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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Awards night..!!

Okay.. I just couldn’t stop at that..!!
I did say a whole blog post about Shreya but I do have loads more people that I have to talk about. No No.. I won’t talk an entire blog about them ( I wish) but I surely will tell you a few things that I feel about them.
And these are the recipients for My Award.
So, welcome to the AWARD NIGHT.. This event is as prestigious as the  Academy awards.. so make sure you dress up well and read on..!!!

1.       The first person I would pass this award would be CHINTAN and her The blunt blog. And there is no way I could think of any other anme first :) Now Chintan, fondly called Chinto singh IS THE reason I started to blog. I met Chintan over 0 fiction when my friend added me to her group. I tried writing for it but obiviously I dint find anything worth in my real life that I could write about. But I always used to read the posts of 0fiction which then inspired me to start a blog. She is one of the best person I have met and over a period of time we magically bonded over twitter. ( the madrasan’s open letter actually did something nice. :) ) I read her blog religiously and is THE amazing blogger in this Blogosphere.  So Ladies and gentlemen, put you hands together for Chintan The blunt blogger Gupta..!!!

2.       The second person to whom I would pass this award is Chaitra. The person who actually introduced me to chintan. Chaitra was my senior at school and we lived in the same colony for a long time. She is a doctor who can write poetry, articles as well as her cooking adventures. She is multi-talented and much deserves this award. She is one person I can trust for a honest feedback when  I need one and she will put it in a way without hurting your ego. If you haven’t visted her blog, you actually have missed out one of the coolest blogger cum doctors (or is it other way around?) Ladies and gentlemen, the second award of the night goes to.. Chaitra and her life could be this..!!

3.       The next  person in the award list is the another veteran with whom, I started reading the blog posts. I loved her blogs so much that till I created my own blog and added her, her blog was saved as one of the bookmarks on my internet browser. I read her post “I love You Ducky” at 0fiction and that led me to her blog. She has the most organized and arranged blog. She is a fierce choco lover ( as she and her blog claims), of unknown Martian origin but irrespective all that, she is an assured  good read.. Ladies and gentlemen, yup you got this one right.. She is none other than Priyanka ThePEE VEE Victor.

4.       Dene wala jab bhi deta.. deta chappad faad ke.. Actually the next link in my blog chain would connect to the person who gave me this award, Spaceman Spiff.. but since she gave me this, I will pass this to a blogger whom I met on the chocholic’s confession blog. The next blogger has an ugly head and she herself tells everyone that her blog is something that she wouldn’t recommend to read. A mallu too, one can say that because of her uncanny sense of humor. A virgo in all the sense she is a lawyer in making. Her blog is full of posts that assures a stomach laughing one’s mind out..!! Yet her serious ones have a classy touch.. her signature style one can say. Well, I call her the vigilante who exists but doesn’t exist.. Whom we call RED...Ladies and gentlemen you caught her RED handed this time.. The next award goes to REDHANDED and her UGLY HEAD :D

5.       Out of all the blogs I can never miss this one. Why, because her blog name is my mother’s name :) She is an amazing story teller. A sweetheart. And in a short span of two months an amazing friends I have come across. I literally wait for her post and her comments because she is as generous with her good word as my mother with her awesome aloo ke parathas..!!  Short series of stories that can make you laugh, sad and cry, she is a story teller whom I envy very much and she knows it..!! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor to present the next award to Philo and the blog Life through my eyes.

6.       I can never miss this blog out because this is one blog I can never drop a comment on. Not that I have not tried, but I am too speechless after reading his posts. Every time I visit his blog, I so much wish I was in love because there is love dripping all over his posts. God bless him and the wonderful person who makes me go breathless J allah tum dono ki Jodi salamat rakhe..!! Ladies and gentlemen, If you haven’t been to the 18 downing street, do that and get a dose of the brighter side of love. The next award is to none other than the time traveller who is back to save the planet and is in Love.. meet OVASIS at 18 downing street :)

7.       Akila.. how on earth can I miss her out. I would not..!! her photo blog is spectacular.. no wait.. its SPECTACULAR..!!!  What more can I tell about her, I was on my usual routine of dropping the blog of all my followers and leaving a thank you note when I came across this lady and her amazing photo blog. We spoke through comments and then it moved to twitter. She is one of India’s (no,not kidding) best photographers and has a phto exhibition coming up soon at Chennai :) Ladies and gentlemen, the woman who made light wed its shadow.. I present you Akila Venkatramani..!!!

8.       I wouldn’t be true with my award distribution if I haven’t mention this one person. A silent killer is all I can say..!! I never knew his existence till I joined twitter, casual talks over tweets, now one of my closest tweet buddies.. another mallu who can write well and mix humor in it so well.. His quick guide to stay in an apartment can leave you in splits.. He a menon.. he is a VJ… and he has a underscore too..!! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Vijay Menon and his blog here I am..!!!

Now I have made sure that I have added the respective links as well, so If you havent checked them out, do it NOW..!!!

