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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I saw a pretty girl once.. all dressed in black.. that made me write this..!!! an old one.. a re-post :)

With a strange smile,
She walks into the room…
And so delightfully began,
My Sunday afternoon…
Stranger she was,
Yet I felt I know her
From times long back…
This is how I met
The lady in black..!!!!

Was wondering if she was an angel or goddess
While casting her to earth,
Even god was flawless…
Gracefully she walked
As the time stood still,
Meeting her was definitely a part of my destinies will,
There she stood
In midst of the crowd
That looked like a sack..
Beautiful like a full moon in the dark sky,
Was my lady in black…!!!

Her voice was soft as snow,
While her sweet essence announced her presence
\for everybody to know,
Making all realize with
Skipping heartbeats and mind wiped clean,
That there was magic in the air,
Gripping everybody in…..
The khol in her eyes and the dimpled smile,
Made minds lose their track,
That was the side effects of the magic
Of the lady in black…!!!!!

And like the wind that blows to wipe
Away the tiring sweat,
A serene moment took over e,
When our eyes finally met,
Her eyes were deep,
Making me wander n get lost in..
She smiles right then, and
Am sure its love that got me from within
I close my eyes and fill her up in my heart..
Am not letting her go else my soul will be ripped apart..
I opened my eyes,
Preparing myself for a talk as I thought I might not have enough knack..
She was gone..
Vanished in thin air..
My mysterious lady in black…!!!!!


  1. Oh Freak! She shouldn't have vanished! :/
    Great Poem. I want to be able to write a poem. Aaaaahhhhh!! One Poem! Daaaaahhh! :'(

  2. I love this poem so much! That lady in black sounds like one heck of a lady!

  3. Oh My God. She sounded like she was from another world. Side effects of magic, eh?
    Too good a piece!

  4. naaah...! this ant serious
    you always find someone a gal smiling at you and now this one too...!
    and here i am ... i haven't witnessed any handsome hunk/guy...
    disadvantages of being in an all gals school.! :(
    but this poem was brilliant,awesome,pretty
    i wish i find a man in black or maybe MEN n BLACK will also do :P
    and i wanna write a poem too..! :)
    u r fyn ryt??

  5. Wow.. I like the way you've described the lady in black.. I wish she hadn't disappeared.. But this is GOOD work.. really.. one of your best poems so far :)

    P.S. You're obliged to write a guest post for me. Go check my blog! :D

  6. Liked the way you described the mysterious lady- especially with the kohl and the dimpled smile :) Aaah, wish I had dimples haha! anyway, that was a great poem! And where is your Fibonacci Sonnet? :D

  7. She sounds mystical! Oh sexy and nice!! Great stuff !
    But vanished in thin air :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. My, my, someone is entranced with a stunning, mysterious vision, dressed appropriately in black. Why did you let her disappear? :)

    Extremely well-written! :D

    And in response to your comment, I can only say that I hope you don't feel being controlled any longer.

  9. This is like my story... every 15 minutes :|


  10. From lady in red, to lady in black :) Niiice :D
    Reminded me of James Blunt- You're beautiful :)
    Poetry from you :) Would like to read more of your poems :)

  11. @Philo : hehehehehhehe i LOVE that song very much :) :) thanks a lot.. wel i lll try posting more of my poems

    !Aj : hey.. welcome to the devil's workshop..!! same story here too dude.. but.. she WAS pretty..!!!

  12. @Rose : thank you so much Rose.. She had a face of an angel..!! :)

    @RED : isnt that sad.. she vanished...!! broke my heart too :P :)

  13. @CS : sure I will da. let me get my mind straight for somethin nice..!! I will send it immediately :)

    @KSS : hey Fibonacci sonnet is in making.. am working on it.. wil take some time :) :)

  14. @ Crystal : she surely was magical..!! :D

    @Yammiewaffles : thanks a lot bud :)

    @Suvaiba : AM feeling sooper now..!! she was my visual medicine that treated me back to normal :D :P

  15. @Anu : hey dnt worry.. am sure you will write it too.. this was random.. nothing serious poetry n all.. n thanks so much for liking it