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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


It has been difficult days in the blogosphere. Dark clouds of exams and deadlines had slowly taken over all the fun. Everybody seemed to have had hibernated. I dint know what to do, I wished things would be fun again. Things were turning into a chaos of mental proportions with everybody drifting away. So in order to find a solution for this, I went in search of a way to bring back the peace. Since nobody was willing to sponsor my trip to all the exotic locations, hotel stays and indulgence in some exquisite food, slightly disheartened yet determined, I decided that I shall carry out this journey in my sleep and search for the secret scroll in my dreams. (Well, you see the scroll gives it a mystical touch.)

It was in this quest, while travelling far and wide of the distant and unknown lands, doing koochikoos beautiful maidens talking and gaining knowledge from the learned and wise that I one day accidently stepped upon THE SCROLL.*tada da taaaaa*

 The scroll said that it can restore peace back in the blogosphere but required great will power determination and sacrifice. It was clear that any person who reads the scroll would be bound to follow the instructions. Since most peace is attained over self-destruction. I opened the sacred letter.
Now this is definitely not for the weak and ill willed. Remember that it involves great sacrifice to be a part of this else be ready to face the mishap. Those who feel they can’t go through this. Turn back now. Because from here on if you continue reading, there is no turning back.


I CALL THIS… THE CURSE OF THE PIMPLE QUEEN. (*Buwaahahhahahahhahahahahahahhaha* evil laugh.. evil music.. heavily violins and bass effect.. Adams family style*)
Now since you have continued reading, let me firstly congratulate you.. you now successfully have come under the curse. And blame no one but yourself to be taken over by this curse. (*evil laugh and music again*)

Now the curse states that if you do not do the following steps; you shall grow 7 vicious pimples, 3 on each butt cheek and one on your nose that will keep growing and yet never burst. So unless you really like the pimple, I suggest you follow the following 7 steps.

1.      If you are a first timer in this blog space. Stop reading and immediately add me. Before 2 minutes of you reading this if I am not added then remember a pimple for each step wrongly done. If you already are a follower then make sure you go ahead and read every post of mine and drop a comment. It doesn’t matter if you have already dropped a comment, do it again. Make sure it’s nice. Newbies after adding, follow the same. Show me some lotsa love.

2.      Once the adding and commenting section is done. Go back to your blog and write briefly in about 100 words on what a delightful experience it was and how mind enriching it would be for every one of your followers to read this post and  Threaten ask them to follow me.

3.      If you haven’t awarded me anything yet. This would be a good time. If you already have.. I don’t mind getting it again. Make sure you go through my award page and award me something different. Who doesn't like a change?

4.       Go to my photo blog immediately and add yourself there. Repeat step 1,2 and 3 again about my photo blog.

5.      Go check the guest post I have written for Confused soul’s blog. Those who haven’t added her, go immediately add her up too. You can read the post by clicking here.

6.      Copy paste the following spell and steps on your blog and make a fortune out of followers. Always credit me for leading you to this wonderful post/spell/wisdom on how to attract followers and blog traffic.

7.      Lastly but never the least, it’s said that The Pimple queen herself was a huge Rakhi Sawant Fan. So go check out the video posted below. When you post these steps, surf youtube and attach a video of Rakhi sawant-ji in the honor of the Pimple Queen.

In case you read through all of these.. And dare not to follow.. Well then it’s your choice.. the pimple on your nose and the other 6 would suit you..!! but my personal suggestion is… don’t mess with this.. do it..!! rest is up to you..!!

P.S : Please check the remaining parts of the video as well..!!!! you wont regret it :D :D
P.P.S: My finals starts from tomorrow and my head is splitting. Flu symptoms.So pliss to pray to your respective gods to help me :| mujhe sirf Dawaon ki nahi.. duwaon ki bhi zaroorat hain..!!


  1. I love this post Nick, it's actually given me such a seriously good laugh, honest. Good luck with those exams buddy, I know the feel dude.

  2. Thanks a ton buddy...!!! I need all the good luck and prayers for tommorw..!!! :|

  3. Hey! Nice post..I like the evil laugh and evil music, adam's family style part the most..
    All the best for your exams! And take care.. :)

  4. Manjuuuuuuuu... After a long time da... Welcome back..!!! Where were you lost ?? Thank you so much Manju..!! Do read the guest post and let me know it was..!!

  5. aye haye my wari jau dude u hit so hard that log bhool jaate hai ki maara kaha :P
    and this is the baap post and other posts iske cute se bachche hai
    and i am so bloody sorry yaar my super fast net connection aaj itna fast ho gaya ki teri video nhi chul rahi yaar :P :(
    anywayz il see it later :)
    but the bottom line is ye post chaukus hai.
    mr devil em showing lotsa love <<<333

  6. Soooooooooo...!!! Arey tere liye exception...!! Par video dekh... Daasu clip hain.. Lot pot ke hasoge... Aie shapat :D:D:D

    ahem... Thenk you.. Thenk you..!! The devil... Kush hue..!! ;)

  7. itna demand... maa kasam ye filmy hai :P .. I'd rather accept the 7 pimples gracefully :P .. LOL or saale I gave u such a good intro on my blog n i gt nothing in return... BAD BOY :( :P .. Oh and btw I'm wondering woh anon blogger kaun hai, who's praised u itna.. m Jealous :P .. M wonderin if its u, just to grab d attention :P .. hahahha ...

