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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


What day or date,
I’ll never remember,
But I’ll never forget that day.
My story might be somebody’s prayer too,
But that kid will never say.

It was dark and cold,
No blanket to cover myself.
The moon, few stars were the only few books left on my shelf.
It was winter I guess,
Because the wind pricked me with its chill.
I hope the night would just go by soon,
Not waiting for its kill.
I held tight my little brother cos his body was shivering as mine,
Hope they had thrown some leftovers at a party where some kid turned 9.

Morning busses and cars are out,
Honking their way through the street.
Early morning music to wake us up,
My brother looks at me scratching his little feet.
Am not a poet, I can hardly speak,
Let alone write a song.
My mother is gone, just like our home,
She took it all away with her along.

I look up at the sky so blue,
White patches what they call the cloud,
My brother starts crying,
Little one is hungry like me and the noises are just getting loud.
The god is watching , he’ll help for sure,
Mama said that night she left.
She went to get us some food,
There was something she said that sounded like the word buffet.

People people all around,
Not one did look at us,
Not one did say, that mother was on her way..
Instead like bees they buzz.
Heart is empty but eyes are full,
Tears struggling to find a way out…
I watch my brother play with a dog,
Helping it out like a boy scout.

Another day was ending,
The blue sky was slowly turning black.
I prayed I dint want anything for Christmas,
Instead I just wanted my mother back.
Am alone and afraid, feel helpless to the core,
My brother comes to me and hugs me back,
Soothing all the pain that had gone sore.
And at that moment, when the sun half set,
Had painted the sky golden chrome,
I held my brother, and told myself
“there is no need to worry, cos I am back home.” 


  1. This is amazing... Wow Prithvi.. You've touched a subject which people generally don't see.. People go about their regular lives, but fail to see other's pains.. This poem just brought out a DEEP sense of realisation and was an eye-opener.. Great peom.. Hats off dude :)

  2. @CS Thnaks da..!! :) glad you liked it :) had written it long back.. :) just saw something today that reminded me.. hence reposted it :)

  3. I liked the way you rhymed da....very thoughtful! :) And yes...just like shreya sed, you have given vocie to another soul in a world where all are so loud about theirs opinions! Good job my fraaand! :) Keep it up!!!

  4. Good one. It's actually quite sad when u see someone's plight and you just get the feeling why the hell is life is cruel to a select few.

  5. @akila : thanks da.. It was hard to write but i am glad its being liked..!! I can never write what that kid actually had in mind that day...!!

    @VJ daa.. Life isn't fair.. I wrote this cos I jus hoped that the reader next time stops and think about the kid on the street before passing him unnoticed :| thanks for liking it da