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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

72 hours...!!!

Hello everybody..!!!

am so so sorry that I haven't responded to any of your comments for the guest post... nor even welcomed any of you folks who joined the workshop...!!! 

Trust me when I say this I feel like SHIT...!!!
AM really sorry..

I just now woke up... 
I haven't had slept since Saturday Morning.. till 2.00 this morning.
It was 72 hours (or is that more ??? am too dizzy to think straight ) of sleepless days and nights and PURE Madness.. 

Heading back to Mysore today.. will respond to all your comments and post more stories once I reach back to my room.

I promise, that I will make it up to all of you for these 3 days..!!! and hey, A devil..ALWAYS keeps his promise :) :) :)

So for today.. am uploading the Photos that were supposed to be posted for the Saturday's photo blog..!!

Sorry again.. hope you like what you see..!!!


  1. loved the pix...!! awesome work!!

  2. @chikki : Thank you so much Chikki.. Am glad you liked it... Do surf in.. there are more.. and every Saturday is Photo blog day :) :)

  3. @ Suvaiba : Thank you.!! loved your comments.. warm welcome it is i must say :)