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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One Love..!!!

Another day comes to an end.

I do what I do every night before I go to sleep. My last cigarette of the day. In fact this is the only time I smoke. Just before bed. I walk into my terrace and feel the cold breeze flowing by and as I smoke I go through my day with one question in mind. “Did I find what I was looking for?”

Most of you might now wonder what exactly I was looking out for today? Actually I was looking for the same thing that even you look for every day. I believe we all are in a quest. A quest that we all begin at the start of each day. We are constantly seeking only one thing. Love. In one form or other and we are never tired of it. the more we find it, the more we want.

Am sure we all have good and bad days. How do we determine if a day was good or bad? For example, I had a good day today. I woke up, had a nice breakfast, heard my niece struggle her first words over phone, went to college to get some permission letter and the person immediately did all the work and gave me the signed letter, had the best ice cream shake on my way back, a pretty girl whom I don’t even know smiled at me, changed my blog template and people are liking it. I say it was a good day today.

If we see, I found love in everything I did. When I say love I mean something that made me feel special and wanted. That shifted the attention of the world around on me, for a brief moment but it did. We all are attention seekers and we want it badly. More we get more we feel loved. Nice breakfast made me feel loved as the person filled my glass of tea twice without even me asking. I felt important. My niece struggling with maa..ammmaa..mamama.. made me feel special because though I know her first words will be calling for her mother, the sounds mamaaa made me feel loved by a child barely 6 months old. A pretty girl smiling at me made me feel that I am not a mirror cracking material after all. I hope you are getting what I trying to convey. The world revolves around Love. We love everything, everyone around. And it’s not the close ones that we love. We love the ones we hate, we just don’t realize it but we do. Hate is what we feel when our love is not reciprocated but then we tend to hate them so that they realize how much we loved them. Some say that money is everything in life but isn’t it our love for money that puts it one the highest point. It’s true that money CAN buy you happiness if you know where to shop. I mean would we still care about money if everything in this world was free??

Love is appreciated in any form. On a lonely bad day, you see a dog following you wagging its tail, no matter how bad your day went, if you are a dog person you will start playing with it. A lousy day throughout yet a chat with a friend or a loved one will replenish your appetite for life. one doesn't mind staying up talking all night long with our loved ones. We are attention seeking species and that's how we feel loved. Love is everywhere, love is all around us. We even attribute love as god and god as love. A person might have doubts in the existence of god but never on love. 

Love between lovers, brothers and sisters, parents and children, friends, love between pets and their owners, love between you and your prized possessions, love for your lifestyle, look carefully each day and you find small packets of love all over it. And it’s in these small moments that decide if our life is a pleasant and happy one or are we struggling hard. That’s the reason no matter how bad a day goes when a small gesture of love is shown or reciprocated you feel energized and end up saying that well the day at least dint end bad. If that’s true and then how come we end up having bad day? Simple actually, we just give more priority to the incident that dint go as planned more than something that made us smile or special for a small moment. It’s all about how you see it. How one prioritizes things that govern their life. I feel at times like this when we cant stand the person next to us for various reasons, we should really ask ourselves what makes us different from the other person? Dont we all have our dreams, share of happiness, pain love to go through every single day.  Then why not try and ease the other's pain, share a smile, join a laughter. Only when we love, we end up being loved and its a beautiful feeling.

So at the end of every day I look back and ask myself did I find love today? And recollect all the pleasant incidents that happened. no matter how small they were, I recollect the incidents that made me smile, the incidents where I made someone smile and shared a laugh. All of it. Pray that I have many more tomorrow and go to sleep.

Good night everybody..!! sugar dreams :)


  1. Wonderful post brimming over with positivism. The fag end(no pun intended)of an eventful day makes everybody a part time philosopher doesn't it?

    Small joys like watching a child stutter its first words, seeing a dog wag its tail enthusiastically and getting a pretty lady to flash her 1000 watt smile at you can indeed light up any 'grey' day like a Supernova.

  2. Glad to hear today was such a good day, simple yet good, it's always good to be moving forwards buddy, there's no doubt about that. Your first bit about smoking right before bed really appeals to me, I think I'll try that for now on. I'm going to need to almost complete stamp out my smoking on nights out and occasionally when my parents are out soon in order to improve my health and a cigarette right before bed would be the perfect way for me to stop most of my smoking but still get an awesome rush, excellent post as usual.

  3. That is such a wonderful way of looking at things... every day an adventure, a new quest awaits!

  4. Oye Hoi! Heights of Optimism and Too much love in the heart !! Ok on a serious note..You are quiet right. Philosophical you getting eh?! Good one!

