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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

India vs Pakistan... 10 reasons u cld use 2 avoid college...!!!

Well.. Honestly i support my friend Archan who believes that tomorrow should have been a public holiday as India is playing against Pakistan in a world cup for a spot in finals. Its not everyday that things like happen. Unfortunately we have our tests goin on because of which college is unavoidable.. But for those who are really looking forward for some reasons the following day.. Here is a few..
(only for those who believe that nobody would buy i was sick reason)

1. I was about to leave for college but my neighbour fell down the stairs and i had to take her the hospital.. It took us all day as all the doc were at home watching the match.

2. Oh, i am so not interested in cricket.... Who has the time.. There was an important ceremony i had to attend. Unavoidable kinds.. Who won ? Dnt even bother.. Not interested... ( the last line is to support your stand )

3. My younger brother/sister fooled me makin me believe it was Sunday yesterday.. I even brought books following the monday's timetable... Oh So foolish of me...!!!

4. I was on my way to college when somebody kidnapped me.. Kept me for a day meanwhile they realised that they had picked the wrong guy.. Dropped me back n to avoid a complaint.. Gave a written apology too...!!!

5. I saw somebody gettin kidnapped.. Was following them to help but got lost.. Took almost a day to find my way back.

6. Really ?? Was it jus a match ?? I thought India and Pakistan were at war again and had been to volunteer my services..

7. I had a dream that i stepped out and there was another earthquake in Japan.. Not that i believe my dreams come true.. But why risk so many lives..??

8. Oh my god...!! Somebody made an anonymous call sayin that the nasa had announced harmful solar flares and radiation to fall on earth (specify where u stay) and asked us to stay indoors..!! Now i knw it was a prank..!!! Aaahhh... I so hate misin college...!!

9. My astrologer told me that my sins in the past life was the reason why India was performing so poorly so far... The only way to atone is to stay and undertake laborious meditation during this particular event to avoid and remove the jinx from the team.. I dint wan my past sins to cause national despair...!!

10. This one is the most reasonable one of all... SIR... IT WAS INDIA VS PAKISTAN... NO SELF RESPECTING INDIAN WOULD RESTRAIN HIMSELF FROM CHEERING ON THIS WORLD EVENT...!!! N i respect myself sir..!!! Are you asking me not to ???? Then play along blaming him on asking such questn that hurt your sentiments..!!

Well, in case any of the above mentioned reasons not good enough for you.. Then go find one yourself... I never forced anybody to choose from here.. I was just helpin... Else try and be honest... :D as far as am concerned... We have already told our lecturers.. CLASS SUSPENDED ON THE ACCOUNT OF MATCH :p:p
oh yeah....!!!!

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