And the ones I have not added is not because I dont read or like you.. Its just that I had to give it out to these people first..!! plus its post 2 at night and I have a early day tomorrow.. but dont loose heart, I still have another award to give out..!! so smile please :)

Well, that's all from the workshop.. the devil signing off.. Good night.. god bless you all..!!

P.S : I will be hibernating for a while now. The reason being not able to actually come up with something decent. I have hit THE wall over and over again. Plus I have a load of assignments, seminars, project reports to present that has occupied almost all the time and thought process. AM sorry.. pray for a speedy recovery if you miss me :) ask for more trouble if you hate me.. am on twitter if you wish to find me.. But hey.. I am not writing doesn't mean I wont be reading you..!! so keep posting.. Love you all.!!


  1. Oh and one more thing.. Do check out my photo blog... Those who haven't... And do leave your feedbacks.. The comment section is free you see :)

  2. Looks like I've got a lot of new blogs to be checking out! Nice post as usual buddy!

  3. * Does Aggressive Bhangra steps * Say shava shava mahiya say shava shava mahiya....ok thts not Bhangra. TUNUQ TUNUQ + Bolo tarararara...yes!!!!!!!

    Hum toh khush ho gaye sahib! U wrote such nice things about me the Red Handed person who was caught with ugly thoughts in her head! Me respect you and Thankyou from the depth of humaar Dil.
    You Sir, have a very user friendly and magnetuc blog. I say this coz if ones a person come across ur blog, there is no way that he/ she can ignore it. Also u make u readers feel special by ur PS. Yes u do!
    I loved reading about u n ur sister, for reasons u already know i guess. I come back to check for replies on all my comments on ur post. Yes i confess. You have a great blog buddy, keep writting.

    The others bloggers, are already read n followed by me, so I can say YES they truly deserve it too.

    Btw thnku for taking extra pain for meeting my photo challenge. Kudos on tht!

    Also we r foooodies!

  4. Lots f typo error in my comment. Kindly ignore. Phone effect.
    Also me is just 8 mth old. So me happy about the award.

  5. Sheesh! I couldn't attend the ceremony - no suit and moreover was in a superman attire

    *Officially declares you as AWESOME!!*

  6. Congratulations to all those who got this wonderful award..i do know couple of them you have mentioned and going to visit others now.....

  7. And the cat woman steals the show again :-P may be I should start an anon blog called Cat Woman :-D :-P

    Thank you<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    Aur tu padh le,pass ho ja ya fir koi hoshiyar ladki pata aur uska project partner ban ja.

  8. @BB : thanks chints..!!! ya.. dyaan laga raha hoon :) Catwoman would be a nice thing to start :D

    @Irfanuddin : You really should dude.. THEY ARE GOOD in their own ways..!! you can take my word..!!

    @VJ : Sho.. eneik vayaa.. onu poda.. *naan vannu naan vannu.. remannan saarinne naan vanu..!! :P

  9. @RED : Red..Red...REd..!! Thanks so much da.. that comment was very sweet..!!! thank you so much again.!! you know that your blog is in my top 5 blog list that i never miss :)

    @Yammiewaffles : good luck dude.. check their blogs out and prepared to be blown away..!! :)

  10. @mr devil,
    wow thats amazing :)
    congoz to all :)) and to you to :)
    all the best with those projects and all..! :))
    and il pray..! :P :)

  11. And at number, comes PEEEVVEEEEEE!!! :)
    YAY, thank you so very very much, for both the award and the lines that you cooked up for me:)

    And OH, you came through 0fiction? Didn't know that:)

  12. Oooohhhh sooopperrrr da ... All these guys deserved the awards... I toh follow most of em , and loving it... Just checked out VJ, omg he's cool... hahah Mallu traits ;) .. are we like a super brand clan :D .. Well good luck with all the proj's and seminars and try & keep in touch or I'll fly down to MY-sore :P and kill you ... It's official now!! :D .. hahaha take care :)

  13. DAAAIIII !!!! You guyz are too much I say!!! I am thrilled!!! all of a sudden I feel I am the most awesomest person in the world!!! THANKS DA!!! :)

  14. You're comparing me with your mother!? Haha :D
    Thanks a ton! I'm glad my posts and comments are awaited by you :)
    Keep in touch :) Do keep coming by :)
    Take Care.

    @ your comments: You should not be questioning me about my exams :D It's a crime !!!! :)

  15. @Philo : hehehhehehhehe :) am sorry.. wil remember that :D congrats again.. you do visiting too :D

    @Akila : daaaai...!! its vokayy.. i am proud of you da. that photo competition.. click nice ones and top that.. vokay ??

    @CS : hahahhahhahaha.. you come down then.. we'll party.. then i'll have more to write and blog :D

  16. @PEEVEE : oh yup :) 0fiction :) from there i landed to your blog.. i even left a comment saying, i'll be starting a blog soon :)

    @Suvaiba : thanks Su.. your prayers already seem working :D :)

  17. @philo :) wel.. I feel that you do deserve a little bit of flattery too :P :D