  5. Prithvi...this is undoubtedly one of your BEST posts! Straight from the heart and filled with optimism.. I was smiling throughout.. Refined language and the whole idea of Love is sweet! I was wondering about how I crib about things, but if we start appreciating the small things in life, I'm sure, we'll all feel loved. Right now, pondering over a lot of things, I know I'm loved and so are you! Loved reading this! ♥

    P.S. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.. Even if it's just one! :)

  6. "Simple actually, we just give more priority to the incident that dint go as planned more than something that made us smile or special for a small moment. It’s all about how you see it."

    Nickkkk....SHABAASH is all I want to say...eehehehee!!
    jokes of ur bestest post...m smiling ear to ear!!
    such positivity n such perspective...guess I shud interact more with u ;))

  7. you are back and now :) I could see you standing on the roof smoking the ciggi....

    I love the new theme...

    And :) i am still struggling to find what I want from today, tomorrow and every day i is something i do not believe in anymore, i am on a hunt...for what, time will only tell :)

    way to go dude <3

  8. not now, HOW :( you are back and HOW...

  9. At the end of the day, being with just ourselves and thinking about the happenings of the entire day. :) It's something we all should do! :)
    We are all indeed on a quest. We do search for things. We want something out of our lives, and being loved is one of them :) The feeling of someone caring for us and vice versa is beautiful :) Love in any form is beautiful :)

    Great post :)
    P.S: Your profile picture made me smile :D
    Have a nice time :)

  10. *Thumbs up man*.
    But i think about it often but still haven't found what I really want from each day of life.

    lot of thought in to it and seriously a good one :)

  11. wow....
    this is a super vodka shot filled with POSITIVITY, love and i imagines you smoking on your terrace
    okay so like any normal indian gal il say STOP SMOKING YAAR :P INJURIOUS TO HEALTH :P
    and i loved all the chotu-motu details you poured in the details of A GOOD DAY :P
    s gal smiled at you but i want a boy smiling at me :P some handsome boy :P
    <3 oh yeah the background is not cool its super KEWL :P :)

  12. @Suvaiba : hahahahahahha thanks a lot Suvaiba :) am glad you liked it :) and oh ya.. i'll keep the stop smokin part in mind.. I ve reduced a lot and its only 1 now a day.. wil quit it soon :)
    n yes the song is mind blowing :)

    @RV : Thanks alot RV happy to see you back :)

  13. @VJ : dont think so much da.. am sure things will come up with time..!! :) thanks for liking it :)

    @Philo : Thank you so much :) wise words from you too.. :) Am so glad what i wrote made people stop and think :)

  14. @BB : Thanks Chintoo :) am glad you liked it :)

    @Chikki : hahahahhahahaha :) thanks chikki :) I would happy to be interacting with you more often too :P

  15. @CS: Thank you so much da :) I felt good writing this. It was a long due post and glad everybody is liking it :)
    n ya.. I am keepin a check on the cigs :)

    @RED : wel.. all in a days work huh red :) cant help :P
    hehhehehehehehe thanks for liking it though :)

  16. @SRM : Thanks a lot bud :) am glad you liked it :)

    @YammieWaffles : Hey thanks a lot bud :) its nice to know you liked it. Well I say as long as you are smoking the ciggs and not let the cigg smoke you, you will be fine :D
    Just reduce the nos. slowly and you should be fine :)

  17. @Orang3 : thanks a lot bud :) glad you liked it :)

    @AS : man.!! what can I say..!! indeed its a supernova exp when somethin like that happens.. true.. a tiring day cant get you all philosophical.. i had a rough week.. imagine what I have come up with :D thanks a lot for liking it dude :)

  18. OHhhhhhh!!! I love this template so much!
    I love the pic too...of kid you!
    And again we have a wonderful post to read...full of positiveness...and delight to find those small packets of love everday in some or the other way...

  19. @manju : Thank you so much Manju :) I love this template too :) in fact I love the new look of the Devil's workshop :)
    Thank for liking the post :) and yup.. small packets of love,, making it perfect :)

  20. It seems your love is smoking that last cigerrette :P. Just kidding :). Good post buddy. Keep Blogging :)

  21. @RI : Honestly.. woh last sutte ki baat hi kuch alag hain..!! saare din ki takaan mita deti hain :) hehehehehhhehehhe thanks bud :)

  22. yay ... :D im exited to be here again on the blogsphere..
    these exms na i tell u :\
    happy blogging... :)

  23. @RV : i totally understand :)
    Its good to have you back :)

  24. should also visit my blog often ...i guess i wont dissapoint you .. *winkwink* :P