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Monday, 19 December 2011

Shooting Star..!!!!!

In the dark sky,
half past ten
sitting outside alone was when,
i suddenly saw a shooting star,
falling from the heaven so far.

quickly i closed my eyes
and made my wish,
mumbling it all
i looked like "Romeo" my gold fish

and then i wondered,
if those ever brought luck,love or anything at all.
after all they are matters from space
that had a fall.

confused and lost,
was trying to solve this mystery
i quickly messaged you asking for details,
tips, more info or any piece of history.
jotting all of them was
when i heard my message beep...
it was your good nite message
with a punch line.. SHUT UP AND SLEEP..!!! :)


  1. I thought it was going to be a serious poem. But you can never end your work without having a funny note :D
    Write about the moon now :)

  2. hahahahha that was cute!!
    Shut up and sleep?
    So you believe in shooting stars??
    I've never seen one!! Aaaah but I like the poem :)

  3. This is great stuff as always, I absolutely love all of this, it's incredibly cute in my opinion.

  4. oh my gosh..!
    chatting ka asar dikh rha hai
    devil babu..! :P
    but this is cutuuuuuuu .. sweeetuuuu... pyaruuu

    but write a srs romantic type ka poem with the same title..
    i love the title <3


  5. liked a lot the fun part of what you did finally, followed that punch line...???

  6. So much for a typical romantic dreamy poem - you ultimately shatter the illusion. That is what I call keeping people on edge, sire. :)

  7. @Rose : hehehehehhehehehehe thenk you...!!! cant help it.. :P

    @Irfanuddin : exactly...!! i dint ve other option na :P

  8. @SG ::) Welcome to the devils workshop :)

    @Soo : thank you.. Shukriya Shukriya :D hmmm.. let me see.. I'll try writing a serious one :)

  9. @CS : hahhaahhhaha thanks da.. you ve never seen a shooting star ???? :O gosh.. you have to start looking up at night.. last night I saw a jet passing over the moon leaving a trail behind.. 1 word.. Splendid

    @YammieWaffles : Thank u..!! thanks a lot dude.. am so glad you liked it :)

    @Philo : hehehehhehehhe well.. not my fault that you thought it was serious one :P well.. poem on moon.. hmmm.. let me see.. you never know.. i might write that tooo :P

  10. vist mah blog. :) i hope u like it

  11. long time :)

    I just read Suvaiba's dedication to you :) Loved it! And loved your verse too....

  12. DAAAIII! :D I wish u had msged me! :P such a cute poem! :) it fits very well! :D and yes...I missed you and ur posts man! :( i am goin to try and keep up with ur posts! :)