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Thursday, 29 December 2011

And I wonder...

I wonder what
will I say....
I think puffing
my last smoke of the day..
Rattling the thoughts
in my heart and mind,
its only you,
that I always find...

I prepare myself
like am writing some kind of test,
to make you realize
that,for you, I am indeed the best.
Please tell me,
how can I make you see..
that with you
am so always me...

my words have always been
honest and my love very true,
even your picture on facebook,
now feels so new :)
Not denying any fact
though seems so very odd,
I often think of you often,
more than the angles think of their god

Asking myself
if will I ever say ??
I pacify myself
that maybe tomorrow is the day
what will you reply
there is no idea at least,
my chances feels so less,
because you are the beauty and am the beast

everyman has something to hide
is a fact so true,
but somebody please explain me,
why I hide my love from you ?
you are too sweet of a person,
a very good friend to loose
maybe that's the reason
not telling you this is what I choose

but without you
the world is lonelier than it seem
wish my words would make
you wanna give me a chance to redeem...!!!
I hear your voice now, 
all night long..
and I cant stop myself from singing your favorite song,,,

"I would call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning light
And we sang, "Here we go again"
And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

#Now Playing : 1973 by James blunt :)


  1. Man, James blunt is amazing. Excellent post in general as well!

  2. Lovely...Touch of Fb was good and the correlation with picture was very nice. Liked the ending so much!

  3. Wow.. Dude go tell her that you love her.. this is so amazing.. the love you have fr her, so real! .. I loved it.. it's got the perfect mix of love and care.. Super sweet da :)

  4. The agony of unrequited love - don't we all know it? Very well written. :)

  5. Awesome :)Hope to read more poetry in the New Year!

  6. Puff your fag off, else you will die, else you won't be able to be by her side :P

    Fear of losing her as a friend, eh? :) Happens with everybody!
    You said that you aren't a romantic guy, but your poems are so expressive :) Lovely read. Left me smiling!
    Now listening to: James Blunt- 1973 :D

  7. jhooth ka bhandaar ho tum :X
    someone just told me you are not single :P
    but anywayz jao jao MARD bando confess karo apna pyar apni jaanasshen ke liye
    devil babu. :)
    make the rest of the last day of 11' :P
    and yep HAPPY NEW YEAR
    and haan before i forget. :P
    poem to badi romantic thi jee. priy :P :)

    SOOO cute!!
    I wonder what made you write this and if it was for a girl, wat was the outcome.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May only good things happen with you!

  9. @Suvaiba : hahaha arey nahi yaar... This was a poem i had written long back... Drafts mein tha.. Posting a few drafts that i wrote yet never posted

    @RED : Thank you so much red... Too much of mush is it ?? :D actually I had written it the night before I was planning to tell the girl.. And btw.. She gracefully said No :):)

  10. @Philo.: hey... Its only one a day.. Plus I am thinking of quitting too :):) well thank you..!! Am glad you liked it :)

    @RV : hey.. Welcome back.. Where were u ?? Long time no see :p thanks for liking it :)

  11. @Shruthi : Thank you so much indeed.. Its been a long time since I wrote any... This was from my drafts... But hey I still have a couple left :)

    @Rose : oh yeah Rose... We all indeed go through atleast once in our lives :) the feeling is a bitch I tell you followed by a No.. Can be disaster

  12. @VJ : daa... Where were you ?? How are you ?? Thanks for liking it da :)

    @CS : hahaha... Thanks da.. For liking it.. Well as I said.. I took your advice and am posting my drafts.. Or few of them atleast :p hehehehe

  13. @saru : thank you for liking it so much Saru..!! :)

    @Yammiewaffles : hey isn't James blunt cool.. He can indeed soften up even the hardcore.. Bring the mush out :):) thanks a lot bud