the seminar slides was quiet very surprising. He said that there was nothing great in it. The writing was very bland and stale, humor in posts were quiet forced and not a single post had any literal stuff in it. My blog dint appeal much to him nor did give him an impression of wanting to come back and read more. This happened the day before somebody actually unfollowed me. So when I saw my followers list one less and remembered what he said this it really hurt. Now when things go wrong, they do go wrong in series and it did go worse from bad in my case.  I couldn’t think of anything good to write, my writing had hit the bottom plus I was brooding over "the one I lost" hangover. I tried writing and wrote many stupid stuffs but never managed to post them.

I decided to hibernate from blogging. This is one exercise which I follow when I am to do seriously sulking. And it was during this period, I realized one thing. I was doing it all wrong. You see there was a time when I knew what I would be blogging for the whole week. I had something planned up for each day. With loads of assignments, seminar and project run to do along with the desperate want to write something really nice and humorous so that people would start writing and tweeting about my blog had made me write some really pathetic posts. I spent a lot of time thinking and decided to try and improve the quality of my posts rather than quantity. No, that doesn’t mean I would change my writing style, somehow I like the simple way I write. To write  Like the way I am talking, so that when you read this, you feel am talking to you and not giving a speech on something. to start fresh again. Am not concerned on how many people are there following me, instead I just want to make sure that anyone and everyone reading my posts should end up visiting for again for more hungry to read what I write. To mark the fresh start, I changed the way how my blog looks and am loving it.

If you my friend(to him-you know who) are reading this, let me tell you something what I should have said that day but dint. This is the devil’s workshop. This is my blog. Do not read this blog for any literary point of view, you won’t find one. Read it if you have an appetite for some pure nonsense because that what I write. A word of advice, “keep your expectations really low when you begin to read something. That way you will never end up disappointed. On the contrary you might be in for a surprise.” I write to put what’s in my mind. Sometimes it might sound stale, stupid and totally pointless. And I don’t give a rat’s arse to what you think. Thanks for the feedback, I took what I needed but down here, I am god, and I AM THE DEVIL..!!! 

That way October did teach me a few new things about friends, lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and somethings very very important. I’ll blog about it soon. So goodbye October, and welcome Naughty November. 

Oh an one more thing is that I have began to write at nights. I dont know why but I sit through the night and type lots of stuff. So like Gulzar says Ab Ek sau challis baatein hogi.. choubis ghante raatein hi hogi..!!  :) 

P.S : I called it Naughty November because I had/saw very funny incidents today. All of them will be blogged soon.

P.P.S : Am asked to write for a preface for a book that’s named “ ultimate sex tips for idiots.” One of my demented (see I used a big word instead of "mentally the sick" :D) frand has decided to write it. I am confused on what have to write here, so any help here would be appreciated.

P.P.S.S : As am writng this post, I am having a sudden craving for butter roti and butter chicken and I dont know why?? But I just cant stop thinking about the soft butter dolloped rotis along with slightly sweet yet spicy gravy of butter chicken with tender chicken pieces. Aaaaahhhhh..!!! Yumm..!!! I miss "Punjabi Rasoi" very much :( :(

I just thought of adding the images to make your mouth water too..!! :D


  1. Happy Naughty November. Awesome post as usual! I'm the same with October never being much of an important month to me, especially with school over. October sucks in my opinion, roll on November, December and Christmas! :D

  2. And you've succeeded in getting me craving for it too.. grr how I hate you for this! Hmm.. Anyway, coming back to your post.. OCTOBER was my b'day month *whistles* it wasn't supposed to be completely useless :/ :P .. And Oct, we met.. haha.. so your troubles began.. We toh don't get any footage na! :P Second, your friend is soo stupid, I like the advice you gave him here.. Don't expect and stay off stuff, if you don't like it! Finally you've decided to write, not for the followers eh? :D .. yeaahhh!!

  3. "I don’t write exceptionally well, in fact I write like how I talk. I don’t use big words while I talk and that’s because I don’t know most of them."
    That was the most genuine line I have read in a long time. Well I too started writing just to improve myself and yes offcourse to be read. I like beign read. who doesnt?
    My very first post is ridiculous. It looks like it belong to a whole different blog and not mine. Btw thr is nothing wrong in writing the way you talk, I write it that way. You wont find a single big word in there because I not only know biggie words but also I dont like using bombastic ones just for the heck of it. Check ur grammer, is all I want you to do. And about writing nonsence, we are not here to take moral science classes for adults. We are just writing shit out and who cares what others think? Only one unfollowed you? Five unfollowed me last week. But why care :)

  4. If someone says that your posts don't have reading content, I would have to politely disagree. Some of your posts are really good which I have read and re-read. Don't worry about followers write to your hearts desire.

    I`m going to run the risk of sounding like a pervert and say Cheers to Naughty November and your preface to Ultimate Sex Tips for Idiots (Psst: Do send me a copy).

    Cheers :)

  5. naughty novermber just sounds like a lot of fun xD

  6. I like your attitude! At times I wonder about what others who read my blog think about it too- whilst it really feels nice to be appreciated, criticism from those who say it just for the sake of criticizing should just be ignored! Hope you continue blogging :)

  7. What a person writes actually reflects his or her mood and its good to be just yourself and scribble....and not thinking too much and writing fancy stuff in flowery language...
    The readers will barely remember or be able to recall those fancy big words...Its the concept and narration that attracts readers...
    You have the same attitude..
    Good going DEVIL!!! :D

  8. @Red Handed- Five ppl unfollowed you?
    youuuuuuuuuuu they unfollowed?????
    What kind of nuts were they???

  9. @Manju : Thanks a bunch Manju :) I hope to write good to give you all good read :)

    @KSS : hey, I totally get what you are saying..!! who doesnt like appreciation eh ?? and nopes.. i wont stop blogging :) atleast when I have something to write I will write it, even if people like it or not :)

  10. @Orang3 : well it sure is :) and lets hope it turns out to be one. well hope is a good thing isnt it ?? :)

    @AS : oh yeah..!! naughty november it is..!! Hi5..!! between you and me bro.. sure..!! why not..?? :) thanks for the nice words dude..!! its really nice to know :)

  11. @YammieWaffles : yay... true that.. November and christmas..!!! i am so excited right now itself :)Indeed the best time of the year :)

    @RED : Thanks Red.. yup will look into it :) and lost 5 followers ?? *faints*
    even i dont care about numbers now...!! I just want to be happy about what I post. :)

  12. @CS : Thnaks da..!! n hehehehhehe chal.. duno chalte hain.. full on khake wapas aate hain..!! :)

  13. November's my birthday! :D :D
    And, come on. You write well. Plain and simple and I like it. Stalking you from now on! :D

  14. @ANU : thank you so much..!! welcome to devil's workshop..!! hope you find a lot more nice stuffs to read :) Naughty november brings the birthday of sooper Scorpios..!! :D Happy birthday in advance :)