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Sunday, 27 November 2011

with the wind.....with love..!!!

Okay.. this is for all people who are in love..!! Hope you like it :)

This song I wrote is small
but never to worry,
it will not make your heart fall

The night was dark, twinkling star,
moon dull in clouds,
lost its glow
i sit by the window,
where the wind blows.. but slow

I gaze at the candle stand
with candle, small but spreading its light,
As it dances to the tune of the wind
as if the rhythm is just right

The woods are dark, lovely and deep,
says the poet frost
but am sure, the magic of this night
would have had him lost

the night splendid, mysterious in it
as the half moon lit sky watched,
the moon comin out,
perfect indeed.

I look at the sky and close my eyes
as I can smell the scent of the rain wet soil,
she walks into my mind from those foggy dark skies
and as she nears, widens up my smile

the hymn of the wind
in my ear
i hear it loud and clear
so this song of mine, is for all those who are far yet near

As I sing with the wind,
with love, if she can hear

I will sing with the wind.........

with love.................!!!!!!

P.S : Sorry folks.. I have been away for a while... nothing serious but just been busy. also my creativity and muse had left me.. so I hibernated.My next post would be the long awaited Fibonacci Sonnet.. so watch this space :)

P.P.S : I love you all for patiently waiting for me to get back..!! I have been very busy lately. though my exams are up, I felt I need to post something for you..!! You people are the Best..!!

P.P.S.S :  This is an unofficial announcement of my coming soon first ever GUEST POST at Confused Soul's Blog..!! so keep your eyes wide open people..!!



  1. Not bad!!I liked the robert frost part!!!

  2. Thank you so much..!!! :) i liked that part myself too...!!! :) in fact i liked it all..!!! :D:D

  3. I love this so much, maybe because I'm currently in love or something! No problem for being away, some things are more important than blogging. I seriously hope you get back that inspiration soon though, losing inspiration sucks!

  4. Thank you so much dude.... True.. Being in love is a beautiful feeling..!! :):) am glad you liked it..!! Am trying hard to make sure any free time I get am trying to write something in it...!!! Hope to write some good ones that you will like...! And thanks for the support and faith :):)

    cheers :)

  5. mr devil- 1stly thanks for that lovely comment of urz on CS'S place.
    but i envy u coz u get these hotyy chicks and i don't get a single handsome guy :P
    jokes apart
    aye haye inni shoni poem. tussi cha gaye..! this so so so serene and actually i will tell you what i imagined
    see i saw a handsome banda on the terrace of some khoobsorat bungalow at the time of sunset and yu can feel the soft breeze and you have these palm trees behind and this chick is there (gal and boy hand in hand <3 )
    em not the love worshiper but i believe in ROMANCE :P

  6. Wah sooo.... Kya baat... Kya baat... Kya baat :D:D nice visualization yaar..!!! Even i dint think al so much.. This came up watching the afternoon rain..!!! :p but i must say your version is more romantic :)

    P.S. : oye.. Thank apne paas rakh.. Main sach bolne ka thank-you-you-welcome-no-mention-not nahi leta :p:p CS ka comment was a true wala comment.. N hello.. Koi gal nahi yaar.. Tera Mr. Handsome apne building terrace pe.. Sunset ke saat tera raah dekh raha hoga... :) jald hi aayega :):) comin soon :p

  7. @mr devil- aye haye lagta ae gf badi mahnat karwati ae - handwork pays off, achcha seekh gaye ho tareef karna :P
    lolz @ COMING SOOON and tahnks :P

  8. Haye janaa... :D Kaash meri bhi koi gf hoti... Toh at least usko yeh sab dedicate karta :p aur yeh romantic wala poems likhne ke liye itna mehnat nahi karna padta.. :D
    thanks for the comin soon wale ke liye.. Its a kinda sequel to this.. Hope you like that as well :)

  9. Hope your schedule clears up soon, would love to read more of your works.

  10. Thanks a lot man...!! I hope to come back and write better too..!!! :):)

  11. wah! :) I'm in love with VK agaaaiinn!!!!!...
    mastttt! :D :D ...

  12. Thanks a lot for liking it Viya...!! Am glad you could connect with it...!! :):)