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Sunday, 13 November 2011

a Plea..

Thank you so much dear Editor and BlogJunta..!! :)

Night So dark,
stars smiling on
the long day of distress,
just finally gone
Heavens opened up,
asking "where had you been?"
I hear the angles searched me
but i was never seen

Pain of my heart
wiped away,
and the chalice of my sorrow
just took a sway.
The light of peace comforts me now
fruits coming out of the
plants i sow,
I finally reached, where i belong
reaching back my home,
even if it took me so long

the wine of my blood
i push it so far,
but deep inside in my soul
there remains its scar
I take the swords of my faults
and stab in so hard
to take the sweet pain of guilt
I had so longed

Life drips out,
from my eyes
stars start moving around,
just like fire flies
My dream of paradise,
of which the songs I sang,
has now been announced, that
its all forbidden

I am not the spirit,
the heavens were waiting waiting for,
they sing the hymn of rejection
just as an old folk lore.
My breath all stopped,
my heart struggling to beat
the chill of death,
wiping my body heat.

vultures of hell,
waiting to rip me off
like traders of a whore,
who just brought her for a loaf
I have been cursed,
for i have sinned
The revolt against my lord
has just been pinned.

Don't sharpen your weapons
oh! please... pull out your spears...
for i wanna go home
i don't like it here..
for I wanna go home,,
i don't like it here..
I just wanna go home....
i just don't like in here.............!!!!!!!!!!


  1. "I just wanna go home....
    I just don't like in here...."

    Wish I could say the same. Sad but true...

  2. Lots of pain and loneliness and frustration and anger!!!
    Liked this one

  3. "I just wanna go home....
    I just don't like in here...."

    I'm quoting this as well because it hit me pretty damn hard., this is excellent stuff dude, it really is.

  4. I dunno wt to say...but i really like it :)

  5. There was a little darkness somewhere. When i started, it was describing some high spirits but slowly it bent in the other direction.
    Never the less i like the way how you took the turn...
    Take care !!

  6. ahhh i feel like saying your poem aloud... on my terrace almost shouting and i want all those fucking retards to listen who spoiled my day on Saturday :X
    its super powerful poem..!:)
    and i like the pic..!

  7. wow...this was nice-unexpected from someone so much fun like you-but then don't we all carry little bags of anger and frustration...?

  8. Wine of my blood! OOOH! I guess that was my favouritest phrase.
    This was filled with angst, rage, and remember, those feelings engulf human sentiments. Take care!
    Otherwise, this was Powerful. I loved it on the whole!

  9. @Crystal : thanks :) i am fine.. i had written this one long back :)

    @Suruchi : exactly.. we all are like pressure cookers these days.. when the whistle blows :) :) something like this happens :D :D i had written this years ago in my college :)

  10. @Suvaiba :thank you so much Soooooo..!! :D am glad you liked it :)i hope you are feeling better now :)

    @Reicha : thanks a lot Reicha.. that was the point in mind while writing this.. good turning bad and the guilt stuffs :)

    @CS : thanks da :) :) :) a bit dark na.. ?? :)

  11. @YammieWaffles : Thanks a lot bud :) am glad you liked it :)

    @RED : well.. ya.. college days shit you see.. a bit of everything :) hehehehhehehehe

  12. @Braj : Thanks man..!! :)

    @Rahul : Hey.. welcome to the devil's workshop..!! thanks a lot.. keep visiting :)

  13. Nice stuff dude..
    loved the intensity that repetition brought at the end :)