    P.S. all the best for ur finals.. N hope u dnt gt d flu... go make me proud :D

  8. Arey load na le yaar...!! Exams sab katam hone de... Tu mast topic soch ke mere ko guest post kar.. Aur phir dekh.. Kaise teri taareef karke one two ka four popular karta hoon..!! :D

    btw.. Taareef ka ek post likha tha.. Agar memsaab yaad kare toh...!! Ahem....!! Hmmm.. :D:p

  9. ahem dekh item... wo toh purani baatein hai na :P .. ye toh ekdum naya navela stuff che ;)

  10. Hello.. Main item toh tu kya hai re ??? :D:D arey Sun chamiya...!! Zyaada bol bachan nahi.. Kya ?? Bola na.. Time ko come hone de.. Jab tera nambir aayenga... Toh raapchik intro deega... N btw.. *sniff* ;( Kaisi ladki hai re tu..??? Hey raam....!! Blog ka poora post mein tera gun gaya...!! Aur woh yaad nahi..?? Bholakad...!! ;( abhi uska koi value nahi ?? Old is gold...!! Memsaab...! yaad rakhyo..!! :p

  11. Thank you for this hilarious post. I guess, I really needed it!
    All the Best for the finals! :)

  12. Hey any time Anu...!! Pleasure is mine... Now go follow the directions else face the pimple wrath :D:D
    thanks for the wishes too.. I need it :D :|

  13. heheheh thankGod I dnt get pimples, like ever~! TOUCHWOOD!!!!!
    So I wont have to follow the steps given in the scroll...and how come the scrool includes just about u and guest post about confused soul...wht abt the peace of the blogosphere :P
    Anyways best f luck for today!!!!!!

  14. HAW! Now I understand, you evil boy! You mad, evil boy!
    Yet, I'll take the risk! :P
    I already follow you, so, scratch that! I read all your posts, so scratch that as well! :P :P

    Mad bwoy!
    No, maantal bwoy! :P

  15. @Red : this is about blog peace... If every one follows blog activity would rise back..!!! And hence the purpose :p:D

    @Panipuri lover : hehehehehehe chance le rahi hai ?? Risk mat le i tel you...!! Repeat the exercise again to be on the safer side :D

  16. You are so damn WICKED ! If I get a pimple na, you wait and watch. I'll put a worst curse on you, and your face will get flooded with pimples. And no clean and clear will work for you :P

  17. @Philo : hellooooooooo madam... No blaming me...!! Just follow the steps na.. Why take a risk ??

  18. Hi! So, I'm a newbie and I am daring to take panga with the pimple queen! Yes, I have the courage and an impending appointment with my skin expert! :P

    I LOVED the video man!

    all hail the drama queen! Miss Sawant!

    awesome blog u have thr mister! :)

  19. Hello Miss Express....!! Welcome to a whole new level of awesomness that we call The Devil's workshop :):):)
    feel free to visit again and bask in my glorious awesomness :D:D

    well.. Good luck missy... But remember don't say i never warned you..!! *Evil smirk* :p

  20. I just read the first one for the fear of being victimized further, so I added you within two minutes (I hope so since I am in no mood for pimples :S).
    & hey, you are evil!

  21. Too lazy to follow them. You know that, right? :P
    I won't blame you. I'll just double the curse and hit it back on you! :)
    After all, even a boomerang comes back to the one who throws it ;)

  22. HI Nick! Ya i will surely go through ur guest post...Arrey I'm working for longer bank sucks! :( I dont get time to think or put up something nice on my blog...too tired...

  23. @Manju : Hey manju.. how have you been ??? I totallly get it.. Life has been pretty busy here too... anyways.. do find time and post nice.. blogosphere has been dull past few days..!!

    @Philo : oh yeah.. i forgot that :P well.. lets see..well*fingers crossed* i just hope I dont get blamed at the end of this..!!
    *evil laugh*

  24. @**Sniff sniff*
    I know.....
    But hadd hai yaar....sunday ko bhi no chuuti..

  25. I am working on some posts simultaneously..many things jumbled up in my little head...marriage at home! TADAdAdaaaaa! wil write in relevance...soon....I wil be back with a bang!

  26. Well.. Marriage at home huh ?? Cool.. Same at my place.. Cousin is getting married and everyone is sooper excited..!!! Anyways.. Waiting for your comeback :)