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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I Cant hear you
I cant hear you my friend,
Along the last rites of ritual
I stand with my head bend.

"may his soul rest in peace"
Says the Rev father,
your last cry for help,
did hear?? Hell, I dint bother.

Such a poor boy,indeed he was nice
say the people, dressed all black,
and their half wet eyes.

I do feel sad, I too feel the pain
of not being there,
to watch your blood drain.

fu*k the emotions, I said to myself
after how you treated me,
just like an effinmate elf.
I was with you,
trying to my best.
As i was plunging my knife,
right into your chest.

raped my emotions,
you tasted my soul
hands full covered by your warm blood,
but my mercy was cold.
your screams echo,
in my ears
the promises you shouted,
Oh! I still hear :)

As you struggled in the pool of your own blood,
i kept pokin my knife,
complaining you are dead.
how could you die so soon?
even after i explained you,
how our friendship was a boon.

I tried waking you up,
slit your fingers for pain
you gave upon me,
my plans,
incomplete, but half in vain.

i feel good.
redeemed and
when i see i helped you out,
just like how i had promised.

i moved my blade on your face
but at a constant pace.
blood flowed out,
i counted 73,
my farewell gift to you,
who cheated me for free.

As you go deep, my smile takes a rise
your ungrateful acts,
finally made me wise.
I thanked myself,
for cleaning out a part
of my life's mess,
trust me my"Friend",
it feels great to make the world an ungrateful dog less...!!!!


  1. OMG :O ... this was dark...A lot of negative emotions and pain...wrath.. fury...anger..revenge.. god prithvi... this is diff from ur usual posts.. :)